• Hi, your post seemed to get bombarded with other people asking for readings so I just wanted to let you know you are not alone. Me, mother with 4 small kids, living in a suburban area, 2 kids at school I am so damn lonely it is unreal. Husband is away at work most of the time, I don't work, I live in The Netherlands and it is so difficult to get in to a circle here. Most of the people I know (all 4 of them) are expats.

    So, you are not alone. I think we have to take matters in to our own hands, start going to a club or course, get out of the house, look for possibilities around us, start a home business, something like that. I am blessed with a positive attitude otherwise I think I would have killed myself long ago. I have taken to writing down all the things I do not like and looking for a solution.

    Anyway if you need to chat then email is a start if you add a hotmail and a com at the end of my username.

    Hope you got some comfort from your readings.

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  • Good post, if anyone is going through a "lonely" period, the best thing to do is not sit around and mope about it, idle mind... but be proactive, get out - even if it's to a garden show (don't know if they have those out in the Netherlands) but there's so much to do in our world, and nothing is wrong with venturing out alone. That's how you meet people 🙂

  • Thanks for all the thoughts. I have an 8-5 job, have a son of 18 and daughter of 16 - both at school. Son finishes school this year. Have a lot of stress of finances in general and son has to go study next year and without funds (eg. bursary) there is NO chance. I live for my kids ! I have been a widow for 13 years. I struggle to get thru on my salary a month.

    It is just that I feel alone ! I am not one that makes friends easily as I want to be able to trust a friend and this bites me in the back often. I am a person that loves sharing with a friend because I am so alone, and then a firiendship goes sour.

    My kids and I have a wonderful relationship. We love each other.

    I miss that companionship my husband and I had in our 12 years of marriage.

    Unfortunately nowadays here by us (South Africa) everything you want to go and see or do costs money - nothing is for free.

    Thinking of all of you out there that are lonely as well - each in their own way ....

  • I was lucky that when I was feeling lonely and stressed out....I found this place! It definitely made my life feel less lonely and the comfort and support that I got here was just amazing. I have friends but you know...friends have other friends too and they aren't always available when we need them. Unfortunately, I also found out how many acquaintances I have that I thought were friends. There is a difference unfortunately.

    There are quite a few people here from the guys should all find a way to hook up and do something together! If you are within a reasonable distance that is.... South Africa? I think you are the first I've heard.

    One way that I found to meet new people and get out to do some things that cost little or no money....there is a website out there called "Meetup". There are groups all over the world that meet. Maybe you could find one in your area that you would join in on. If that's not possible, I think being here is also a great way to fight the loneliness....I know it worked great for me!

    Blessings.....Aunt B.

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    Auntbuck hit it on the head...a meet up.But to elaborate since $$ is an issue...a simple potluck lunch in a nice location(maybe by a lake or in a park) where each person(doesn't matter how many people...the more ,the merrier) brings something for the get together.Sandwiches,a little fruit,a beverage,and lots of subject matter and enjoyment to go around.You never know just what you'll find in common.Sounds great to me and everybody gets to be a real part of it.What do you think of this ?

    Blessings and Hugs

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