Hurt and used

  • I met someone about 3 months ago and we met online and everything was great we would start by sending each other messages thru myspace then emails. Then one day she said if I had a cellphone that we could text each other.That also went great then out of the blue on Thanksgiving day, no word! no nothing! i would call her she blocked my number she wouldn't answer my texts. Then one day she said her feelings changed just like that overnight. She said she was not in love with me anymore. but when she would drink and get drunk she would text me and talk dirty to me and tell me how much she loved me, but at the same time she fell in love with someone else. ok so we statred to text each other again, but again the same b.s. happened, she was ignoring. The type of person i am if i care about you i'm going to stick around as your friend even if you treat me like crap.What type of friend would i be if my friends couldn't dump on me.

    But how far do i stay! She continues to talk trash like she hates my guts, even though she says she doesn't. But she waited till i sent her and her son gifts to dump me for someone else, then that other person dumped her. Go figure!

  • Dear Kissology

    I´m sorry you are in pain. It´s difficult to understand people´s behaviors at times, especially when they communicate a message with words and a completely different one with actions. I believe the subject you posted is very close to many people´s hearts, who hasn´t been baffled with this kind of situation?

    You seem a solid friend, loyal and understanding, but no one has the right to minimize you, your feelings or intentions. Beware of friends who only come to you out of loneliness or for comfort when they are in need. A one way friendship is not a real friendship is it?

  • Hi, Sometimes I wonder how people can truly fall in love after 3 months. Especially over the phone. Did you ever meet her in person. I wouldn't continue this relationship based on the belief that it is going to be a satisfying, committed and honest relationship. I don't doubt that she needs help. I would be satisfied knowing that this didn't happen a year down the road. I would be very careful w/this and not get involved.

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