• Can someone please tell me what the Universe wants me to know about:

    ME: 12-27-59

    HIM: 04-16-57

    I would really appreciate some insight 🙂

    Thank You!

  • DecemberGirl,

    can someone please tell me what the Universe wants me to know about: It will be an up and down, a back and forth. Constant only in its inconstancy, even fortune is eventually exhausted.

    HIM: 04-16-57: This signifies that a money partnership of some kind will be playing a role in his life. This could be a standard business partnership or something out of the ordinary, but it will certainly have something related to money as the end result. Whether this 'joining of financial interests' becomes an asset or a liability depends largely upon the surrounding circumstances. He often needs the association of others in order to achieve his financial goals. This will encourage him to develop relationships that are mutually beneficial between himself and others in his business and financial life. The most success comes when he adopts a Win-Win attitude towards all his business dealings.

    I would really appreciate some insight: Dissolve your bond with his group. Dispersion leads in turn to accumulation. This is something that ordinary men do not think of. When you are working at a task that affects the general welfare, you must leave all private friendships out of account. Only by rising above party interests can you achieve something decisive. If you have the courage thus to forego what is near you will win what is afar. But in order to comprehend this standpoint, you must have a wide view of the interrelationships of life, such as only unusual men attain. So try to get more clarity for yourself and by yourself.

    Deep inside anger is boiling -- and you are trying

    to be compassionate. Deep down is violence -- and

    you are trying to be of service to others.

    Do not be a martyr and do not sacrifice yourself.

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