Junemoon26, can you answer?

  • Hello!

    Would it be possible for me to get answers from you?

    I just want straight answers, nothing else and if there is a message about something that I have to know or do, then please tell me that aswell but i don´t need anything else then just straight answers, like yes and no but of course, feel free to tell me other things as long as you also give me the answers I need. I get so confused with other things...

    I need to know:

    Will I become a famous and professional makeup artist working for rockbands and such before I reach 23/24? Like, will I have a career that takes me where I want fast?

    Is Tom the one I am meant to spend the rest of my life with?

    Can you see when, where and how I will meet him and what it is that I need to do to make this happen?

    Will I move to hamburg next year?

  • Hi Junemoon26.

    I remeber I wanted to ask for a reading from u before but I read that u are in ur exams so I didn't..Any way now will u do me a favour and do a reading for me? I fell in love with a man and now he has left.I want to know does he come back? plz take it seroiusly coz it's so important for me.I really need help.if it helps my date of birth is 1980 ,sep 11 and my name is Soheila

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