I found our birth charts- anyone up for interpretations?

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    it is WILLIAM LAKE with a "M"



  • Long2010- I am so happy that you are back. What you told me before was obviously deleted and I don't remember all of it but that is ok. I will tell you again that I am femal born 6/7/51 at 5:01 pm in

    Orange, Ca. I would like to know if my health is going to hold out? I know that is a wide open question but if you could possibly give me any idea I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you for your last post and the gift you give others.

    Blessing to you!


  • OK! long2010, Here are my questions Me: Sept. 14, 1958 Born Minnisota, Female, Time of birth 12:48 pm.

    Him: Nov. 06, 1952 Born LA., Male ( don't know his time of birth ) I would like to know what you can tell me about our future togeather, he has asked me to marry him. Will it last, how will our finances be, our health? Is he dependable as a husband, in other words...will be be happy???

    Thanks long2010 ...I hope this does not get deleted, as I can not seem to get answers before it does 🙂

  • Hey long2010....

    Hopefully they wont bother you on this thread... I was hoping that you may read my chart as well,

    November 28, 1964; 6:48pm; New York City. . I guess what i really would like to know is what shows for me with this "T" square everyone is speaking about. What advise would you have for me. I am hearing life changing situations are on the horizon. I will say i am at a crossroads in my life. Just looking to live a good and happy life.

    Love and blessings to you


    Thankyou for your time

  • Well I see Admin took my request off of here way to go BIG BROTHER!

  • Hi Long2010- You are so right- boyfriend and I complement each other so well- and he really is the one that has to overlook my shortcomings. I've really tried his patience, but he's still here. 🙂 So, I'm looking for guidance in choosing a career. I loved my previous job, but had to have back surgery. I've had trouble sitting, standing, or walking without pain for a few months now. I am not sure if I am facing another surgery or not. I have a tumor that might need to be removed. My health has eclipsed other areas of my life- I'm wondering when this might pass- I believe this is will not stop me! Normally, I am very active and always doing something. So, Mr. Long 2010, I wonder about my health and my career (and curious about future finances). When I feel better, I want to travel again! Btw- when is your birthday? Thanks so much for offering your help here; I genuinely appreciate it!

  • Let's try this again 10/18/48 Oklhoma City, Ok. US at 10:30am. I know my natal information so what can I learn from you please.

  • Oklahoma that is.

  • Hello all,

    I just created a new thread to answer all of your questions. Can you state your birthday on the other thread? I will look at your birthday on the other thread and not on this one. Sorry about this because people are not giving me enough information.

    Hello the theneed2know,

    I remember you saying that I was right about your job and your husband. Send me your info to the other thread and I will get to you.

    Hello Pastrevisited,

    I will get to you on the other thread.

  • Pastrevisited,

    I forgot to mention this. I wish I know what my birthday is. My mom did not keep a record of what month, day, and time I was born in. All I know is the year! The record in my birth certificate is just a rough estimate of my birth time. This is kind of like an irony. I can give people "advice", but I can't formulate my own birth chart. I can only have faith in my own life and hope that nothing worse will happen to me.

  • Oh Long2010- I'm so sorry to hear that you don't have your actual birthdate. Do you have a day that you have chosen to celebrate your birthday? (Maybe that is the most important thing to do under these circumstances?) Btw- irony is an understatement!

    While I can't "see" angels among people, I'd imagine you have a few protecting you. What sign do you believe represents you the most?

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