I want to say Happy Mothers Day to you All

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  • Thank you, Zephire.

    I am glad I can contribute something that you can ponder on 🙂

    That is such a wonderful thing to do, spending time and giving love to the homeless kids.

    Such a gift of love is priceless to them, although they never say it out loud to you.

    You are giving them the love that I believe every children should receive - A Mother's Love.

    I respect all the gracious mothers in this world but I do believe that a Mother's love can come from other sources; it is all about the compassion one can show and give to a child / younger ones. The power of love from a female which looks beyond religion, race, colors, reputation etc.

    I have 3 fabulous aunts and whenever they take a family pictures, they don't fail to include me.To their children, I am their big sister, they don't address me as their cousin. These might be brushed off as little things for some, but for me these little things are precious. The love is just so powerful. I am blessed.

    Lots of love,

    x x x

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