MsSunny, do you mind helping me aswell?

  • Hello MsSunny!

    How are you?I hope youre good and willing to sheed some light on my questions...

    The reason to why I´m writing to you is because I am in great need of help and I hope you can spare me a fue minutes to help me out with these questions:

    Is Tom the love of my life, as in can you see if he is the one I will spend the rest of my life with and if we will get married?

    When, where and how will I meet him(will I?)

    My makeup artist career, what will it be like, can you see if I get a job very soon after ending the education the 23rd of june? My dream is to become a rockbands personal makeup arist, unrealistic I know but is there a chance that it might come true?

    And one more thing, will I move to hamburg next year and finally get some friends or will I always be without friends?

    I don´t know what I do wrong, I have no friends at all even if I´m always helping others, listening to their problems and giving advices or just being social.

    Oh, and there is this one more thing, I´m really worried about one of my favorite bands and was just wondering if the bands career will go better soon or if they unfortantly won´t keep on existing?

    My birthdate is 11th of august 1989 and Tom´s 1st of september 1989

    PS: If there is anything I need to do to make these things happen, just tell me and I will do everything I can to make it happen

    blessings to you, i hope this wasn´t to much for you

  • Hello Bella,

    I certainly can help you but you have too many questions for me to answer at this time. I don't have the time to do a full reading, which is what you want. I can answer 1 question. Usually when I come to a forum like this, I usually allow my instincts to pick one, which means it's pretty random on who I instinctively choose to answer.

    If you can focus on 1 question that would be great. let me know which one.

    Ms Sunny

  • Ms Sunny,

    I have a question for you, Is there anyone out there who will restore my faith in Love? It has been left shattered these past few months.


  • Geraldine

    Not sure what you are asking. would you please be clear? what do you mean is there anyone who can restore your faith in love? are you asking about finding new love? or are you asking for help in understanding "love". plenty of folks out there could be of help in restoring your faith in Love. ie; counselor, minister/rabbi, a good friend, even a psychic can help you restore faith.

    I would prefer your date of birth, so I know what sign you are, and how old you are.


    Ms Sunny

  • Hello MissSunny

    Okay, can you please tell me if Tom is the one for me, as in the one I will spend the rest of my life with or is it in fact his twinbrother Bill?

    Thanks MissSunny, I really apperciate this alot

  • Sorry Ms Sunny,

    I was asking if there is a special someone, have had the rug pulled from under me after 16 years of marriage. My birthdate is 24th September 1964.


    ps am in counselling so that is helping

  • Hello Bella,

    I do want to say, that you are confusing yourself between these 2 brothers. obviously you are interested in Tom, but if Tom does not work out, then Bill? LOL

    I used a relationship spread with 9 cards. I threw in one more to see the outcome of where you most likely will end up. total of 10 cards.

    From what is shown here is a snapshot, and where it shows you are at now with these 2 brothers. Please be careful, as they do talk about you, but it's more gossip that occurs between these 2 brothers, and there appears to be others that are throwing a monkey wrench, which is creating confusion for you.

    Do not become involved with one, and then go to the other to find out what is going on. something here tells me, you need to back off, and if it's meant to be, it will happen.

    It's not all as it appears, and what you are seeing is not the whole truth. There is a big lesson here for you to learn from this.

    The spread has a lot of reverses, which is suggesting that all is not as appears as I said above

    The first card is the 4 of cups reversed. which indicates that you are tired of the games, and not knowing where you stand with either of them, or the group as a whole. everything is up in the air at this time, and this is causing some frustration for you. you want action now.

    Second card is the Magician reversed and this is a major arcana card which indicates the grand scheme of things. suits are about everyday situations, such as strife with work, or meeting someone new whom shows love possibilities.

    The Magician reversed is saying you do not have enough confidence to jump in because you feel you are in the dark. And because you do not have enough information on how to precede. You want a definitive sign, but you are getting mixed signals. also indicates someone is playing games with you, and is keeping you in suspense by telling you half truths, and possible outright lies. someone is spreading gossip. is it between the brothers?

    Third card is the strength reversed, that is suggesting it's hard for you to say outright on how you feel for Tom or Bill, or anyone for that matter. It does not look that you are listening to your heart, and overthinking or over analyzing their behavior. you are just not sure who to trust, or even if you can trust yourself to take a leap, and not expect anything in return. You are afraid to take that chance for fear of looking stupid. don't be afraid to hear the truth, it's so much better than to delude yourself.

    forth card is the Prince of swords which represents you the questioner, You are now wanting to know the truth of where you stand, and it does show there is education, which you say you are about to graduate. you are not afraid to dig deep for the truth, but sometimes you don't know what to believe, so you remain guarded as a way to protect your heart.

    fifth card represents the second party Tom/Bill. this card is the Princess of wands, which indicates that yes, there is an attraction for you, and a pull towards you physically. Right now, their desire is to find out what you are like sexually. there is a message coming to you in regards to this situation, and you should hear about this very very soon. in about 2-3 weeks, you will know, and make a decision to either leave this alone, or pursue with full force. lol

    sixth card is the seven of pentacles, and you are tired of playing the waiting game. seems that this is wearing you down, and you have been taking time out for yourself or waiting for the right time to take action.

    seventh card is the World reversed. his energy and that of the band is very scattered thinking, and looks everyone is going in different direction mentally. a lot can be done, but no one is in agreement with either of you, and feels the group/band is not really able to pull it off. so there is alot of frustration of how to move forward. as of right now, things are stagnant.

    World card do represent travel abroad, overseas, or foreign country. but it's reversed which is suggesting no travel in the near future for them or for you. I do not feel there is enough preparedness to move forward with confidence. confidence is key in order for you to achieve success in any area of your life.

    Eighth card; Princess of Pentacles do show that your mind is in a place for study and learning. I am wondering if you are thinking of pursing further education after you graduate in June. It also represents apprenticeship, which mean y ou maybe qualified for an apprentice job coming up very soon, or are you doing this now. in other words someone is teaching or preparing you for the real world (work) but currently you are either underpaid or not getting paid. There is a message coming for you in regards to work, study, and education.

    ninth card is the queen of wands reversed. someone that is around you, is causing you grief. it's an older female and with dark hair. could this be someone that is standing between you and your hearts desire? I picked up on a sister energy. Is there an older sister of Tom/Bill that is causing you grief. could be an older female energy in y our family, but it's feels to be on their side.

    Good news is I pulled one more to see where you are going to end up. The empress is all about creativity, the arts, and also respresents beauty, the home environment, and gardening. working with the soil could be benefical for you. You will get what you want with your career choice. But with a different twist. I do not feel you will be going abroad, but staying locally in your hometown or where you are now. you will plant your feet t here, and find a job as a make up artist. I am feeling there will be TV stations, and local theater/plays. production studio. after about 4-5 years, you will be able to branch out, and work with musicians if you choose that field, and yes, yo u will get married, and have children of your own. it's not in yo ur near future, but more around mid-twenties is when you will settle down.

    You will gain confidence in yourself as you move into the real world, and yes you will meet new friends. I see you having a good life.

    I think I answered most of your questions lol. lucky you!

    Best of luck and best wishes.. Ms Sunny

  • Geraldine,

    I will get to your question a bit later.. take care of yourself. Ms Sunny

  • thanks ms sunny

  • Dear Ms Sunny,

    Am getting a little worried, its been 4 days since I posted my there something bad?


  • yesterday was a bit of an emergency taking my hubby to the ER, spent 6 hours, and the next few days is going to be hectic for us. gotta stay grounded and focused now, so I 'll be back in a few days.

    I am sorry Geradline, I won't be able to get to your reading for a few days or so. There is too much going on right now, and I am not sure if Hubby is going to neeed surgery or not.

    Thank you, and you will be fine, just trust that, and good to find a hobby to take your mind off of things.

    xo Ms Sunny

  • I thought you'd might like this photo.

  • and this one too..

  • MsSunny,

    Am so sorry to hear about your hubby. Take care of yourself and himself and you dont worry about anything else. My prayers are with you both.


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