• Hello All! I'm starting this thread so we can "Manifest" whatever we desire most. The key is to practice saying in the present tense ie, I am Healthy, I have Abundance, I have a New Car. The Universe takes us litterally and will respond. Visualize and use all your senses, feel joy at what you have. What color is the car, breath in the new car smell etc. Remember "saying" I wish or I want" affirms lack! I learned this from someone here on this site awhile back and it's been working for me big time. Won't hurt to try.

    I'll start here, I am mortgage free, debt free, I have a newly paid for Mercedes it's midnight blue with navy interior. My kids have finished college, we are all healthy and happy. I have the money to travel in where in the world. I am blessed to help others in need and use my money wisely. Life is good!

  • What do you believe for?

  • I have a beautiful house overlooking the ocean. It sits on a hill next to a meadow of flowers and has a nice white 2 rail fence around it. It is a soothing peaceful place that energizes me. I work out of my home doing healing and caring for people. It is paid for and supports me in my life mission. I have healthy children who are successful and my family visits me all the time. My home is open and people love to come and spend time there and relax. It's a sanctuary where my animals are safe and loved and well cared for. I drive a car that is paid for and problem free, comfortable and dependable. It supports my life work. I have abundance in my life in all areas including my bank account, my emotional bank account and I have the ability to share this abundance with those who seek it.

  • Ive actually done this but i did it using the zodiac these words I am I have I think I feel I will I analyze I balance I desire I see I experience I knoe I beleive then at the end just keep saying evrything is gonna be alright be strong believe

  • How beautiful Aunt Buck, it's coming to you! I like yours too Siriuslupine (thats a mouthful:) )Postive thinking.

  • Aunt Buck I want to visit. Awesome post Poetic.

    I am healthy, as is my family. I have a new car, paid for, insured and in good running order, it takes me everywhere I need or want to go safely. I have a home where the door is always open, company often drops by, the family visits often and there is always room for one more, a place where your heart is warmed and you feel secure and safe and content. I write daily. I take pictures. I spend quality time with my grandchild and am passing on my genealogy love to her. Each day I learn something new and learning keeps us young and vibrant and alive. My financial needs are met and overflowing by the income generated doing things I love. I have a wonderful relationship with God and feel spiritually free to communicate with loved ones and angels and guides who help me to grow more each day. I have good friends who care about one another and support each other and encourage one another, we are blessed, I am blessed. Each new day is a gift, it's the "present".

  • I am happy and living in bliss in my beautiful peaceful Bungalow, in a breathtaking place near the sea, I have the most wonderful crystal shop and healing room where I do all the wonderful alternative healing ways...Reiki, Hot stone therapy, crystal healing....I am in bliss in knowing that beautiful people leave feeling happier, healthier and SO vibrant....and hopefully can face their wonderful lives too!!.... My beautiful Horse Aura waits in the paddock at the rear of my bungalow, she is so cared for, so loved by me...I adore her!! she represents perfection to me!!...I never have to concern myself over finding money to fund all the healing just flows to me in never ending ways to help me carry on in the healing work I love!!!! and give all I love what they deserve!!....bliss, bliss bliss is what I feel to be able to do this... in a breathtaking energising place...I cannot fills ALL my love and feelings for all... I AM, I my bliss when I feel I have helped others find their gratitude for our Universe!!

    and now,... Phew!! Poetic, I'm crying with sheer joy!....thank you my friend for this thread!!...I really needed to remind myself the extent of...."my dream life"

    So much love and joy to you.



  • RC, all are welcome at my beach house with me. Come spend time with me as we light bonfires that ignite the fire in our hearts and bring sparks of joy to our lives. I too am a healer. All is well in my world and all the people in my world bring me infinite joy and love. I have an abundance of everything except worries.

  • Gotta love that Aunt Buck, consider me on my way.

  • I have my love back and he is my husband. I have my new business with butterflies and our new house.

  • OOOOOH, I love it. You guys are so beautiful, I am there visiting everyone and we are happy and filled with love and joy and Peace. Beautiful. Remember to plant seeds!

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