Having a love life seems beyond my reach ,please advice?

  • Hi,I have worked a lot on myself since last year .I have gained more maturity and am more in control of my emotions. I learnt to appreciate my company ,loved myself more and appreciate the people around me . However ,I keep coming back to the same point where it seems that to have a love life is beyond my reach...Everything else goes smoothly in my life except for my love life.I don't know what it is but something has to be wrong with me that I can't attract a good relationship..Women/men my age around me find love so easily .Do I need to accept that I'm meant to remain single this lifetime ? I need some insight please .Thanks.

  • Have you tried stepping outside your comfort zone? Try going to new places and doing new things? I know when I was stuck at that point in my life, I was around a lot of guys but it seemed like no one was interested in me. I did a lot of work on myself too and thought aha! I'm ready. I was chatting with a guy friend who asked if I wanted to go to coffee so I said sure. As we had coffee and chatted, he said he was amazed that I had accepted because there was a WALL around me that said STAY AWAY! I was friendly and chatty and everyone liked to be around me but I didn't realize that I had this wall up. It was very enlightening to me. Make sure that you have your heart open for love and there is no subconscious wall around yourself saying stay away. I don't want to get hurt. You have to open yourself up and by doing so, accept that risk that you could get hurt. You may not get hurt but you could. Accept that you could and open up and let love in. Being happy with yourself is a BIG step towards having that person around you that will give you what you are looking for. Also, I was told to write down a list of 10 things, quickly...no thought involved...about what you like about yourself. Say that to yourself in the mirror frequently. When you put out your good qualities in the universe....it will bring you someone looking for those qualities. I also have done a list of everything that I want in a man...and low and behold....he came. It took time....but he got there. AND....after three years he is gone again but its ok because I know that I am attracting the type of man that I now want.

    No...you are not meant to be single because we all have love to give and need to receive love. You just need to trust and allow the universe to bring it to you.

    Blessings....Aunt B.

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