Can anyone tell why we Cappie are so hard for us self?

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    I am a Capricorn and sometimes it very hard to live up our hard standards and achievement in life. I am driving by ambitious, can be at times for others a pain in the as. In the end I will always get in my way, there is no other way then my. You have notice already can be very demanding at times. I know that is one off the trade mark being a cappie, but sometimes I wish; I could have a different sign then cappie? Sometimes I wish; I was a Libra and be relax and go with the flow. Cappie are always handling the things that imported to them in a correctly manner, and that is sometimes upsetting to others, too tried to get it right and still fail. We Cappie are always keen and practical in the things we do or not, that sometimes it can be overwhelm too others. I have a few friends and these are the people I trust with my life. Let be honest about it they fit the cappie standards regarding friends. We are outspoken, we are great fun but only after the work has been done. (Practically there). We have a great sense of humour, self-pity. In times and when if needed we even can be humble! (That seldom happened) overall taken we are to responsible, trustworthy, always looking at tomorrow, we are always aware off our place in life, and sometimes even boring. Apologize if I defend someone. I felt like being a cappie in the zodiac that is the same as being royal. You have to focus on the future; you have a role module in the zodiac and sometimes it too much. I just want to relax and go with flow. But relaxing for a cappie it the same as being lazy. Go with the flow meant that you are not responsible enough. And in all my honesty I have to say we like living a luxuries life, we have good taste! So we like the money that gives us some kind of power and everywhere power is there is a cappie nearby.

  • Capricorns are naturally hard-working and push themselves and others hard. Just remember, although you are almost always right, listen to others as well as this will allow you to gain insight about others and yourself. Try talking to a Cancer in your life, as Cancer is your complementary opposite sign. Cancer can teach you how to become more in tune with those around you and understand different people better (and you can show them how to excell in business and the practical things in life as they can be dreamers sometimes, and you could also help them be more independent). The world would not survive without Capricorns leading us other signs, but try to take care of your needs and the needs of those around you (again, Cancer will help). Don't become obsessed with power, also! Having good leadership qualities is excellent, just don't go to extremes! The fact that you know you need to work on being less hard on yourself is already a good sign. I feel you are already on the right path. Good luck!

  • As a Cappie, I have very seldom had feelings of superiority over other people in fact I was the one who always gave in. I don't know about you but I have always mostly been passive a trait that I HATE!! I hate being passive and trying not to be confrontational. I don't know if it's the other signs in my horoscope that influence me but I do know that when confronted by an angry person I become nervous. I can't decide whether to become angry or to just let it go. I hate that feeling. Have you ever felt that way?

  • I think Cappies have to remember that their ruling planet is the hard, often severe planet of Saturn! That's why you may have a dour outlook all too often, it's the planet of lessons and hard knocks.

    Remember too that you have a purpose and were born a Capricorn for a reason (one you chose yourself before coming into the body) so learn to love your good traits and work on the ones you don't like or want to change.

    I am not a Capricorn but still an Earth sign, Virgo. Casper I think you are cute. I get the same way with confrontation! It's never pleasant BUT there is a lesson in there for you if you can face your fears. It takes alot of self control to do it but you should remember to CHOOSE your battles. Sometimes it's bull and others it's a necessary evil haha.

    I have to say that I did something different and surprised myself! I took a stand and decided to say things I normally wouldn't have. I stood my ground and went on the offensive AND IT WORKED!!!! People responded in my favor and respected me too for either sticking up for myself or something and I was glad I expressed my opinion.

    I wish Cappies didn't worry so much or think they can plan everything. Try going with the flow a bit more. It won't get in the way of your ambition I'm sure!

  • Casper, I'm the same way! I'm incredibly passive. I mean, internally I'll want to rip someone's face off, but externally my surface is cool and calm, bending to the wants and wishes of others so I can avoid confrontation. To me, it's like the plague.

    I know my inner struggles comes from Saturn, big bully planet that it is, but I'm not sure where my need for peace comes from.

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