Need Advice - Sagittarius Woman & Cusp Man

  • I am a Sagittarius woman and am married to a man born on August 23 in Japan. We have two teenage sons. My husband is a kind person but he totally lacks ambition, common sense, and time management skills. He is 52 and is a teacher by profession, but he has not held a permanent teaching job since 2000. Since 2000 he has had two temporary (6 months or less) teaching jobs, worked as a teaching assistant twice, and been a substitute teacher off and on. I have a good government job (for 35 years). We have a big mortgage, credit card bills, one son in college now and one almost in college. He cooks, but does not do other housework. He is not handy, it took him several hours to take off a doorknob and replace it. I can retire in two years if I want to, but because he has no steady income I won't be able to retire. I am so frustrated and angry. When I bring this up to him he gets mad and yells and then goes upstairs to the bedroom to sulk. I am so close to telling him to leave, but I wanted to ask if there was something else I should be considering here that I just don't see.

    My husband was born on the cusp - some sources say he is a Leo and some sources say he is a Virgo.

    His info: MC born 8/23/57 in Japan

    My info: TLSC born 12/12/57 in IL (USA)

  • Has he been seen by a doctor for depression? thats what this sounds like.

  • Yes. I urged him to see our family doctor earlier this year and she did prescribe an anti-depressant for him. I haven't noticed any change though other than he goes to sleep earlier and wakes up earlier.

  • marriage counseling for both of you. There is more going on there than what he is telling you. sometimes one has to go through a variety of anti-depressants to find the right one. he is definitely depressed. most likely it's because he has not been successful in the last several years. his energy is scattered, he does not know what to do to fix it. if you don't want to do marriage counseling, he may benefit from going alone. perhaps you can find a therapist for you as well. it would be good to go together. good luck, Ms Sunny

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