I need a dream interpretation please!

  • I had a dream last night about a volcano erupting in China. Me, my sister, and my husband ( who i am separated from at the moment ) were all there. We were not too close to the volcano but we could see where a woman and a man were climbing down the volcano. The wife did not make it but the husband did. As he started to run away from the volcano we all started to run too. It was not erupting too quickly. We had plenty of time to run away. Once we did run my husband and I were all of a sudden searching for my sister. That is where the dream ended... can i please get an opinion as to what this dream is telling me??

    Thank You!

  • Hi,

    I can give you some insights on your dream. The volcano erupting would signify chaos in your life. Emotional turmoil between you, your sister, and your estranged husband. Odd you would say the man and a woman were climbing down the volcano to try and escape. Then you said, "the wife did not make it". how do you know they were married? obviously, this would tell me the couple running down to escape would represent you and your estranged husband. It does not mean that you are going to die, just means you are no longer interested in reconciling with your husband. somehow, your sister fits in this equation. does she have anything to do with your marriage ending. is your sister hurting you or helping you?

    you mentioned you had plenty of time to run away. meaning that time is on your side, and that you most likely have tried so many times to make your marriage work.

    it appears from your dream, that your sister maybe better off not becoming too involved in your personal life. either you are too easily influenced by your sister, and listening to her too much and may possibly be interfering in your marriage or a possible reconciliation.

    again, is your sister helping or hurting you? It looks that once your sister is out of the equation, you will be able regain clarity and make decisions that you will need to make in the coming days ahead.

    The volcano erupting represents the chaos in your life, and it looks that you need to find some alone time to help you see the big picture of where you want to go.

    It could also be that there are similarities in your life with your sister that is. Too much drama and chaos wears one down, and it's exhausting emotionally, and looks you need to take time out to figure out what you want in your marriage, and from your family.

    Family are great, but sometimes they tend to interfere and can make things worse. Is your husband resentful of your sister? or are you?

    hope this helps some..

    Ms Sunny

  • This helps a lot actually! Thank You!

    My sister is who I normally go to for advice on anything. She is like my other half. I have honestly felt really weighed down by her lately though because she has asked so much of me lately. I have done a lot for her and sometimes I feel as if I lose everything because of that. My husband knows how close my sister and I are and he has just recently noticed how my sister is a lot like my parents. I do not speak to my parents but I know that they take advantage of help people provide. I am feel torn between the two at some times but I do not know how to tell my sister that I feel as if she is asking too much of me. Me and my husband separated for different reasons not having to do with my sister and we separated a while ago. Though lately he has noticed that she is becoming more of a hassle for me to deal with and he gives me his input on her as often as he can. I love my sister with all my heart and she really is like my other half. She is all the family I have right now because I do not speak to my parents. So it is difficult for me to let her down though she is putting a lot of stress on me lately. I feel as if I need to tell her that she is now an adult and her own responsibility and not mine, I just don't know how to do that without hurting her feelings and not being upset with me.

  • That is wonderful you and your sister are close. and that you 2 trust each completely. nothing wrong with that.

    In your dream your sister disappears from the scene, and you can't find her, is saying to take time alone and make your own decisions on where you want to go from here. It maybe, that you are tired, emotionally drained, and you are tired of her drama, and everyone's elses drama. she probably would be upset and hurt if you were to withdraw and not respond. she just would not understand it. all you can do is speak from your heart, and there is nothing wrong with saying you need to spend time alone. if you tell her directly, you are tired of listening to her and to give her advice, will only create chaos. so, you will have to be very careful of how you word it, and how you come off. if you come off as irritated, she will take it personally, and could cause a rift. maybe that is what is needed, I do not know for sure.

    I myself from time to time get fed up with listening to others drama, that go on and on, and there is no end to it. I just simply withdraw, but others can take that the wrong way, and go into a hissy fit lol

    I would guess from all the years of sharing, you are drained emotionally.

    It looks you are in a good place with your husband. estranged that is, but at least you 2 are talking.

    It won't be easy to pull back and to take a vacation. Have you thought of taking a vacation either with a friend or even on your own?

    are you thinking of making a big change and don't want to tell her? for fear she may talk you out of it? such as a move far away, or travel far away? feels like there is a trip coming up for you that will benefit you enormously.

    I feel for you on this one. Good luck, and best wishes, Sunny

  • Thank You.

    I am going to be moving but not far away, just a few cities away. It would be like a 45 min drive to get to her. I want to move but I know that once I do that she will be stuck with no car and also in probably a bigger jam than she is already in. I know that I am going to move so that I can get things situated for me and my unborn child but I also know that she is going to be asking me to come pick her up or take her to work which is something that I used to do and something that I know I will not have the time, money, or gas to do it this time because I need to take care of me and my baby. That is just something that is going to be hard for me. She tells me that she gets frustrated with me because I cannot always take her places or pick her up from places but she has to understand that I have my own life too. I make sure that my school work gets done during the week and that I rearrange my plans to be able to pick her her up and drop her off at places. She tells me that it bothers her because we are family and she would always do it for me with no problem, though the problem there is that she has not ever had the chance to be in my shoes on this issue. Its a lot to take for me sometimes but I am trying to decide how I am giong to tell her how things are going to be worked out for me.

  • aaahh.. big dilemna for you, I understand. I hate to say this, and I know you love her and care for her very much, but she is creating major guilt trips. it would be so much easier if she just understood your position. that is known as empathy. she is only seeing her own view of this, and not really taking the time to see where you are at in your life.

    hardly fair for you, but you have to do what you must do for you and your baby. that baby will be your number one priority, and you know this, but she has yet to understand your position.

    she probably will be upset, but don't let her suck you in with her guilt trips. She can learn to drive, if not, there are public transportation, and if she is disabled, she may qualify for some assistance in this area.

    oh wow, I feel for you, I have 2 sisters, and drama. I had to move away from it, it was so draining, as I have my own life to live as well.

    Best of luck with your new home and new baby. Ms Sunny

  • Thank you for the advice!

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