Relation failure:(help, please

  • I m in a relation if you can call it that way for 7 year and 6 months or so in all this time is been a storm most of the time i have leave his house 4 times which two of them i have spend about 3 months which 4 months ago i came back what a mistake ,i came back he told me that he miss me he loved me and i belong here meaning with hen in his house that we were going to start all over again and we were going to grow old together , but he had conditions which i accepted because i was not thinking clearly, of course im in love, i just could not wait to be together with hem again , any ways he has 4 children with tow different people which he spends 7 days a week with the the last one he have a 8 years old boy and 16 and 14years old girls and 18 year boy with the x wife,they don't come to this house maybe once or or so a year , he comes home to sleep and gets up early in the morning and leaves , he have every excuse not to be or do with me , i know i have to leave hem for ever and im leaving and i can wait to do so but i know deep inside my heart how much i love hem and my soul is been crying and i know he doesn't have any fillings for me and i have to accept it, but please help me with this if there is any help any thing please.

  • Magmaria3s-

    I am not a psychic. But I read your post and sense you are in crisis.

    I think your own heart is telling you what you need to do. You have had the courage to leave before, and you can do it again. You said it was a mistake to go back to him and you said the truth.

    Maybe someone will be able to give you a reading soon. I wish I could help you- I wish you courage, peace, and happiness in any path you choose for yourself.

  • suggestion to you is to find a way to love yourself. The fact that you know that this isn't right proves to me you understand your happiness is more important and that you need to move forward to be with someone who will give you the same unconditional love that you have to offer. It sounds to me like this is someone who likes to control and knows that he has the ability to control you. You recognize that you are not happy and have made the first steps to move forward with your happiness. Realize that you are a wonderful person who deserves to be happy and deserves to have someone in your life that wants to be with you and appreciates and loves all that you are. Letting go is never easy and yes it hurts but trust that it is the right thing to do and you will be shown the way to happiness. Let go of the fear and trust and believe. Ask your angels to help guide you and support you. They will help as long as you ask.

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