• Hello and blessings fellow lions,

    Wondering if anyone can help or is in a similar boat so to speak. Let me explain, firstly I'm a Leo Sun 1st Aug, 1960, however I have found out that I'm also a Scorpion Moon and then to compound this further my ascendant is also Scorpio, so I have fire and a lot of water and this is creating a whole bunch of mixed and strange things that are happening in my life. Wondering if anyone has the same combination.



  • WOW with those signs I bet there is some pretty heavy energy there. I would love to know you but I must confess I think I would be equipped with a sword and a sheild! Please don't take offense, Just kidding. I have a feeling there is usually drama and conflict in your life and it is way more than a fire/water connection.

    You sound focused and dare I say powerful in what you are capable of. I love Leos but that Scorpio where I have concern. It's just me.

    I have neither fire nor any Scorpio in my chart but know Astrology very well. You were asking for help so what's been going on? Tell me more about the "strange things that are happening" to you?

    That little appetizer has me curious.

  • Hi Stefin,

    thanks for the reply, yes I would totally agree with what you about heavy energy, by the way no offense taken at all, us leo's have pretty thick skins (or so they say)

    Quite a lot of drama and conflict in my life, seems to go in phases, for example just when things seem to be going in the right direction........boom! There we go off track again!

    Now I have been told by several people (whose judgement & wisdom I trust) that I'm a 'light-worker' and very powerful to boot, my problem and issue is that I feel that there are people (not very nice folk) that know this and are trying to block my purpose by throwing up obstacles!

    So any help or insight greatly appreciated, plus don't forget your sword & shield!



  • Hi Therapistwitch (Steve),

    I am A Sagittarius, Moon Sign is Leo and Rising Sign is Cancer. So I am able to relate to you in some way LOL. Drama, drama, drama - yep, my life is full of it! Never been dull or boring so far. Sometimes, I wish can just slow down a little. I do have pretty thick skin or should I say, I do not beat around the bush, I am very direct. I don't mean to hurt anyone or do anyone's harm when I am being open, direct and honest. I don't see the point of going in circles LOL. Okay, I do have to control whatever that comes out of my mouth sometimes I think. Anyway, despite of all this, I am very forgiving and I don't bear grudges.

    I do get side track sometimes. Maybe that is because of me being impatience. But I have learned how to curb this habit a lot since I met my Taurus. I know the meaning of being patience and most of all, stability.

    As for 'not very nice folk' who are trying to block your purpose, what makes you feel they do? Remember, energy is a powerful thing. By just thinking positively, you can shield yourself from the negativity that comes in your path. These not very nice folk cannot do anything to you if you don't let them. Be a better person than they are and have faith in yourself and what you do. Faith and trust in yourself is the best weapon to fight these 'not so nice people'. I have posted in the thread " Cursed ......etc" about how negative talks can be a cursed to us, if we let it happened. Negativity invites negativity. Do not open that door to it. One positive thinking can get rid of many negativities.

    Hope this helps!!

    Lots of love,

    x x x

  • Well there you are! Happy to see your post Steve. You know Steve is my nickname. short for Stephanie. heehee just a little bit of useless trivia.

    I come without any sword, just completely naked b/c I have a feeling I won't need it. You seem so nice. That makes me wonder why these certain 'people' are around you in the first place? I would definitely get away from them. Not to say we should always avoid all obstacles. since they can help build our character but just because they are unneccessarily interfering in your life, it would seem.

    You have those strong 'fixed' signs and don't really like change that much so I think they are just that-- obstacles to your own sense of progress.

    I would first try to discern what their motivations are and then I would re-examine my own just in case this is happening for a reason which I didn't 'see' at first. If you feel you ARE on the right track about yours, then avoid these people or find out why they are causing a conflict.

    There might be something there. This is a little hard to be analyzing when it's all so general but I want to help you more.

    Are they seriously playing games and purposely trying to mess with you? I think I'd have to say something and make sure they understand that they're wasting their time if they are.

    I have a feling you will be the winner here! You can't go wrong if you're coming from the heart! Hope I hear from you soon . : )

  • I also have a cool suggestion for you Steve. Go to YouTube and enter ' magentapixie2012'

    in the search box. She has some beautiful videos about lightworkers, wayshowers, 11s (me), etc. and I have learned alot. It will be inspiring I guarantee it!

    It might even blow your mind a little but she has truths there - so watch as many as you can.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Dear beautiful souls, thank you so much for the lovely kind words, its nice to know that there are good people out there in the world. I'm currently living in the Middle East, so I feel that a lot of the problem is geographic (surrounded by very angry countries) and the energy here is not good or conducive with a spiritual path, unfortunately I cannot move at the moment due to work commitments. However part of my mission as a light-worker is to be here as when 2012 roll around this (the middle east) is where its going to kick off!

    To Emergence:

    thanks for the inspiring words, I will check out your other posts and get back to you, I do believe that one of the reasons why these people are trying to stop me is that they know that my combination of Leo, Scorpio etc is very powerful.

    To quenkath:

    Yes I have heard of 'emotional vampires' and being a healer those people are instinctivly drawn to you, I'm pretty good at blocking, but sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming.

    To Stephanie:

    You can wear whatever you like lol! One of those plastic swords and kiddie shields would be fine I feel. Anyway its a little difficult to tell these people to stop as they live a long way away and I'm not in touch with them, also there is a blood connection which complicates matters more, we have a child together who is also powerful and last I heard is not being taught the way of love and light. In reference to change, your absolutely right, I'm not happy about it as I have my ways and sometimes I can be a little stubborn (that must be a guy thing though)

    Anyway thanks once again to all of you, hope to continue this discussion, may your paths always be blessed



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