Hans Wolf is a negative man dont go to him for advice he just feeds off negativy

  • I wish this man Love and hope that he will find it in himself to start believing in God....

    This man writes in riddles that are not relevant.. He has no powers... He tells everyone only negative things and feeds off your energy..

    I asked him to leave me alone but he keeps writing telling me that I am unhappy etc..LOL

    The man is lonely has never had any kids or wife doesnt beleive in GOD but beleives in SPIRITS its foolish to beleive in after life and not in GOD..

    I feel sorry for people who follow him and take his silly advise try to get your source to be more positive.... Positivity is what shapes our lives...

    I deeply feel sorry for this man may god be with him and help him ....


  • This is not a nice post... I have read his posts and readings, and I do not find him to be negative.

  • what I am trying to say Anna, is that you may be correct or not. But you acting out this way, by pointing a finger to him by saying he is negative in a public forum is slander. what does that say about you?

  • I asked him to stop writing to me and wish him lots of LOVE to which he told me in his riddles how can love etc...I just want him to stop writing to me ..If you think these post is negative than I dont know what you are reading I just dont want vulnerble people to get upset over his responses I wrote what I think I find is correct Public Forum allows people to post what there opinion is and I am doing just that. In noway I ment to desrespect anyone I am just trying for people to take it with a pinch of salt his advice.. Ms Sunny how can someone pretend to be in Spiritual world when he doesnt beleive in GOD.. And I think his posts are negative..Anna

  • I'm a long time lurker. To the OP, surely if you are so troubled by contact by the person, you can amend the means for any contact to be made? And if the concerns are so troubling for you, ask the advice of the Admin here. I am sorry you are having a sad experience and do hope you can find resolution


  • Thank you so much Scousegirl..Lots of Love xxxx

  • I have to agree I found him very negative, saying things which should not have been said which affected me deeply.

  • < really that serious~~ oh ya Anna I put up the interpretion for ur reading~~ >< pardon me if I am not that correct..

  • Hi Anna, felt compelled to respond.

    I am and have been going through a terrible time and I reached out to Hans and he has helped me enormously. I think if you go back occasionally to what Hans has said to you, you will get new insights as time goes by.

    I hope this helps a little, for what it is worth and I wish you well.


  • sometimes the truth hurts

  • Dear anna13,

    I feel I must put my two cents in here in regards to Hans. Personally all of his responses to my questions have been accurate and presented in a very positive manner. I hope you can find the positivity and wisdom in whatever his responses to you were I am sure there is some if you examine them carefully.


  • This post is deleted!

  • Hans has given me some great support...he has some great wisdom...he is in Germany and his delivery can be confusing to English 1st languagers but the Spirit he helps w/ is far from negative. He speaks in paradoxes sometimes but that's what's so great, he's an interesting man. He helps you to think for yourself. To judge him cause he's living alone is just that... judgement.

  • Alone does not mean living alone. The Hermit card often points to solitude, is good for the soul. Most people tend to live through others, and feed off of others energies. being alone does not mean loneliness, but independence from others. I am this way. It's not that I do not need people in my life, I do. I am married, with 2 grown kids. I don't have a lot of friends, but very few. I am pretty picky who I spend my time with. This represents independence for me. Others would view that as being a loner. The lone wolf LOL

  • MsSunny,

    Have you read Party of One? Manifesto of a Loner? by Rufus.

    Great read, that woman has guts to say things that are sooooo unacceptable to most of the mainstream.

    I too am a Hermit, single tho w/adult disabled child who lives w/ me. My independence has grown as I became more self reliant. I prefer quiet and solitude. About 3/4 of the time I am totally comfortable w/ it. But occasionally I need a 3rd hand. I recently broke my knee in a bicycle accident it's very humbling to ask for help.

    Ironically some of the advice Hans has given me is "to build bridges" "pay attention" "don't grasp"...but did I listen? Vaguely.... as I continued to push the river. But I'm walking some now w/ a walker and slowly improving.

  • Thanks for the tip on the book. I will definitely look into it. I do love to read. Yes, there are times when I have no choice but to ask for help, and I usually get it. And yes, I believe that is the point Hans was trying to make about being alone. it's learning how to be self-reliant and not be a crutch or a burden to another.

    Anna are you reading this? no one here is trying to harm you or to take your dream away. Yes, positive thoughts do bring excellent results. Sometimes you get what you want, and sometimes you don't. It's all about give and take, a centered or neutral balance.

    What I have noticed about your cards was, there were swords, and swords suits represents mental or a lot of thinking going on. Wands is about energy, and how you put forth your energy into the world.

    All aces such as Ace of wands is about beginnings.. new direction. but there is so much work ahead. for example, if the ace of wands was reversed, it would suggest, the idea is good, but much energy is needed to make your idea work. it could easily fall apart due to dissipated energy. it's not about looking at one card that is going to determined your destiny. It's the entire spread, ie; how many swords, or wands, pentacles and cups.

    There were no cups, so this is not about matters of the Heart, but how you will be supported, and cared for. Material energy is what you are most concerned about at this time.

    hope that helps some..

    Ms Sunny

  • I think this slightly unfair. Just because someone doesn't necessary give one the answers one wants to hear, does not make them negative. We all have free will............we can take it or leave it......simple?

    " It is important to understand that between you and others, others are more important because they are far more numerous. "

    I borrowed that quote.

    And I thank my guide.

    Love and light : )

  • Hans has helped me transform my thinking and consequently make positive changes to my life. It is not that Hans does not believe in "God" he believes in Existence and having faith in Existence. I have read some of the teachings that inspire Hans to say the things he does. They are teachings that make sense and frankly, by incorporating some of it into my life I feel closer to God than I ever have before (my version of God that is, as each of our relationships with God is a personal matter after all). I don't worry so much, I have faith that Existence will take care of me and you know what? I have had so many uncanny events take place in my life that it's almost like magic. When I quit worrying so much over what has passed and what is to come or what anybody else thinks about it, the world became a very different place and things started happening in a very different, and very positive way.

    Hans is not negative, Hans is simply accepting and what I believe he is trying to tell people is that the greatest gift you can give yourself is acceptance. Life will always have ups and downs, accept this and know that how YOU respond is up to you. In my own version of things, life can either happen TO you or you can happen to life. You are not without power in shaping your destiny or your happiness. Personally, I am very grateful for the insights that Hans has given me that caused me to think, and to attain a different level of understanding about myself and how I handle MY life, taking responsibility and not letting society or anyone else affect my relationship to God/Existence. If you find Hans negative perhaps it is simply because you are not quite ready to hear what he is saying.

    Hans, if you read this, I do not mean to speak for you and I know that I have oversimplified things here. Feel free to correct me on any point. Your wisdom is always welcome. I am rolling along on a very strange path right now. The unexpected has become the expected and life has been very much an adventure. It's taken some getting used to, but it's getting harder to imagine things any other way. I keep waiting for things to fall apart, for the "magic" to end, but so far, it just keeps on going. You once told me this is the Tao, whatever you call it, it is a good place. As always though - I consider myself a work in progress, particularly with relationships, and still can get pulled off course. But, I am more aware of that when it happens and hopefully I am getting better at making adjustments. I know this sounds odd, but I find that when I don't change, others around me do change. Perhaps that makes sense to you in some crazy way. Anyway, I hope this finds you well.

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  • Hans wolfgang is a very postive,kind and helpful soul and i feel blessed to have met him on this site.I agree w Jenever 7.

    Anna ,I do not mean to barge in your thread uninvited and i am indeed sorry that you had a bad experience;but I felt the need to speak up for this big hearted,intelligent,poetic and lovable person Hans.He speaks in riddles so that we try to seek our own answers and think for ourselves.he has guided me towards readings on the Tao that you might also find useful.I am sure if you make it clear to him that you dont want to be contacted he will listen and desist.

    thanks again Hans

    and best wishes to you Anna

    Love and Light

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