Twinsoul could you do a reading?

  • i appplied for a managers job didnt get it they gave it to a girl with less experience then me

    i was alittle upset but her job was at a different building so they transfered me there

    after two days i saidi would like to stay premately . i thought i needed different surrounding and

    people to work with. did i make a good choice ? will it work out with the girl that got the job?

    thank you for your time


  • Kathy

    the place where you work is filled with politics. the girl will not stay there for more than 2 years, if that. stay in the other building, the people are nicer there. you will get a promotion. get a makeover, start to exercise and get that body of yours back in shape. buy some new clothes, and stop being so vocal at work. the higher ups, like quiet yes people. i see you as the leader of the discontented, please leave that out of the office.

    Otherwise, you life is stable. Have a great time this coming year, as there will be many opportunities for fun. Go for it.



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