Dream Decoding

  • I wanted to share with everyone the way I decode my dreams. In the dream world, when is a bananna really a bananna? Or does it mean something else?

    Websites that decode your dreams for you are only the diving boards of the dream world. Once you dive and hit the water, it's all about you and your personal 'dream speak.'

    I have gotten to the point where I actually decode the dreams while I'm dreaming them. With work and insight, anyone can do it.

    Let me start with some examples. I personally like dreammood.com as an occasional sounding board. It's all pretty strait forward. Every once in a while I'll hit a dream symbol that stumps me, so i'll look it up for a referance.

    1st dream: A few nights ago.

    Ahh it was the zombie thing again. Usually when I have zombie dreams they are technie-color movie expierences that do not scare me in the least bit, but this one woke me up. I'm running up the stairs and slamming this sliding door shut while others are holding other doors shut in this hall way and the zombies are on the other side of the door. And one is whimpering and crying to me from the other side of the door. "Please, Please, I'm so lonely. Please help me."

    So I wake up and think "Ahh zombie" Well I'm feeling a bit on the dead side lately. And yeah, I'm trying to keep the anxiety and depression on the other side of the door. Holding it, alone, with all my strength. Scared to death that it'll break through.

    2nd dream-

    ACK my teeth are falling out! Ewwwwwww. Just plucking them out one by one. Disturbing.

    Now if I go to dreammoods on this one, it's totally off. To me your teeth symbolize grooming, cleaniness and a physical state of being. Well I've not worked in a year and a half. I was in school for a year, graduated and now am trying to find a job. Hello freshman 15! But by now, it's more like 20lbs up. Yes it's my issue, it effects how I see myself, it effects me. It effects my physical state. And yeah, I wanna get rid of a few lbs (my dreamspeak says TEETH). Grrr so disturbing. But I get it, it is my Subconscious mind telling me my conscious mind is freakin out.

    It's all about what these symbols mean to your personally.

    Cats? Some people like them, some dont. If you are one that likes cats, then the rules have changed. So then you ask yourself. Why do I like cats? Or Why do I hate cats. What does a cat mean to you? There's your diving board.

    I once drempt that a love of mine handed me a cup of coffee and then we gracefully jumped into a pool. (Not spilling a drop) He held me while I held my coffee and we waded through the pool.

    Universally, water symbolizes emontion. And coffee to me, is 'god juice' in the morning. I love it first thing. It's what really opens my eyes. So my love, being emontional and deep held me while I enjoyed the coffee he gave me, opening my eyes.

    There is more to this dream, so bare with me. I want to put it together. It's a puzzle and if I can figure out my puzzles, then you can yours.

    Then a huge dragonfly lands on the side of the pool, it's an iridescent black/red combination. I want to reach out and touch it but it morphs shape, and becomes this flying/cat/fairy/dragonfly thing. LOL. I know I Know. It's injured and the injury is in the shape of a heart and my love says "Be careful, it's wild." and I say "Oh but look, it's hurt."

    So while wading in emontion with my love, we happen upon this exotic iridescent animal that transforms into something fairytale like. The black/red combination being passionate, spiritual, dark, devine and sensual with hidden danger. The dragonfly is my personal totem repersenting my past lives link to the myan times. (known long before the whole 2012 stuff got rolling) It's hurt, it's love is hurt. My love warns me it could be a dangerous thing. But I want to help.

    Next we are in a barn, and my love is building a chicken coup for the wounded animal.

    This is the best part, because I've been known to call my love a 'chicken s*$*' from time to time. LOL! Classic dream speak.

    Anyway, that's the only way I can come up with to show an example of how it's done. So take a crack at your dreams, load them on in and see how it pans out. Warning, eventually, you'll catch yourself decoding mid-dream.

    If you need any help and something is stumping you, just holla out. It's fun and a great way to learn about yourself.

  • Hi,

    I find your dream work to be very insightful, and you are right, symbols can apply differently for everyone.

    I would like to share my thoughts about cats. Cats do represent females in a dream state. are the cats friendly towards you? or are they snarling, and being aloof? depending on how the cats appeared to you, it could be gossips, cattiness, going on around you. it might mean you are lacking deep friendship in your life. cats do have excellent instincts, and can provide emotional stability in your life. Cats do represent independence. are you independent lady or are you clinging onto to someone that you can no longer have in your life?

    there is another site you might like, check it out.

  • water does represent emotions, and you have heard the term "wake up and smell the coffee!" what that would mean, coffee helps you see clearly and keeps your mind sharp. with this man in the water/pool and holding onto the coffee steadily was your subconscious telling you not to let go, and see this man for who he is. think with your head and your heart, not just with your heart only.

    Ms Sunny

  • Hello AliceQ

    I have been dreaming lately about people that were close to me that have died. The latest was about my brother-in-law who a couple of years ago committed suicide. He drank all the time and wrecked his car and was paralyzed from the waist down. He was so full of life before the accident and being in the wheel chair got to much for him. But anyways, in my dreams he is so full of life and laughing and carrying on like he always did before his accident. This has been so long ago that I am wondering why I would be dreaming about him so vividly now.

    The other is my Mammaw whom I was also very close to. She died several years ago with cancer. She was the most spiritual woman I have ever met. She is in my dreams at least twice a month. Sometimes more. I thought dreaming of her was her way of letting me know she is watching out for me. I have often wondered if she is one of my angels watching over me day to day.

    What do you think? Thanks for your time.

    Lots of love and light, van5521

  • Oh van, first let me say I am sorry to hear about your brother in law, but I'm totally touched by your dreams of him now. I think it's his way of telling you he's ok now. I think suicides take a little longer to come around. I don't think they are damned at all. But I do think that emontional termoil you left this world with stays with you until you let it go. You have to work through that in order to move on. I'm glad he did.

    I think those that have passed on do watch over us and they do visit us and yes, they even give us signs in everyday life that they are with us, and yes, they visit us in our dreams. In my dream world, the differance is in the way they look. Spirit always has a glossamer look about them, like they are silked screened in my dreamland. (make sense?)

    Because I've been so wrapped up in life, It's been a long time sense I've connected to spirit but at the moment, I have to take the leap and ask who Tom is?

    MsSunny. Thank you! I find that dreamwork can be incredibly rewarding. You face the good, the bad and the love deep in dreamland. You face yourself at your most vunerable level and if you can learn to deal with it, then you learn alot and grow as a person. Never ignore your dreams.

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  • MsSunny. Thank you! I find that dreamwork can be incredibly rewarding. You face the good, the bad and the love deep in dreamland. You face yourself at your most vunerable level and if you can learn to deal with it, then you learn alot and grow as a person. Never ignore your dreams.

    Absolutely, i wish I could remember more of them. so often the moment I wake up, it's gone.. ugh!

    I would guess it's what you remember is important, and usually the rest will come.

    Thanks! Ms Sunny

  • Here's one for you that I'm confused about. A couple nights ago I dreamed that I was a tree and was pruning my limbs. I equated the dream to letting go of the old "dead wood" and prepare for new growth. At least that's what it felt like. Then a couple nights ago, I dreamed about trees again, except that I was walking down a sidewalk and they were falling all around me. One hit me in the back and knocked me forward. So...since trees seem to be a big theme this week for me....I looked up trees and falling trees and it seems like it said that I was wasting my time and money on something that was worthless. Now....I am preparing to be Reiki attuned this week and have been spending some money on new age classes including Reiki healings and past life regression, hall of records, angel classes. It kind of disturbs me since the only amount of money I have spent lately is in this regard and truthfully, I feel without a doubt that this is the path I'm suppose to be on and that it is a very positive thing for me and everyone around me. Does anyone else have any idea of what this might mean?

    Thanks and blessings....Aunt B.

  • I do agree that trees do represent growth. depending on the type of trees you are dreaming about. Oak trees are about building roots, and to provide long term stability.

    also remember there is an old saying. "Money does not grow on trees" which may suggest that you need to learn where you are wasting your money. It maybe that Reiki healing is not going to provide a substantial amount of money. so it's good you are learning the other healing tools, such as angel readings, etc. Figure out how you are going to market yourself so that others can find you. It's extremely competitive business.

    Psychic work does not always bring in a lot of money unfortunately. do you have enough to fall back on? if you are working, no it would not be a good idea to quit your regular job. a back up plan is needed.

    spend some,and save for that rainy day you never know when you will need it.

    I picked up massage or some type of body work. even Yoga, Tai Chi might be something for you to look into. you will need to find a balance so you can bring in steady income.

    hope that helps some, Sunny

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  • Yes it does. Ms Sunny, I am currently unemployed going back to school for a degree in gerontology. I think that the Reiki would be beneficial in my work with elders. I'd like to be like a patient advocate/caseworker and be able to help people thru the whole end of life process. I have been told that since I have had Reiki healings that I need to learn how to ground myself since I've been flying pretty high on the new energy. LOL. I see all of the work that I am doing now tying into my future and my abilties to help bring about healing to others. In the last couple weeks, I have set a new goal of having a home by the beach that will be open for healing including some elder care, classes, reiki, just a place where one can go and relax and recharge and feel serenity and peace. I know this is in my future so the work that I do now will be towards that goal. I guess that is why it was disturbing when I saw that falling trees were signifying wasting money. Mainly because my path has never been more clear for me than it has in the last couple months, and particularly apparent in the last month. After 40+ years of trying to figure out what I want to do when I grow up....I finally found it. LOL.

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  • Nice smooth sidewalks....no bumps or tree roots or anything else. Just trees falling on me. :0)

  • hi,

    I was going to say, look at the other symbols besides the trees. it could represent caution in areas of spending money. frugality comes to mine, at least until you established yourself in this field, but since you have pretty much just need to integrate new healing modailities.

    Your new career path sounds wonderful.. Best wishes,

    xo Ms Sunny

  • Ironically enough....part of this dream also involved trying to go thru a drive thru bank line and it was crowded so I pulled back out and drove thru a park lot....a very large parking lot. Then it switched to where I was no longer in my car but walking down a sidewalk and the trees were falling on me. I remember they were pine trees and not oak trees. I don't remember the exact tree from the first dream but it wasn't a pine tree. Could have been like an oak tree or maybe a dogwood or something but I know that it wasn't a pine tree. As being unemployed, I have to use savings for some living expenses while I go to school but unemployment will pay the bills but I need to budget my money for the extra that I will need. I have money in a different account that I set aside for my healing classes that I have been taking. I also know that with the training program I am going into, I could pick up a part time job if I need to but I am hoping that I won't need to do that. Maybe that is what the dream is telling me. Watch my savings and don't overspend. Hmmm...anything else?

  • Firstly, on remembering your dreams, I used to keep a sketch pad beside my bed. (I really need to pick that practice back up) and instead of painstakenly wrighting out dreams, I would instead quickly sketch a picture with a few words to go with it in order to jog my memory. Worked like a charm. I often found that all I needed was the picture/word to remind me of the dream and bring it all back into focas. Even if I was up at 2am, and it was a stick figure with a word, I had it back when I got up in the morning. LOL.

    AuntBuck. Hummmm, Sense the type of trees seemed significant, I can tell you that pine is a soft wood and oak is a hard wood. So maybe things are not as hard as when you first thought. Dogwood was the tree that they say Christs Cross was made out of.

    I also wondered if you had any concerns about your own health. Not feeling as strong as you used to be? As someone that just got out of school and is back in the job market after a year and a half, I can feel your frustration.

    Also you want to work with the elderly. (Im interviewing for a nursing home friday! LOL) I have worked with the elderly. These are people that have been strong like oaks in their younger years. But Weaker now- Pine........ But dont discount the Pine. A few things I'm finding on pine trees.

    • In others, the fire climax pines (e.g. Monterey Pine, Pond Pine), the seeds are stored in closed ("serotinous") cones for many years until a forest fire kills the parent tree; the cones are also opened by the heat and the stored seeds are then released in huge numbers to re-populate the burnt ground.

    -Some species have large seeds, called pine nuts, that are harvested and sold for cooking and baking.

    -The soft, moist, white inner bark (cambium) found clinging to the woody outer bark is edible and very high in vitamins A and C. It can be eaten raw in slices as a snack or dried and ground up into a powder for use as a thickener in stews, soups, and other foods, such as pine bread. A tea made by steeping young, green pine needles in boiling water (known as "tallstrunt" in Sweden) is high in vitamins A and C.

    Just a couple of tidbits.

    I drempt last night that I was having a love affair with a former classmate of mine. He was 'The Funny Man' in class. And for a while there, I even literally, had a monkey on my back in the classroom.

    Well I do so love to laugh and the monkey. I got plenty hanging off of me. Thanks SubbyCon...

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  • Your welcome dmick, I would have replied to your dream earlier, but unknowing by you, it's also a message to me from spirit and reading your first love dream, kinda made me go run and hide for just a moment. Sorry. LOL. It just got to me.

    Now I'm ready to reply cuz I can think more clearly. What I want you to ask yourself about the first love dream is this. Other then this man being your 'first love' what did he mean to you. As you think of him, what feelings do you have about him come into focas?

    Often times a Vehicle can repersent the physical body. Did you feel like you were out of control for a while, but you've recentely 'refound' yourself?

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