I would like to know why...

  • I would like to knowwww WHY do I attract whiny crybaby men? Lol Okay this is not really a request or anything and I'm not expecting an answer since I am laughing as I type this lol. I don't have trouble finding the guys, I just find it funny that everyyyy man I have dated, attempted to etc, gets all crazy attached and whiny to the point I get turned off and end it. It's great at first then WHALA!!! ugh. I'm not like most women, I need my space and left alone and someone who is patient and have not yet found a man who can grant that. Doesn't matter what age they are or anything, they have ALLL BEEN LIKE THAT. Crazyyy!!!! Or maybe all guys are like that, well hey. argh :- lol

    Just venting 🙂 Thanks friends lol. That is all.

    Amor y Luz,

    Mestiza ❤

  • What...the good news is…I not a crybaby. Hoooowl…what big eyes you have…the kind of eyes that drive wolves mad. Woops, I forgot I’m a Humming Bird…Going to have to put my sheep skin on…he he

    Just trying to have some fun. Howl, I mean Baaa, I mean tweet tweet…sweet…

    Wow, that is a sad story…but I really think it has something to do with the fact that you are a Libra...and can't make up you mind...also, do not make eye contact with every man cause your eyes are like a Venus fly trap...and according to your story…you must put some voodoo hex on them…unintentionally of course cause you seem like a good girl at a glance…of course that picture is soo tiny.

  • You are sooo silly!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are going to get in trouble with your lady! 😉 meoww meoww meeow. But anyways yes it probably does the libra thing I guess, I SUPPOSE.. Haha voodoo hex! That's hilarious! I just seem to always have the opposite problem. It is not a problem me finding someone or find dates and yes I get along with some. None don't ever give me that "x" factor, or they do for a little while, and get all crazy and start blowing my phone up crying like hello man! leave me alone geez so I have to cut them off. It's craZy. I do appreciate my space and solitude, sometimes I'll just turn my phone off to read or go jog, then I come back I got 50texts like, "where are you!??!?!" "you don't like me?!?!" "what happened to us?!!?" like........I've known you for 2 days. lol I've had many funny experiences with men I plan to write a book somebody, hopefully they'll turn it in a movie, perhaps Halle Berry can play me lol 🙂

    Yess I am a good girl despite popular belief lol! I enjoy conversation etc, and I got the whole traditional thing from my mexican upbringing, if you want to get to know me, ask me out out a date fool! not that difficult 🙂 The picture isn't that tiny at least I don't have some lil white box with a eye in it! 😉


  • Here Kitty Kitty...

    who you calling a fool ?!?!!! My lady left me for a cry baby...she called me "ice man" cause I was never worrying, never needy, just there when she needed me...That drove her insane...I was just hoping she was out having a good time, and doing what she needed to...

    As for you...I in the freezer trying to regroup...I'm melting...turn down the heat...you put a spell on me........hummm...hummm...hummm...you are soo good, more nectar please.

    Now on a more serious note...Mestiza, would you like to go on a date with me?

    It would be a great honor, and opportunity for me, and would not want to pass up a chance to get to know you better. We could plan a stratgey on how to help the forgotten people you spoke of. Idaho...Let go for a magic carpet ride.

  • You two are something else 🙂 I wish that I had someone interested in me.

    I am hoping that my Ex will sit down and talk with me honestly.

    If you two develop a good friendship, PLEASE do not let other people interfere.

  • Marshland oh no!!! Sounds like the perfect guy! You were there when she needed you? That's great haha 🙂 Well her loss, don't fret 🙂 Geez tarot.com = match.com? lol!!! Is this game I'm sensing marshland? Playa-status? lol! jk 😃 I hope I haven't lost you with that phrase hahaaaaa. You're In Idaho?? Geez far 😞 Send me some potato chips...I'm over here in the cornbelt, Indiana 😞

  • Ohhh Pilot!!! Don't say that!!! Gotta believe in yourself 🙂 You're ex isn't talking to you honestly? You want to spark back the relationship? 😞 It'll be okay, you need to get out there and meet new people!!! 😃

  • No I'm not a player...very serious and appreciative of finding a good woman, to enjoy her company, and converse, and share good times, and bad, but not by my doing. I am a dreamer, and you are it at this moment...If I were a player, and you were a cello, I would make some beautiful music with you...taking you to the stars and back with a brief "or not" encounter on cloud 9...

  • LOLLOLLOL boy oh boy, you two need your own private forum...how sweet 🙂

    Young Love, sigh...enjoy it while you have it!!!!!!!!!!!

  • We do need our own private forum marshland!!! lol Do you have a messenger or anything like that? 🙂

  • Hello Sweetness...

    The First Mestizo, The Caste System,...I have been searching for you...I have found some interesting history, and am still thinking of you goal to help the people...

    Looked on face book, but to no avail...am having dinner with neighbors now...back later

    Humming Bird

  • 😞 I am on facebook, actually if you type in 'mestiza', I should come up 😃 come back on NOW! 🙂

  • ?? : ( that didn't work...and its late...240 mestiza's on facebook

  • lol It's 12:50am here 🙂 you don't have aim or skype? lame!

  • Hey you...I have to tell you that I did find you on face book, after I found where u'd posted your other picture on captains photo site...you had also posted your birth date to Hans for a reading...and although I am fascinated by you…“those eyes are so captivating”…what a beautiful girl you are…im too old for you...and I have rejection issues, from when my mom left me as a baby. I could give fatherly, advice, as my kids are 10 yrs older then you. We have gone through a gambit of life's issues. I admit Im young at heart, but 37 yrs is pushing it. he he...not that I’m not willing, and I'll still be your humming bird if there is sweet nectar involved. I’ll blame it on the tiny pic, and the bosa nova...and I'd say my skype is out of control cause you are amazing. When I mentioned that I’m a dreamer, I was not kidding…I’m at a place in my life where I am so high in the sky on a dream cloud, that I am out of control. Maybe this is my lesson here on tarot site...to real myself back down to earth…Still searching for Juana, and magic

  • Oh Marshland don't be silly, my eyes are BIG haha but small at the same time its weird 😉 but thank you for the compliment. Yes I think I posted them on photo readings..but anyways yes I'm young but I am a old soul, not on the same level as my peers, and that is why It is so difficult for me to find someone, as many dates as I go on and as much as guys just flock, I am never fullfilled, I need someone I consider a equal or someone on a mentally higher level from me that I could learn from. I don't like drama, I don't like insecurities, I can't be around sadness or depression, it just drains me. So BASICALLY that means I need someone with his SH*T together, been there done that, so if you think hmmm well 18-23 is undergrad in college then since it has been proven women mature faster than men, and men don't fully mature (hopefully) til I believe it is 26+, so you see I'm kinda screwed to date under 26. And to be honest with you, just recently, I have been talking to a "older man", that is what I have been all caught up in a whirl and asked Hans for advice (he's the bomb 🙂 ) because it's so different, from being with a younger guy who just annoys the he double hockey sticks outta me. He's wise, got his career and is simply a joy to talk to, not sure how it is going to work though since he has way more life experience than me. I am not sure if he takes me seriously because I am young, and that is my only fear. So just to show you where my mindset is right now. I'm just looking for someone to vibe with and someone who will respect and treat me like intelligent, outspoken, vivacious and spiritual woman that I am. On another note to make you feel better, LL Cool J is like 30 something, and Pierce Brosnan (007) is 60, best believe I'd be on them like hot cakes and white on rice if they asked...ha ha....I'm just saying 😉

    So in conclusion!!!!! Don't beat yourself down, of course society makes it a big deal but if you think in terms of reincarnation and all that if you believe it, age is really nothing but a number, and it just makes you become more flexible! Get a motorcycle and take a ride, So keep dreaming sweet humming bird.


  • Hey kitty...just sent you a note on face book...but Im kinda new on that site too. My note included my email address to contact me...I posted the reply to you today because I wanted to make sure you knew that I was a honest man, and I did not want to seem what I am not. What I am, it full of life, and wonder. Pilot007 commented on how wonderful young love was and enjoy it while you have it...I enjoy my romantic ways, and possibly was the misunderstood Don Juan in a past life, except history has it all wrong…I was not a womanizer, but someone easily seduced by beautiful women…especially young beautiful exotic wonderlands such as yourself. Hooowl…with beautiful eyes…the kind of eyes that drive wolves mad…a wise man lucky enough to have you look up to him should in turn look up to you and appreciate your youthful wonder, and appreciate your point of view. This man you mention would be wise to think and take seriously, and appreciate your perspective. So be confident…be yourself as you resonate from your eyes, your lips, your skin, your hair, all of your exotic wonder, if he is not totally thrilled to be in your presence, then he maybe older, but not wiser, and should fall in the “annoys the he double hockey sticks outta you” category. Of course, he should not put you on a pedestal, or show you off to the boys, as if you are his “newest” trophy. Like you said, you are an “old soul”, and you already know who, and what is good for you, and how to get it.

    No Fear…the world is your oyster…you are its pearl.

    (a little birdie told me)

    So in conclusion!!! I was not beating myself down, and my number is 2, and you are 1 in my book, and I want to make you purrrr. What a sweet dream that is... PS...waiting for the weather to warm up, and I will get the motorcycle out.

    I guess I dont have to worry about the sheep skin...Howl...I mean sweet sweet.

  • Thank you so much for your kind words Marshland, I appreciate your advice, right now I'm outside on my balcony, and have my hooka burning and incense haha I can be such a hippie. LOL!

    I am confident, I love my flaws and all of me, this body I have is a mere shell of the soul....and I understand that, lots people ask why I don't straighten my hair haha or do anything really on a daily basis, believe me I look FLY when I go out with the girls but on a daily, I wear a lil blush here and there, accentuate my eyes, but I appreciate my rawness.

    I keep thinking about my experiences in my homeland.....I go to Mexico alot to visit family, but one time I went to a southern country of Mexico, Hidalgo to be exact, on a humanitarian trip to build houses and give clothing to the indegenous people of the areas, people who don't even speak spanish... Mind you...I was a translator on this trip, and I couldn't do much when we got to these Aztecan traditional villages since the elders preferred their own langugae (Nahuatl). We bathed in healing waters, natural heated springs from the earth, people would go and meditate and I would swim around in my thoughts alone....we went to the pyramid of the moon and sun and I climbed the top and cried when I sat at the top and just felt the energy of the pyramids and the people of the past and the solar energy from the sun...I am young but I recognize real when I see and feel real.

    I stayed up there til we had to leave and gave praise to God for my life and gifts. I could not imagine any more peace....my thoughts simply on existence...and not any outer interference...Back at the camp, we would wash our clothes in the river and use the rocks, often taking showers in cold water. Those who were physically capable had the opportunity to climb the mountains, we reached the the top after much strain and were able to relax in the clouds practically....

    Anyways...I have done alot 🙂 I am living my life as God sees fit...whatever he wants of me I will do...I left that experience with only the clothes on myself and a couple things I needed to get back to the US, I gave most of my belongings away..... I am a very passionate, earth loving person. I am no where near perfect. If only, I could find a individual who can see this within me...Now 🙂 I don't need a mate who wants to go ahead and backpack through the amazon with me hahaha, just someone who can see through my skin, my hair, my eyes, and yes my lips that every man gets all crazy over haha..(they aren't all that 😉 )..someone who can appreciate my rawness when I awake from my sleep.

    That would be ideal...........

    I acknowledge that sometimes that does not happen and you do not find that person in your given lifetime. I am set and okay living my life alone with nature and God's gifts...but still................................A girl can only wonder. Maybe fairytales are real?

    Okay I'm done, perhaps the hookah and the grape tobacco is just talking haha, I swear I have nothing else in it hahahha 🙂 Looking forward to hearing from you Marsh.

    ~ Sweet Nectar

  • What an old soul you are...I think I will be learning more from you, and I love your rawness...its funny...my Saudi neighbor's intoduced me to their hookah and that same grape tobacco just a few weeks ago...they laugh and say, don't inhale, and I laugh...they tell me that I am different from what they are used to, because I make them feel welcome to my neighborhood...they are students at Id st Univ here in Poky...cool maaan

    I think your purring now...Hoowl...I mean hummmm

    as in yourrrr humming bird.

  • hey girl...I guess we got lost in our separate worlds...I cant wait to give you an update on what is turning in my world......I have you on face book but am wondering if you would eme to get away from some many eyes...mainly because we have veered off the general tarot track...I love this site as it has had a wonderful effect on my in general...real people, real situations...all searching for the truth

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