BrianTristan, I need a reading

  • Hello Brian!

    How are you?

    The reason to why I´m writing to you is because I am in great need of help and I hope you can spare me a fue minutes to help me out with these questions:

    Is Tom the love of my life, as in can you see if he is the one I will spend the rest of my life with and if we will get married?

    When, where and how will I meet him(will I?)

    My makeup artist career, what will it be like, can you see if I get a job very soon after ending the education the 23rd of june? My dream is to become a rockbands personal makeup arist, unrealistic I know but is there a chance that it might come true?

    And one more thing, will I move to hamburg next year and finally get some friends or will I always be without friends? I don´t know what I do wrong, I have no friends at all even if I´m always helping others, listening to their problems and giving advices or just being social.

    My birthdate is 11th of august 1989 and Tom´s 1st of september 1989

    PS: If there is anything I need to do to make these things happen, just tell me and I will do everything I can to make it happen

    blessings to you

  • Hi BT,

    Name : Roopashree Sharma

    DOB - 23 September 1990

    Place of Birth - Rohtasgarh, Bihar, India

    Time of Birth - 06:10 AM

    Life has taken a big U-Turn. I was about leave my hometown for my further studies. However, due to some reasons I have to stay back and study from my hometown itself.

    I am quite disturbed with whatever is happening in my life in context to my career and personal life.

    I am about to begin my studies in the field of Mass Communication and Journalism.

    Also, Could you please guide me about my love life and future husband...?

    Kindly guide me.



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