Do Geminis always pursue someone, even after being rejected a few times?

  • So, this Gemini guy keeps on trying to get me into bed. I've rejected him a few times. This last time he was either giving me big puppy begging eyes or he was nervous, his eyes got really big and a little glossy as he asked me to play with him. Haha. So is this normal? Do you guys just pursue anyone remotely female? And what's up with not taking a hint. Hey, I know I'm an Aqua, we have chemistry, but I don't know this guy that well and it's not like he gives a flip about zodiac signs, so why won't he stop asking for intimacy??

  • Wow.


    Im a Gemini,not a male,but,you know.

    From what you're telling me,he seems like the kind of guys who only want a girl in bed,then the

    next day,they're done with her.

    Im a girl,and I mean,I have gotten rejected before,but I still never hated that boy or anything,then again,I didn't keep following him around like a lost puppy or start begging him to go out with me.

    All I did was still like him,but keep my distance.All Gemini's are really not like the guy you're telling me about,but,he does seem pretty dangerous.:/

    All the best.

  • Sounds like it's a game to him now and you've become a challenge 😜 I'm gemini but not male. You should tell him that you're not interested in pursuing any type of romantic or sexual relationship with him (if you havent already).

  • Ah, CottonTail, I wouldn't call him dangerous, he doesn't ever put his hands on me. And Vilette, your probobly right, if he tries again, or any other gemini I don't want I'll try to be even clearer. But are they all like this? Norm from Gemini men?

  • What is norm? Any man can try to separate you from your panties. LOL

    Gems love the chase whether they be fox or hound, male or female.

    Stimulate them mentally and you have there attention. Banter and debate is like crab legs dipped in butter..AMORE (Stimulation)

    We are playful, youthful, adventurous, ambidextrous and good with our hands..Oh My

    Multitask? Like poetry in motion.

    Sure, we get a bad rap for being fickle, two-faced (Duh..Twins) versatile with the ability to adapt. We like variety (preferably,and contrary to belief, with one partner) and truly can form loving (NON-sexual relationships with the opposite sex)..What's wrong with having friends of the opposite sex, taking vacations alone,(together) having interests other then mine, having interests together, giving you space, me space..Less is more, don't strangle me or be possessive, I'll respect you as well. Challenge me, look into my eyes, pick me a wild flower ( more precious then a diamond).. I have emotional depth..other aspects of the charts I suppose and I am grounded when I'm not a "Butterfly".

    I enjoy fussing over a man of my interest..the possibilities are endless because we have such vivid imaginations..Mmmmm

    Think about it for a minute: Variety is the spice of life..Know your Gemini :)~~~~'s like Double mint gum.

    The older we we get, the more we understand who we are.

    "It Only Costs a Little More to Go First Class"


  • I take it it's normal. I guess I should've known that. He's not the first Gemini, I guess he's just the first one I dislike. By the way, you make Gemini men and women sound delicious. 😉

  • I remember two gem guys very distinctly, and although committment isn't the first word in thier vocab, I bieleve they are a bit more intelligent, and engaging then the behavior you described of the guy pursuing you! Sounds like a personality flaw too me, I've actually seen that cut too the chase sort of flair out of others signs more so then gemini men.

  • Delicious...yes

    Comes with maturity and understanding of what Intimacy truly means. Not everyone gets it, no matter what there sign is.

  • Yeah, maybe he just really likes Aqua girls. rofl He is a big flirt, so he in a sense kinda cuts to the chase. I mean if you flirt back you just get caught up with a Gemini and it goes were it shouldn't next. Hehe, I'm with a Gemini and I just really have no desire for another one. The Gemini I'm with is enough to keep up with and well, I suppose he really cut to the chase too. But we were closer. They all seem very 'fast' to me. But I guess when I am a compatible sign it seems that way.... I think my mind is all cleared now.

  • GemTwin52, any man who has sex with me is lucky, I don't give it that easy and have only been intimate with 3 men. Hope that's not a lot. And each man I feel I still could be with and we are great friends. I'm just too good a judge of character, and too slow when it comes to love. But Gemini men, my, they are busy. Even the one I am quite in love with right now has had his many conquests. O_O Makes me feel awkward but I know I'm very, very special to him. ^_^ I don't know about marriage, I'm sure you know that us Gemini and Aquas actually marry very late, so I'm not sure about that, but close friends forever, of course.

  • Johnny Depp, perfect gemini!

  • Yes, he's soo youthful, and s-e->>x->>y!

  • yep, and looks like a loyal partner, and doting father in his interviews/pics, in addition too his amazing outside qualitites!

  • Bluecat..Are you suggesting that men in pursuit of me lack intelligence? LOL I;m not some low class bimbo..I wouldn't become involved with a Gemini boring would that be,,

    I don't have a problem committing, I just refuse to settle. The problem lies within those who aren't in tune with us or any other "sign" for that fact.

    Understand, we're not for everyone but then who is?

    Who doesn't like to be pursued? Not just a Gemini thing.

  • There are always 'men out there' who are dumb morons pursueing anything with two legs and a skirt. rolls eyes I'm just a bit femminist, but I do like men, I guess. >_>

    And I don't think BlueCat said anything rude. lol

  • HeavenlyBohemian

    LOL conquests..perhaps, but not all. I know first hand. I am no cheap thrill nor do I engage for the sake of gratification..S-E-X is an act, not a feeling, however meaningful/pleasurable with the object of your desire and love. Intimacy is not s-e-x- and s-e-x- is not love. Intimacy is sharing who you are, with someone else.

    everything gets better with age..Believe it Or not.


  • Who said anything rude? Takes a moron to catch a moron.

  • I agree with that. I engage once you stimulate me mentally or emotionally. Usually mentally. You have to prove yourself. Stick around, for years, and then maybe you'll get some. Haha, being a true Aquarius, you might get teased with some cyber-s--e--x, and then maybe some. I'm soo slow. ROFL I remember telling a Gemini that, he said he didn't mind, why, I couldn't believe him since he had been chasing me for soo long. LOL constantly flirting. Tisk, tisk.

  • I think you made BlueCat go away. Shame on you. lmao

  • I want that Cancer lady to leave that Gemini sooo bad. It's bothering me...... >_< He's such an a-s-s hole to her. kicks chair oww. =/

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