Feeling of permanent loss...reading please

  • I am feeling like I am at a permanent loss with my relationship. We had a major upheaval the end of February, after 4 years of living together and being together longer than that. I have held back on any correspondence for a week and no word from him in 3 now. Do I sit back and wait longer or do I try to correct what had transpired? I need to know he is going to return to our family unit. I know I need to proceed with caution, as he is a Libra and I am an Aries. I have learned many lessons from my errs, but this is hard right now.

    Thank you for your assistance.


  • hi Reneemarie67.. I just did a reading for u~ If anything goes wrong or way off I am gad to know~~ 😃

    From the start of the relationship.. U seems to be in control of the relationship.. Most aries personalities is born a leader and tend to always wanted to win being a leader.. Ur thinking may be a bit complex and hence it cause the relationshipship to end up in this path~ try a simple thinking way this might not make the situation worsen~~

    well there is always choices in ur life.. sometime be a little easy going and learn to be more compassionate.. learn to trust.. always U got a choice to take the first step or just continue with wat u are right now~~ whether is he coming back it may depend on u.. ur character is just too strong~~

    My adcise to u is before everything turns out to be no good.. do wat u can.. choose wat u need to.. change wat U need to change.. of course to change is not 1 or 2 day but a lifetime~~ 😃 hope this helps u~~

  • Thank you Mikyo. I am so lost right now and really want this to work. I'm feeling really little, I guess is how I can explain it. I just don't know what to say or how to say it.

    Should I write a letter of apology or try to correct the misunderstandings?

  • Even u write u still need sometime to change.. Call will be more sincere.. 😃 sometime ppl fight is because they still don give up each other.. 😃

  • Thanks Mikyo. I wrote a real sincere letter to him int he wee hours of the morning. One thing I have learned is the lesson of humility and humbleness. I explained it all in there to him and also tried to correct any misunderstandings there may have been, without coming off as being a know it all or being too specific, but focused more on how the outside forces over powered me through my emotions and feelings. I have been off balance and can only hope this letter works. I am seriously working on the need to step back and knock myself back several pegs. I am over powering at times and don't intend to be. As far as being in control of some situations, I am not very good at.

    I can only hope for his forgiveness with this behavior and that he does start to come around again. We are soul mates and I am not complete without him in my life. I do feel lost. Do you see the letter working in helping to clear this all up?

  • hmm should be fine~~ most importantly U must make clear to him.. we are not perfect neither do wat we do.. sometime we make mistake over and over.. so if u made the effort to figure out why not.. at least u know where it does went wrong and u know that u want to change.. 😃 hope u do fine~~

  • Hi Reneemarie67,

    If it's any consolation... you and I are in the same boat... We can chat in detail if you like, sometimes I find that it helps... I try to do my own readings since I own 3 tarot decks for the last 10 years, but can't seem to read my own... :(, but do pretty good for others... 🙂

    mis.dias.mis.noches [at] gmail.com

  • Thank You Mikyo. I appreciate it!

    Contessaluna, I sent you an e-mail. Thank you for your support.

  • No problem.. U take care~~

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