TheCaptain..please help me on this one

  • Hi TheCaptain..i know you are very busy, but I would really appreciate your insight on this one.

    my ex bf and i broke up about 2 1/2 months ago. it was his decision. as of today, i am not fully sure about the reasons why...things were very serious as we were going to move in together and talking about marriage.

    we are from 2 different religions. it didnt seem to be an issue for us until his parents (father) said something to him (this is what i strongly believe). Could you please tell me what the future holds? are there any chances that we get back together? i am 29, he is 34..

    a coffee reader told me that he was leaving within 6 weeks somewhere far for his job.

    Please let me know what you see? is the love there? will we see each other anytime soon? any additional information woudl be is quiet affecting my health and my emotional state. thank you again. hope to hear from you.

  • He must overcome his religious upbrining if you and he are to continue your relationship but at the moment I don't feel he will go against his family's beliefs. He is not ready for that. Don't wait for him - he may never have the strength to swim against the tide.

  • do you see him leaving somewhere permanently or is it just a strange feeling i get.

  • No I don't feel he will be moving away for good, maybe just a short trip.

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