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  • Have you received Feng Shui reports that are intriguing, confusing, or important to you? This thread is for sharing your online Feng Shui reports with others. You might ask for advice, share what you believe the report is saying, or discuss ways in which you might act upon the report's information.

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    I have been a member of since the late 1990's and have enjoyed many different readings and this one is new. Every day i go to read my daily number and like reading my daily atrology report, it has a personal daily essence for me.

    But today I was surprised to find that August the 15th was not present under the daily numbers section and now i am confused, should i read what would have been the 16th or just accept that this particular date was not included? Its a puzzle to me.

    This report plus the Feng shui relacation reports have been wonderfully helpful to me, I have plenty of Tarot card and astrological knowledge and so having alternatives that back up what i know with new infomation is absolutly brilliant!


  • I have had Feng Shui reports that have urged me to use pastels (Icky) and lots of femmy stuff. None of it seems to fit me. I have shrugged my shoulders and gone on to use my colors black, crimson, grey, and white. You would be surprised how well they work together.

    My decor is South Western and I love cacti. I know that's a nono but I love them! They live in the windows mostly. I think of them as my little guardians. I also have a bear skin rug.

    Other wise I have my furniture aranged so that my desk and my bed are in "The command positon" (The corner farthest diagonally from the door.)

    I use Black Hat Sect Feng Shui.

    Any suggestions?


    Why am I always given reports that advocate pastels and florals, and gospel music?!? That is so not me. (Hint I prefer the Scorpio horoscopes to the Libra ones. I don't know why.)

    I like bold colors, and cacti, and jazz. My home is decorated in SouthWestern/ Santa Fe style. How do I make it work for ME?

  • Check out your rising sign. It may be the driving source here. I am a very staid capricorn (sun sign) it appars to rule my daily life with regards to my responcibilities. However, my rising sign is Leo, so when ZI'm free of responcibility, it RULES!!! Since your home/style is your release, the area of your life where you can let your hair down so to speak, it is a great possibility that your rising sign is giving you the space to be your other half.

  • The bucket in the sky has the handle as Saturn. The Sabian symbol fo rthe Virgo degree is ' a bomb exploding' - may we expect more bombings and problems of that sort next week.


  • To introduce myself, Anne Chaney. I wrote for Llewellyn Publications in the mid 80s for the !988 Llewellyn Astrogocial calender on Dane Rudyhar's wonderful Sabian symbols, and instructive pieces on houses and aspects in the mid 80's Llewellyn moon sign book. I think the action will be real and in the middle east and hopefully not in america? Anyone have any ideas?

  • really good answer and reminds me also to be myself, which i started to do lately, just following rules is cancelling out one own personal choices and i think those are the important choices, to choose what makes us feel, that which we wish to feel, on that day!

  • Yes the colour guide i have noticed is naturally Chinese in its mythology, which is not a mind set I have grown up with, so when i think of purple or mauve i think neptunian colours i.e. amethyst, but Feng Shui makes it an earthy colour, this conflicts with western thining. So whilst i have been following the colour guide i have not felt completely comfortable about what i was wearing, so i have changed lately back to my neumerology colours, or day colours, but mostly I dress how I want to dress from now on and just add a touch of the colour suggested for the date or day.

    black is a good colour, or according to colour spectrum it is the absence of colour, that allows YOU to fill up your space with your own creativity. If it is what your wearing that is black then people will consentrate more on your character and what you say and do, than taking immpressions from what your clothing is saying about you.

    I plan to go back to my own choices too, thanks for the reminder to be MYSELF!

  • oops my replies where to "ibelieve" and 2nd to "lilith925", with regard to "Wagner" re Bucket in the sky, I agree more bombings but mostly in the Saturnian countries, mostly it is Virgo, loudness, or shouting, but not nessecarily for killing, making sure they are heard, not truely wanting to hurt. I hope that will be correct. soon a Jupiter and Neptune contjucntion will add a new feel good factor, maybe this is a result of people being listened to so not needing to hurt others.

    But your suggestion of more bombings, in Chinese astrology the current theme is "fire under earth" i.e. the explosions that cause the most damage are likely to be Volcanoes Errupting, then that Saturnian Bucket handle may turn into, either Reaper or Restrictor.

  • Libras natural opposite is Aries a fire sign and the colour red is dominant for that sign, it is our 7th house (mariage and partnerships), Libra is naturally a 7th house sign meaning we lean towards twosomes so wearing the colours that attract our other half is a draw for us, i too like reds, i also am drawn to blacks but my Saturn is in Libra and often Saturn is linked to black, white is every colour of the rainbow, great for when Libra can't decide which is her colour for the day 🙂

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