Confused with a Libra Man

  • I was in a relationship for over 4 years with a wonderful Libra man. We had a horrible break up the end of February where we lived together. He has moved out and wanted me to write every day about what was going on. After a month, he started to come back around. I was in a bad depression when we broke up. For 3 weeks, he came by once a week for several hours to see the kids and taste the waters again. It's been 2 weeks now and I haven't heard from him. He is still reading my daily letters to him and I'm really confused right now. He works a lot, but things were going well. We are each others soul mate and the connection spiritually is still there. I feel it and the presence. Is just moving on now or is he trying to regroup and make the changes he needs to make, to try this again? His love for me is still there and strong, it's like he's fighting it. I am an Aries and trying really hard to learn Patience and lack of fear. I have never had a love like this, as I have had with him in the past years. Help! Can anyone tell me if I continue this path or am I wasting my time. It actually hurts right now. 😞

  • its funny that you broke up in FEb because that is when we broke up after 17 years. He has came back after the girl he left me for threw him out. Then I didnt hear or see him for a month. Libras are very funny people. If you hurt them they dont give you a second chance but will be friends with you. they will bend out of guilt to help out. I am getting my life together I want him back but only if I change, everything around me will change. Why does he want you to write to him? If he comes around My e still loves me and is still interested only because I m the only one who will put up with him only he doesn't know that so the best revenge I am told is LIVING WELL never show that you are depressed, even if you are. Make him THINK that you have someone even if you don't ,A good book, a candle light dinner for one but never show that you are depressed All the advice that these people have been giving me is working. But you have to feel good about yourself. NEVER SHOW YOUR SWEAT

  • Go to the page that has ASTROLOGY you will find the topic about libras read and see it is so true about them

  • I have made major changes to myself, believe it or not. He let me hit rock bottom. lol I'm not depressed anymore and look at things very positively, but I have the fear of him not returning home. I know he has a lot to process also, but it's all so strange. The last time he was here, he held me the way he used to, kissed me the same way and said he loved me also. Several times as a matter of fact. He wouldn't look me in the eyes though and I know it's still there. I'm going nuts! lol

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