I found our birth charts- anyone up for interpretations?

  • Mine:

    Planet Deg Sign Min

    Sun 15 Gem 38

    Merc 4 Cancer 07

    Venus 0 Cancer 51

    Mars 20 Pisces 23

    Jupiter 12 Aquarius 03

    Saturn 22 Gemini 58

    Uranus 19 Libra 07

    Neptune 5 Sag 48

    Pluto 1 Libra 41


    Rising sign- Capricorn 26 degrees

    Planet Deg Sign

    Sun 00 Aquarius

    Moon 20 Scorpio

    Merc 06 Capricorn

    Venus 13 Sag

    Mars 29 Scorpio

    Jupiter 01 Sag

    Saturn 15 Taurus

    Uranus 13 Libra

    Neptune 02 Sag

  • Can you tell me these information about you and the guy? I need the birthday (year, month, day, and time), the gender, and the country you were born in.

  • Hi Long2010-

    Yes, I can! Birthdates-

    Him- 1/21/71 7:08AM USA

    Me (female)- 6/6/73 3:16PM USA

    Thanks so much!

  • Hello,

    In order for me to verify your birth chart, can you tell me if these things are correct?

    Throughout your lifetime, you might have one or two illnesses that are hard to treat. You might need to have a surgery. I see that you might have a problem with your reproductive system or have trouble during pregnancy.

    I will tell you more about your finance and your other illness after your reply. I just want to say that you are good looking and have a talent in talking and writing.

  • Long2010, Thank you for your reply. So far, I've had two long-term bouts with my back and yes, hard to treat. I have had surgeries and, yes, I could be facing surgery again in the future. I don't have children, but have never tried to have them before. I am worried about bearing my own due to my back troubles.

    Thank you for your sharing your gifts with me Long2010! How kind of you!!!

  • Hey Longo2010 and all who responded in this thread....

    Im sorry that your goodness and selflessness in wanting to help people understand themselves had gotten tossed. I too was interested in hearing about my birthchart, especially with all of these "T" crosses and all of the outerplanets that are hustling and moving about, trying to make sense of what society is now bringing upon us and how it affects each and everyone of us, BUT when it comes right down to it, this site needs to make money. I dont care what blah blah non-sense pertaining to rules and regulations that Admin is claiming, when it comes right down to it, its all about the almighty dollar.... Something that is pretty scarce these days. This site offers those services for a fee. They are not going to have someone come along and rip them off. What makes it any different than what The Captain is doing???? PUUUUUUUULEASE. What a shame...

    Anyway.. have a wonderful day all.. Blessings to each of you.


  • Hey long2110, Hows it going for you. I left this information on another thread that you started and I think has disappeared! But I will try again! my Birthdate is 9-14-1958 MN USA. time 12:48 pm. His I dont know the time of birth but I do know the date and where 11-06-1952 L.C. LA. Thanks for the infor in advance!

  • Hello Pastrevisited and light-en-dark,

    I promise to give you all readings. Sorry to keep you waiting Pastrevisited, the reading that I gave you was not really a reading. It was more like a birthday verification thing. The information that I gave you was just the tip of the iceberg. I can tell you anything you want to know. For example, family relationship, money, job, illness, this year outlook...etc. I'm just thinking of a way for me to do readings without getting them deleted.


    I will also do the reading of the guy too.

  • Hi Long2010, can you do a reading for me. My birthday is 17th March 1967 born roughly 7 pm. Many thanks

  • Oh, I was born London England if you need that info too

  • Huh? Admin? You are asking for a reading?

  • Hi AuntBuck- None of this drama had taken place when I originally posted this post. I am so saddened by all of this. This is off-topic, but I love your profile name. I have a very dear pet named Buck- love, love him. So, every time I see your name here, I smile.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hi Long2010- What "advice" can you give regarding my future with my boyfriend? Such as, how will we always be in a caring, loving, committed relationship? We share the same humor (very very alluring to me!), but we are polar opposites in some ways. He is very good with money and finances. He is detail-oriented and organized. I am more social. He has a brilliant, clever mind- I love that. What do you think we should do to maintain our current lifestyle? What is the best thing I can do to help him be happy? (I hope my questions help you with wording things here. I really appreciate your efforts!!!!! I truly do-) Oh, also, what would you suggest a person like me pursue as far as a career? I like helping people, but I also love being a docent in a museum and serving at the animal shelter. I don't like sales bc I don't like to force people to buy anything- Again- I hope I am helping you here- Thank you!

  • Is it possible for me to get a reading as well?



    Birthplace: Albany, NY

    Birth time: 2:15pm


  • This post is deleted!

  • Hello Pastrevisited,

    In order for you to maintain a good relationship with your boyfriend, I think you should ignore the minor mistakes he makes everyday (he should do the same to you too). Don't let his minor mistakes from blocking your love for him. I think you two will make a great couple because he has something that you don't and you have something that he lacks. If you two can understand each other and help each other, then I think nothing can hurt this relationship.

    It looks like I was right about your communication skills. I think your career can be anything you want as long as you like that job. If you want to know what is the best job for you, then I can tell you next time. You should have no problem finding a job because of your good communication skills.

    I will tell you more on my next reply.

  • Long2010, Angel hugs

    I would appreciate any information / insight you may be able to convey to me

    DOB May 2, 1947 - 2:13 a.m. Kincardine, Ont, Canada.


    Also if time alows for my son.

    DOB August 19, 1974 - 6:45 p.m. Wilians lake, BC, Canada



  • Hi Long my birthday 12/8/1955 danvers mass. Sorry don't know the time of day. Anything you can tell me about my job, hwre or when I will retire and will I have more grandchildren? Thnaks and blessings

  • sorry bad typing. I meant where will I retire? LOL

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