Could I please get a reading?

  • Hi,

    Could I please get a reading?

    D.O.B 16/01/1973



  • Hello shumuck

    I did a tarot card reading regarding what is in store for you in the near future.

    Situation as it is: 8 of wands

    This card has a picture of eight wands running right across it. For some this can mean that a new love is coming into your life and very swiftly at that. It brings things quickly into focus and gives you the opportunity to seize a brilliant opportunity or improve your life in some way. You could also be about to move to a more tranquil setting in either your home life or the location or your work. A river or other picturesque scene may be part of your new environment, or you may meet someone special in just such a location. The energy of the season of Spring may make you feel inspired to be especially creative.

    Action to be taken: 3 of Swords

    The card symbolically shows three swords, one dripping in blood, which represents pain and distress. Often a separation from someone occurs at this time or some kind of friction or dispute. It often feels quite tormenting and hurtful at the time and is difficult to get through while this feeling lasts. Three people may be involved in a dispute or go their separate ways, or become involved in an emotional tug of war. However, once the anger or hurt is expressed openly and each airs their grievances, it is usually only a matter of hours or days before you feel better again and the issue may be resolved permanently, or at least for the time being, which eases the stress levels.

    Future: The Star

    This is the card that tells you that you are being guided in the right direction. The picture displays a naked woman kneeling down beside a river with two jugs in her hand. She is pouring the water from the jugs into the stream. In the background is a large star, almost directly above her head and seven other stars around it. There are birds, flowers, trees, shrubbery and green grass around her. She appears tranquil and at peace in her natural surroundings. If this is yourself, you are intuitively heading towards the direction of where you should be on your own personal path in life. You are also about to have much abundance enter your life through many and varied ways. If you have been looking for a certain job, more than likely you will achieve it and this will reflect what is going on inside you, which is finding your true niche in life. You are also able to express yourself more truthfully without hindrances from your past or your upbringing. Your intuition is extremely heightened at this time and can bring on flashes of insight to guide you through the many decisions you are going to be facing. Trust in your future and show great faith against the odds and you will succeed. Something to do with the country, or near a river or ocean may figure strongly in an event which will occur within about one month.

    Then I also did a karma reading for you.

    You are here on Earth to fulfil the destiny of being a Saturn in Gemini/North Node in Capricon. What does it mean?

    A Gemini Saturn suggests that your career or area of responsibility in the world relates to an ability for mental discipline, concentration, mental control, orderly reasoning and logical thinking. Much hard work is required in communications, writing and obtaining relevant educational qualifications. A profession in teaching, administration, accounts, publishing or some kind of research is likely. There is a need to discipline the mind against needless worry, gloom, restlessness, anxiety and misgivings. With maturity a contemplative mind, responsible, thoughtful and capable of concentration on serious or profound subjects is developed. The technique of clear communication in speaking and writing is of paramount importance.

    North Node in Capricorn:

    There is a need for maturity, responsibility and worldly accomplishment. Early emotional or environmental conditioning, family pressure, social disharmony, and immature attitudes are slowly to be overcome. Through hard work you become a responsible and respected member of the community.

    Hope it might help. Good luck!!

  • Natapier ,

    Wow i couldnt help myself but that was an excellent & detailed card reading , may i ask for a relationship love reading i know the current relationship isnt going anywhere spectacular but you must know i am anticipating my prince charming sooner rather than later ! blessings your way ! DOB 08/29/1988

  • Hello VirgoLadii,

    I did a tarot cards reading regarding love relationship.

    Situation As It Is: Page of Pentacles

    If you're in a committed relationship when this card appears, it may have lost some of its luster. That doesn't have to mean a death knell, but it does mean that action and discussion is necessary. To create change, you must be honest about how you are feeling. If you are unattached, and can't seem to meet someone new, look carefully at what you're holding in your heart. You may still be attached to an ex, and may need to let go before you can expect to move forward.

    Action to be taken:Two of Wands

    If you're already in a relationship, it's about to get a lot more equal. Pay attention to your ideas about equality and balance and share them. If you're looking for love, someone who could be very good for you is already likely part of your life. Don't judge a book by its cover. If someone is interested in you, give them a chance. This relationship could be just what you're looking for.

    Future: Ten of Pentacles

    The 10 of Pentacles is a very happy indicator with regard to love. If you are currently committed, this card can mean that you will move to the next level; living together, engagement, marriage, childbirth, all can be indicated by this card. For a time, you are likely to have a peaceful, happy period in your love life. Enjoy it, and make sure your beloved knows how much they mean to you. If you're not in a relationship, this card can mean that a new love may come into your life so fast it makes your head spin. Be open.

    Good Luck!!!

  • Thank you for taking the time out to give me a reading i appreciate your time . Wow indeed great job. I am in a commited relationship and yes it has indeed lost its luster,, I will try to make the best of it ., we already live together, are engaged and have a 13 month babygirl , It is what it is .. I guess im bored and want more of a connection than what we have and honestly i do think of my ex but i think its more sexual than anything else and some feelings i bumped into him today even thought its essier seeing him i always still wonder ,what if or maybe later .Ive Been in my current partnership for 3 years 3 months ,, Again thank you so much , it was enlightening dear ! : ) blessings to you

  • You are welcome!!

  • Thank you so much for reading.

    There is alot of good information. I particularly like the the future (the star) and that is right on target for what I have been asking for abundance and the new job that I am really interested in.

    Also, can wait to see what the future has in store for me in about a month. : )

    Thanks again and take care.


    P.S I hate to ask but, do you see me finding my lost rings anytime soon?

  • Wow!The readings are soo detailed.:]

    May I get one too,please?And thank you.:D


    Thankkk youu!

  • Oops!Forgot to mention....

    Could it be a relationship love reading,too?

    Thanks a bunch.(:

  • Hello shumuck

    You will find your lost rings very soon.

  • Hello dear CottonTail

    This is your love reading:

    Situation As It Is: Ace of Pentacles

    If you're looking for love, this is a very positive time to get out and meet people, something new could start that is very promising in terms of love. Be prepared. Think positively. Have fun.

    Action to be taken: The Emperor

    A man of power who tries to bring balance and order to his business activities. He is highly focussed on building a business.

    If you are a female, this man will be your future partner in life. You can expect that if he becomes your friend and then your lover, he will eventually be your husband or partner for life.

    You may find yourself falling for someone who is older than you now. This person is likely to be attracted to order, logic, and organization. The attraction may not be mutual from the very beginning, but if you are patient and persistent, it is likely to grow.

    Future: 6 of wands

    If you're unattached, take heart - the appearance of this card can mean you're about to enter a relationship with someone you've been dreaming about. This is a very positive omen.

    Hope you like it. Good luck

  • Thank you Natapier.

    Is there anything I should do or look for?

    Will they just come to me.

    Thanks again for sharing your gift with everyone here.

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