Attention Souls With Built-In GPS Systems

  • Over the next couple of days, your antennae will be especially tuned in. Prepare yourselves with an extra dose of white light. Avoid the news, crowds and people who bug you. Meditate, contemplate, work in your garden, read inspirational books. Seek beauty, especially your own special beauty within. Think Love. Share that love with those around you and if they are sensitive and touchy, be gentle.. Avoid escapes through addictions(eat chocolate and ice cream in moderation). If you have a "snuggle bunny", luxuriate in tenderness. Blessings...

  • archersbow,

    thanks alot for the heads up. 😉

    i would like to ask, wht is this pertaining too, im very nterested?

    antennae tuned in ?

  • Don't have a GPS but I read this too, thanks!

  • ? x

  • Sorry, I was trying to be clever. I was speaking of empathic souls. We're tuned in to other people's auras and emotions and GPS works by picking up satellite signals. Maybe a bad analogy?

  • archersbow,

    It was titled perfectly!!! Quite clever --- got it instantly as I sometimes refer to it as radar.

    Thanks for the post .... Wish Everyday would be a snuggle day !

    ; > )


  • God though x

  • I mean! Love and light x

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  • archersbow,

    are you empathic ?

    if so it would be nice if you could give me some brief

    insight, these past days my life had completely been corrupt,

    due to family issues.

    . thanx alot.

    anything would really help.

  • ATR...In principle, stand without being rigid and bend without yielding too much. Very hard when emotions enter the equation. It might help to write your family's turmoil as a story. What are the motivations of each member/character? What values are important to them? What experiences contributed to how they are acting/responding now? Sometimes those who hold the reigns of power are in truth, weak, and push an agenda for expediency or self-interest. Corruption within a family is one of the most painful experiences, because it touches on betrayal from those who supposedly love us the most in this world. I wish you strength to endure and peace whatever the outcome...

  • archersbow, thank you for letting us know. As an Empath it is good to know if and when it can increase. Mine has increased over the last couple years and yesterday walking by a wrecked car that was on a trailer had some very strong feelings come through, almost like a reminder of how strong they can be at any moment due to even just a physical object. Love and light to all!

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  • archersbow

    thank you very much.

    you are so right, family gives

    us the worst pain.

  • archersbow,

    I have been experiencing such extremes of emotions of late, I have spoke of it to a couple of my family, I have been feeling SO wonderful, positive, on top of the world....then within a few hours I am feeling in the depths of despair...literally!!...nothing in between???...I have also found in the last few weeks that once I have a break through in some enlightenment, I get something really bad happen....just today I felt on top of the world this morning, but by midday I had received a phone call that my Son had maybe tried to take his life!!....this stems back to when he had an accident at work when he was only 24 bought an end to the career he so loved, he was doing so well....but, anyway, I was thinking this morning that what was happening was mercury retro at its best!!!! cos it's took us back to the feeling of what happened to him at that time....BUT now I'm reading your great advice here I'm wondering if it is linked with this retro having it's "grand finally?????" ....PLEASE forgive me at the moment for going on and on...I am just a Mother at her wits end at moment......

  • Oh Healing soon as I read what you were going thru I immediately thought of Mercury in Retro....I went to a class last night on communicating with Angels and even the woman doing the class mentioned Retro andI was like....thank god its over on Tuesday. So sorry to hear about your son. The positive is that he didn't do it so maybe now he is open to hearing the messages he needs to hear?


  • HealingWays,

    I'm so sorry for what you are going through! But there is a positive--he's ok, he's still here and can receive the help he needs. Somewhere he lost hope and you can help him retrieve that hope. Practically a man's whole identity is linked to his job. What was his work? If a professional, he could do consulting online no matter his physical limitations. Maybe all of us could brainstorm if we knew his skills...I can relate to your feeling of being on top of the world and then bam. But this seems to be the way of cycles--they go up and down. Think of a car driving through San Francisco. Strength dear heart...

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