Any Psychic Readings Come To Fruition?

  • Hi there everyone,

    I am highly curious as to how many people out there who have had psychic readings either live and in-person with a psychic, online, or by email that have actually come to be true to what the psychic told you would happen?

  • Hello,

    This must be your first encounter ? Welcome

    I would advise you begin try here, on one of the forums

    ask a question or for some insight you've been curious about,

    I highly recommend a particular question, you'll be able to determine

    what you think better..thier others here you can talk with an discuss

    same issues with and ect. or even create your own topic depending

    on if you have something particular you would like to talk about.

    Personally, Ive had live and i.e readings I would'nt consider none

    completely accurate, But our energy is all unique thier are many different

    readers here you can jump around a little and find which best suits what you seek.

    blessings, and much luck.

  • Hello and thank you addictdtoriches. I posted this quesiton because I am curious to know if it is only me that has not had much luck in accurate psychic predictions. As you say, we give off different energies and I don't know if maybe there is something I give off that doesn't allow for an accurate prediction. I have tried many, many different psychics. In person, live chat, and email. I've had a zero accuracy rate.


    Welcome honey. 😉

    between YOU AND I,

    neither have I have any readings i can yet,

    consider accurate; I just take readings lightly

    At the same time it depends on you as well.If you

    believe in the word it must manifest, if not reasonable doubt

    will occur and most likely curse what has'nt happend.

    also, When you do recieve readings, try not telling anyone

    thier doubt, will put out negative engery which can Stop the

    things from manifesting.

  • Ive, I had some a few readings, Ive been told a few

    things were supposed to take place around this time

    and im hoping for some positive results..

    ill definetely let you know, what happens.

  • Marsfeml

    I was just about to respond after your post about the oija board but jumped here instead. I thought it was intersting the reactions of those scared of the board. Curious about it yet when spirit shows themselves to be really listening it can be unsettling to know how close they really are and if they are friendly. If that event really scared you enough you could be repeling spirit messages around you--some people put up a wall and they are hard to read for.

  • Blmoon interesting, repelling spirits.....

    I only used a ouija board once horsing around with friends and you are right as soon as we began to get an intelligible response we put it away in fear. Mind you I have never had the feeling the spirit I reached was negative, I guess the answers to the questions began to hit too close to home. Could I be blocking receiving messages even today because of that one incident? If so, any suggestions on how to correct that?


  • MARSFEML - To answer your question over the years I've had many in person psychic readings, even one phone reading and a variety of responses here on the site, many times things have come to frution. If you are skeptical probably nothing I or anyone else will really change you mind but if I may let me share an experience.

    I'd had psychic readings a couple times in my life when I got a call from a friend telling me there was a psychic fair in town did I want to go with her and her mom. I chimed in sure I would but like you I had never been in a room full of psychics before and was a bit overwhelmed by it all. As my friend and her mom chose who would do their readings I was still milling about kind of taking it all in. "Who looked like it they really knew what they were saying was true?" wondering if or how many were fakes. As I walked passed my friends chair as she was being read just in walking through the room; the psychic said to her, "tell you friend she will get her money on July 3rd". After her reading my pal quickly shared all he had to say adding he had a message for you and she told me what he said. I went back passed his table and took a business card, not exactly believing he had any clue what he was saying. Mind you this reading was done in May just before Memorial day as I recall. What you don't know is that my uncle had passed away nearly two years before that and we'd long been awaiting the distribution of assets from his will. None of us really knew what or if we'd get anything, the wait had been tough and I was beginning to lose hope. At the time I was a single mom to a two year old and money was tight. Less than six weeks later we got the breakdown from the attorneys and it turned out much to my surprise as being quite a nice sum of unexpected money. The check arrived July 3rd. Needless to say I put a call into that psychic to arrange for a reading not long after that. Have faith, if you are open to it and sometimes even if you aren't if there is a message for you, it will find it's way to you somehow.

    Good luck.


  • Dear MARSFEML,

    I've only been receiving readings for about a year now. My experience has been @ a 75% success rate. So the majority of my readings have come true but the one thing that was usually not accurate was the timing of when things were supposed to happen. I just had a scenario predicted to happen around the end of October last year that only just happened last week.


  • My readings are generally pretty accurate, some things don't hit you until later so like some have said, timing has a lot to do with it. I'm impressed when they tell me things no one else knows. 🙂

  • I like that story RC.

  • I have had many readings and yes, some of what was said did come true and some stuff didn't. I did have someone recently explain to me that a reading is a snapshot in time. It's like you are looking thru a telescope and the information given is for that direct path in the view. However, with free will, you can change the view of that telescope and thereby change the outcome of a reading. It made complete sense to me.

    I had a reading where at the time I was looking to buy a house. The reader told me what areas would be good for me and which ones would bring negative to me. I found a house in one of the areas that was considered negative. I allowed others to influence my decision to buy the house and while it was a good deal, it did bring negative to me. I ended up filing bankruptcy to save the house from foreclosure. Many money problems here. BUT.....9 years later, the house and the finances have stablized and it is no longer a negative place.

    I think readings should be used as a way to get an insight. If something you get out of a reading doesn't ring your intuition.

    Hope this helps.....blessings...AuntB.

  • Thanks Poetic, it is just proof that we don't always get the answers we want or when we want them but when we are meant to they just come miraculously.

  • Thats true RC and Aunt Buck I know we don't always listen and can save ourselves a headache.

  • I have had a few readings done. I had a woman read a regular deck of cards and you ask 3 questions. She wrote everything down and they all came to pass but the majority took more than a few years. I didn't ask for a time reference on any of it but some of them took over 3 years to 5 years. But they did come in their own time. On here no can't say anyone hit it. I had one who knew me on her reading that she gave and by that she knew what was going on with me. I never spoke to her prior to her reading cards for me. Good luck.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Timing is really never something you should ask about in a reading as it changes with every decision or choice you make after that. The true answer to every "When will...?" question is "When you are ready to allow it to happen." When something we want is not present in our lives, it is because we have put up an inner barrier to prevent it coming to us, whether through feelings of fear, of not deserving it, or whatever. Instead of spending your time asking others when things will happen for you, make them happen yourself by identifying and removing the blocks to achieving all that you want. Do the work in order to make your own future just how you want it.

  • Well said, Cap!

  • I Agree, With you all.

    Since I just had my first few readings within the last 3-4 momths,

    the results really have'nt formatted but the all the inner knoweledge

    given was pretty accurate & on point...

  • Good question! I have to say I totally agree with The Captain.

    Life is not something that just happens to us, we are the active participant, running the show. To me, a reading can be a guideline for what your life looks like at that moment and based on how you are responding to it, what you are "drawing in". I think a reading can certainly be an indicator of what is to come but you have to also make it happen. If someone gives you a reading and says you will find love and be rich, what are you doing to assist in manifesting the outcome? You just can't sit back and wait for it to be dropped in your lap, not gonna happen that way. I recently had a reading by a friend who is a natural, she is wonderful! The interesting thing with this reading was that although I had a specific question in mind, what I got was entirely different, I could not have been more surprised! My friend, Cathy, is very intuitive and channels her guides very well. When I sat down, she immediately told me my mother was there and very anxious to communicate with me, my question would have to wait! (Cathy and I have been friends for many years but we know relatively little about each other's personal history, she did not know my mother was dead). My mother was very excited to have the opportunity to come through to me and wanted badly to communicate that she was very sorry for "turning the tables", I was the mother and she was the child. She apologized for taking my vitality away and wanted me to know she knew she was a heavy burden for me to carry as a young child and all through my adult years. What she really wanted me to know is that "she can now be my mother". She is clear minded now and wants me to ask her for help and guidance, in spirit, she can now be the mother I wanted or deserved, and, more so, she wants to be. She came through for quite some time and asked Cathy to tell me certain things so that I could know for sure it was her. It was her alright. My father also came through with a strong message for me, this was only after my mother would let him speak, lol. Anyway, my point is a reading is not just to find out when you will become rich or famous, but a truly good reading in one that communicates to you what you really need to learn, know or simply be aware of. Of course I had all the same questions as anyone regarding love, finances, health.....The thing is, I can make money, I know that, I can be mindful of my health, I know that, I can do my best to find love, I know that too. A reading is to help you "fine tune" those things and help you to bring about your own positive outcome. There are some truly gifted people on this forum who offer readings,so for anyone who requests readings from them, study the advice given, not just what you were hoping to hear. I know I have received a few readings from these remarkable people and took them to heart, so thank you to those who have helped me. So, if anyone here wants to give me any further messages from, my mother, have at it! She is nice to me now, I like that. Okay, having said all that, a reading can be just plain fun and gives us something to look forward to!

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