Hans Wolf is a negative man dont go to him for advice he just feeds off negativy

  • Pity you couldn't be a tad more "positive".

  • Anna

    i hardly answer the forum, but i read alot of the advice given, from what i have read hans wolf, gives some very good spirtual advice, most of the people on this forum have given you thier honest opinion, maybe it is hard for you to accept, the advice given, because you wish things turn out differently, really look deep down your soul, and ask yourself if the situation you are going thru, you want to be in it, always, sometimes things dont change no matter how hard you try! once you let go of whatever is ailing you, you will find yourself in a better path, and then you will truly feel bless. i did not read your post, but i wish you the very best outcome of whatever your situation is.

    may the universe guide and bless u


  • Personallly I must add, HansWolfGang

    has been here on the site giving guidance

    and blessings too many people including myself

    Im not sure of your experience

    with him and I am truly sorry to hear it was'nt as satisfying

    as you'd like. But many including myself has had questions

    and guidance be awkened through him, Speaking

    generally None of us are perfect and completely

    accurate But when we come together to provide to a positive

    cause we must appreciate that in eachother..

    and anyone helping god children must be apart of GOD.

    blessings best of luck and happy mothers day.

  • Anna,

    You have to understand Hans ways of "delivering the messages".

    I know it can be very confusing sometimes but it is unfair to throw this kind of remarks towards him.

    I am not sure how he have insulted or hurt you, I am sorry to hear that.

    Hans delivers his messages in a very "deep" way.

    For some people, they need to re read the messages over and over again.

    I have asked Hans for readings before and I would ask him to explain to me things that I didn't understand. The point here is; do not be afraid to ask for explanation.

    Hans will explain them to you until you understand them.

    Truth hurts when it hits the right target.

    It makes you stronger though.

    All the best to you and wishing you all the luck in this world,

    x x x

  • thank you addictedtorches,

    for the mothers days greeting,

    may all have a great mothers day,

    including anna

    blessings to all!

  • Sorry everyone I have been away on business just cama back... Hans told me my husband is cheating theres no god my year ahead will be bad my work is bad.. I understood what he had to say although I FEEL COMPLETELT DIFFFERNTLY ABOUT MY LIFE I asked him to stop writting to me as I am pregnant and I dont need these I send him love and he continuously writes to me non stop telling me I cant love etc if you feel like he is helping you that thats great and that he is positive however I cant relate to what he tells me.. And I feel its negative as he doesnt stop writting as for him beeng alone he is unhappy and needs to find other people to make them unhappy..

    Peace and Love to all


  • Anna, What thread are these messages on? I'd like to read what Hans has said.

    I really do find it odd that he would be persistent after you had told him to stop writing. I also find it odd that he would attempt to take a happy person and make them unhappy. Usually it seems to be the case that he is approaced by unhappy people and he tries to shed some light for them. Not saying he tries to make them happy or unhappy, only shed some light for them to contemplate their own situation. I just can't get over how out of character this all sounds for Hans, but if that is your experience I'm sorry to hear it.

  • Jenever7 please tell me how can I tell you what thread it is? how can you find it what do I need to provide you with? Jenever I am a happy person newly married waiting for a baby have a good job a great family and I was bored at lunch and went on the facade website and got a tower in my reading and it scared me so I started researching it and came upon these forum where alot of people where asking for his advice so I ask for the same an interpretation etc even when i said i am pregnant etc and its not normal to make me upset he said that existence cares for us..

    Lots of love Anna

  • Anna, Just the name of the thread is all that's needed, although I have to say the search feature on this site does not work well for me when I am looking for particular threads. Still, it is the only way that I know to find it.

    The Tower eh? Well, I've been studying the cards for a lot of years and I NEVER jump to the conclusion that The Tower is a negative card. In fact, I get kind of excited when I see it because to me it means a change coming out of the blue. Something completely unexpected that will shake up your world a bit. Even if it is negative, the outcome will be positive because it means that a change was needed. The good news it will be quick. Unlike the Death card which can suggest a slower, more life-altering transformation taking place. In it's positive sense I view it as a pleasant surprise of some sort. A gift or a meeting with someone. I guess if you can be flexible about change in your life, this can be a fun card to get. As I say, even in it's negative, it can easily lead to positive results.

    Existence does take care of us because we are a part of it. We came into existence out of Existence just like every other living creature and we will die and...well...I don't know what, but Existence will take care of that as well. I guess it's a little like God but uncluttered by dogmatic religious definitions of what God is about. Just pure existence. I like to think of it like a little bird who flits around all day, doing whatever it is that a little bird does to meet it's basic needs in life and it simply exists. We can struggle and created incredible complications for ourselves with the powers of our minds or we can settle more into existence and just let life be. Exist. That is not to suggest that one should be a slug in life, only that one will find more peace in life by not making things more complicated than they need to be or striving for things that in the end will prove pointless. This is very oversimplified from the philosophies behind it, but maybe that helps it make sense to you. I believe that Hans, in his unique way, was simply saying, "don't worry".

  • hans has been so patient anwering each new question of mine everyday for 23 days until i stopped. he is really helping people and he is doing a good act. i wish him all the best.

  • Jenever7- Not trying to but in, just help. I think the thread Anna13 is referring to is "Hans Wolf can you help please its troubling me." You can click on anna13 and it should show a list of her posts. Hope this helps-

  • Sorry to butt in, ..can I just say that Hans Wolfgang's 1st language is obviously German, not English...let's face it some of his meaning may have been lost in translation, but I doubt it. HW is a phiilosopher and great philosophers...Nietsche, Goethe, Blake etc. write/speak in paradoxes to make their readers think. I think it a great shame that such a big-hearted man should be publicly attacked on a public forum in this way. Surely if you don't like what he say, why read his responses.....those who live alone are usually wise men, shamans if you like...they are strong and often misunderstood and very, very wise..

    I understand your vulnerability, Anna, but have you ever considered that you may be blind to the truth.? if HW is mistaken,,so be it, but he has to say what he thinks, doesn't he? What else can he do?

    Love, peace and good wishes to you.

  • ummm, yea not to mention you (Anna) kept asking him stuff. He only answered your questions. Listen, don't take it to heart everyone here who helps us with advice and their use their gifts to do so are only trying to help. I honestly wouldn't take it to heart being that their not God and/or the ruler of your destiny. As of now that's what he sees maybe you will do something or he will and things may change. And if your so sure that he's not cheating on you why did you ask? same goes for the love question? If you know he's not then don't let this person who was just answering your questions have such an effect on you. take care of yourself and your baby good luck.

  • Seriously, Thank you to all

    Why was asking him that cause I read his different threads and he kept being so negative to everyone saying that they are cheating etc and not loved just wanted to know that these man is saying the truth so I tested him and why I wanted to beleive him cause the first uestion I asked him was very important inregards to the court case so I wanted to beleive him so much that i would rather have my husband cheat its called love....

    And if people think that he is so great than start a thread saying that he is the best this is my opinion and my thread and I can say what I want and what my feelings are cant I?

    I dont want anyone to feel the same way I did that day thats my way of exprecing..

    A man ho doesnt beleive in GOD is no MAN in my books and he knows nothing cause existence starts from GOD..

    As for his riddles he just coppies and pastes... As for his replies he has nothing better to do...As he is alone....

    And English been his second language please its mine too so I dont consider that as an excuse..

    Love Anna

  • (((((((((((( LIGHT AND LOVE!!!! ))))))))))))

  • Same to you xx Sunshine7959

  • Anna, I don't know if Hans believes in God or not, perhaps he just doesn't believe in God the same way that you do. He obviously believes in something good and just look at all the people that he helps here and how he not only believes in them, but he tries to get everyone to believe in themselves. Even if you disagree with him, I'm betting that he still believes in you and that all of your current questioning is simply part of your journey. I think there is some kind of Godly work in all of this. In the end it's not about whether or not you believe in Hans or Hans believes in God, it's about what does Anna believe about herself and her life. You make the final call you know. God gave everyone the gift of free will.

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