My life is upside down, would love a reading.....

  • Been on for a long time. Just wondering if some kind soul would be willing to give me a reading? So many things going on with me at this point in my life and I don't know where to start.


    Thanks 🙂

  • I pick up that this is a switch for you--asking for insight. You are usually the insightful one extending to others. The calm in the storm--you know how to change the energy in a room--people respond to you--just your presence picks up the energy in a room. People seek you out and it is hard for you to know at times what YOU really want as you feel the need of others so deeply. You are a problem solver and enjoy that feeling of completion but then get very restless and can't always get the signal straight when to stay or when to go. Spirit says the word RECEIVE. It seems that is what this year is about. You have felt a strange new energy enter you. Find yourself really speaking up and out--very firmly when not getting what you deserve. You've always been outspoken but it has taken you up a new level. There is a time rush over your head as if suddenly you are more aware of what wastes your time and you put a stop on it without thinking. Spirit says school is over and now is the time to put knowledge to WORK. This is a fast pace phase of quike decisions and moving forward fearlessly with authority and a sense of entitalment. To still be humble but deep in your core not to second guess yourself. Spirit says you will do fine and you have their full support so even if you think you took a wrong turn keep forging as you will be guided on track. Most of all spirit insists you must not indulge in self doubt these next few months. Opportunities are coming that will take you farther than you ever imagined. This is a time of true balancing act--to be forceful yet willing to bend a little when the goal in mind takes a turn. Health and body are extremely important now--to be in top shape you must listen to your body and keep it in top form. This year could see real dreams coming true--you are ready! Blessings

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