Tarot Cards and Palm Readings with Rozália

  • Palm Readings

    palm tarot reading:Conscious Channeling from plam when you are read the book

    Your Palms are ready to reveal to the professional Palm Reader details about the journey of your life...

    Like for example: what is enabling you to have the right relationship, career, health, wealth, and the things you can do to bring forth your positive attributes to make your life more fulfilled and successful?

    Blue print reading (the Journey of your Life) + up to 3 questions: $ 60

    Any extra question $ 10 each

    Past Life Readings; $15 each past life

    Please send good photocopies, close-up digital photographs or

    high resolution scans in JPG format of both palms.

    Tarot Card Readings


    What does the Future hold for you?

    And the type of opportunities that are likely to occur within the next 6 months?

    The Tarot cards will address the 7 pathways of your life as in;

    dfd Relationships,

    dfd Work,

    dfd Money,

    dfd Health

    dfd Travel,

    dfd Family or anyone who is playing an important part in those scenarios

    dfd Spiritual quest and development you may be experiencing at this time

    Six month forecast, + 4 questions: $ 60

    Any extra questions: $ 10

    If you order the Palm & Tarot readings together, you will receive a $ 20 discount.

    For readings please make your booking by email and I will then get in touch with you and provide you with a questionnaire to be filled in for your requested reading or readings.

    This form will also serve as an order form for your payment to be processed.

    Your reading will be sent in a file by email.

    You will receive your reading within 1- 3 weeks.

    Time of reading begins when payment has been processed.

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