What is going on with me?

  • I have had so much bad luck in the past few months with everything, especially relationships that i thought were going well but ended up with me being left alone. Seems like i will never find happiness or love. Why is that? Everytime i think i'm in a good position for finding love and happiness, i end up alone and asking the sam e question. Am i that bad of a person that nothing wants to go right for me. Sometimes i think it must have been meant for me to be alone. Can anyone help me figure out whats wrong and how do i change this situation?

  • Spirit says PERSPECTIVE. When all seems out of our control around us we must adopt a winning perspective. How we look at things is all the power we have. You have issues with wanting to grasp tightly to the drivers wheel but the tighter you grip the more energy it takes--so busy focusing on losing your grip you end up not being able to live in the moment--enjoy the ride. You see things through the victims eyeglasses. Read your post out loud to yourself and the voice is hopeless and trapped. Life throws at you exactly what you need to grow and heal. It's a process--sometimes painful but even then the pain is a way of unearthing hidden wounds. When you start recognizing a pattern in your roadblocks it is a positive sign--now put on a Goddess pair of glasses and see all your challenges as an opportunity to wise up and grow. You put too much stock in failures--mistakes are nessacery in growth--keep getting back on the horse. It gets better with practice. It's not that you are undeserving that life punishes you--a victim sees a great fault in themselves. You deserve to be loved and wearing the Goddess glasses you take responsability for loving yourself enough to believe in yourself and attract the same energy you put out. Beating yourself up is a bad bad habit you must lose--you have to forgive yourself and keep on keeping on without the dark energy of regret, selfoathing and fear. If indeed you feel life is suddenly isolating you from relationships what does it mean in terms of how can you make this work for you?--the Goddess always searches with detachment after the storm passes-- the challenge is to see the truth about yourself and be forgiving enough to see the truth without all the self punishment. Feel deserving--believe in your power--learn the lesson and move on. Spend more time in the sunshine--listen to music--dance more. Avoid troubled people and places when you are vulnerable--take care of yoursef better--you deserve to be loved. Blessings

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