Another post reminded me (partial apology but I"m laughing)

  • Ok, so I just read another post regarding perception of posts and the questions we ask. I have to admit, my questions seem to resurface time and time again. I keep wondering about where my life is heading and I keep asking because new facets pop into my mind. Anyway, just a quick apology to anyone who might end up rolling their eyes at my posts, lol... I have many exciting irons in the fire right now and I'm just giddy and wondering where they are all leading me. I'm so looking forward to my life again and I'm just absolutely thrilled and so, I keep asking about love (especially love because I feel new hope and wonderful prospective partnership) and life (just started going back to school, kids are doing great, I'm ME again yeaaaaa!!!!). Everything is just getting better and better and I'm just so excited to see where it leads me.

    In a nut shell: sorry if i'm driving anyone crazy! AND, thank you to those who have so unselfishly given their time and talent towards my dilemmas and dreams!!!!! I look forward to being able to encourage more people on this site as time goes on, I feel very blessed that I have this opportunity!

    Thanks all!!!! Have a beautiful day!

  • Enjoy your new found life!!

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