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  • Because of certain circumstances that have occurred tome throughout this past year, I have been told to research my past lives. I have been directed to read Dr, Brian Weiss's Many lives, many masters book as part of the journey . Has anyone done past life regression therapy and if so what has you experience been?

    Thank you all,


  • I haven't done the experience yet but I JUST finished the book this weekend, great read!!! If you go to his website there is a list of conferences you can attend, relatively affordable (I've been researching) they usually are a full day or two days, check it out and see if it's coming to a city near you. 😃 Make sure to followup if you get a session done soon!!! :-)!!


  • Hi, Mestiza, nice to meet you!!. i checked out his website, and no, he is not coming near my place anytime soon. However there is and experienced yoga and reiki master who has completed his regression therapy worshop and I was wondering if you or anyone has had experience with them. Are they just as effective?


  • summerbutterfly I am sorry I have not experienced it myself. However I do know of many lives that I have had. Dr. Weiss has a CD to help you regress but I haven't been able to get there on my own and I have tried believe me a many a time listening to his CD. I would ask people about this master that your talking about and see what their experience was. You do know how to get a hold of me outside of here don't you? I was told that you were given that info. If not if you go to All Things Libra you will find that on pg. 25 Mar.29th. I will talk more to you if you like. Peace and harmony.

  • Also check out: Journey of Souls-Lives between Lives by Micheal Newton, Ph.D

  • @ Azaza12 thank you, I have ordered the book, hopefully it will help with some additional insight.

    @ Mestiza, I did the therapy on Thurs. I was warned that bc of disturbing energies, I might feel drained and not well. i had a raging migraine starting that afternoon, till this afternoon. Going under is not easy, and I think more than one session is necessary. I don't know if it was bc it was hard going under or the session was just too short, but there is a lot more work for me to do. Will keep u posted.



  • I've read the Many Lives Many Masters on recommendation of a psycho therapist ( interesting!). I also attended a session with Brian Weiss and we had past life regression therapy. Since there were at least 500 people in attendance, I didn't feel the place was conducive for hypnosis unless I was under one and didn't know it. We were told that you don't really do under as in out. There is awareness of surrounding but your mind does go down to a level of being somewhere. But the exercise Brian told us to do was to think of the person next to you that you only met there and to identify anything outstanding about this person. There were incredible connections made with others. But I didn't find anything really significant for me in that session. However, my dreams are far more revealing or prophetic and this is from childhood to now. I recently had a psychic do past life regression done on me. Her process is unlike Brian Weiss's. When the report came, I'd say 90% at least is unbelievably accurate. Never met this psychic. It was all online. I had my sis read the report and she agrees based on what she knows/observes about me.

  • Tellstar,

    could you share the name of the psychic. I would be interested. I used the expression "under" for want of a better term I was aware of what I was saying, it just didn't feel like me saying it. However, the past two days have been extremely tiring and painful. Don't know if for me it was worth it, though.



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  • This post is deleted!

  • Summer,

    I responded to your request on here but no where to be found. I guess they didn't allow it.

  • Thanks, do you think you could send the info to summerbutterfly71 at that g m a i l place?

  • Summer, I sent you the info via gmail. Check it out.

  • Hi summer,

    I'm just going to copy and paste my reply on Stonyeye's thread about past life

    past lives can be described through hypnosis or reading

    the records are stored in a library called Akashic Records

    all you need is birth info and birth name

    no photo, nothing else is needed

    the library can be called by another name. I just call it that because that's the name i heard it most often

    my own past lives are read by past life reader, not by hypnotist/ regression

    and it was done long distance probably in 2006-2005 something like that

    let me know if you want me to give you the reader's name OK?

  • Leoscorp,

    Good to hear from you again !!! Could you send me the details. I posted the addy on page 1, before you know who gets it.

  • I have not had a past life regression done, but on this site I did have a reincarnation report done. didn't tell me who or what I was exactly, but acording to my planet positions it told me about when I Iived and what life style I may have had. I could relate to it alot, with fears, joys, and the way my life has gone. I would recomend it. It is based off A. T. Mann's Reincarnation Time Scale theory.

  • LT,

    I have my Cayce past life report and it tell me more or less when I lived and what life style I may have had. However, while it is helpful and helps explain my personality, what I am really looking for is how two people who have come across my path in this lifetime and whom I believe I have been with in other lifetimes fit in my life now. One of them I know was my child in a past life and in this life he was born on my birthday. I find it hard to believe that the Universe would let me meet him and his father , who is the other person from another lifetime, only to keep me separated from them.I don't know how else to figure out the connection. Thoughts?

  • Summer

    glad to hear from you again

    and I will send you the info by e-mail

    she can do anybody's past life and whether you two met in the past or not, what happened etc

    I saw your email addy but I didn't want to send you anything w/o your permission

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