Shall We Put It To The Test?

  • Hi Everyone,

    I just had an idea that if your interested in putting Manifesting to the test, how about we create a little experiment on Manifesting something into our lives,? it could be a big thing or small... remember though that what you want to manifest will have to be something you totally believe it's achievable, things only come into our lives that which we focus on believe can be attained, so I think if some of us that are quite new to this we could focus on something small to start with, you know like for instance, you saw a beautiful necklace but thought I can't really afford that at that sort of thing, you need to build on your confidence then aim BIG, because YOU DESERVE IT...

    So for the fun of it, what I would like us to do is choose something to manifest, then every morning before you get up focus on that object till you get yourself into the feeling that you already own it, smile and then go about your day, Then last thing at night do the same before sleep!!

    lets put this manifesting to the test then! choose what it will be and post on here what it is you are going for...I'm so looking forward to see what results we can compare with each other....WE CAN DO IT!!....enjoy doing it and have fun with it, thats important to, try not to force it, just FEEL you already have it!!....then let the Universe do it's job for you, it cannot fail to bring to you what you most focus's the law...

    I can't wait to see what we can achieve with this!!

    I WILL Manifest this in to my life....I DESERVE IT!...luxurious spa pampering kit!! will be like this or better!! I will be on the big stuff...My Beautiful Bungalow....YAY

    Much Love and Joy...

    and GOOD LUCK!! can do it x x

  • After much thought, I'll be askin for a rose from my husband.

  • Hi millcab90,

    I'm sorry for late reply, I have received very sad news of my sisters death, so I wont be coming on here for a short time.

    That sounds wonderful what you are going to manifest, I look forward to you posting back saying you have been given a beautiful rose from your husband....keep your positive focus up!!

    much love and joy to you.



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  • Thank you SO much zephire, this is wonderful of you to do this, I'm truly grateful.

    love and blessings to you.



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  • Dear Denise,

    Please accept my sympathy for your loss.


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