Met an amazing girl

  • At a nightclub in Taipei, Taiwan where I live now. We spent the whole night together kissing and the next day just kissing for hours and hours. Was an intense connection. Her English name is Judy and she is a Scorpio. My name is Kenneth and my dob is 6/22/81. We are set to meet this Friday again...will only be our second meeting. I have never felt this way for someone I just met.

    Also, I was seeing another girl recently too...please don't confuse the two...the other girl is in her 30s...this girl is in her 20s.

    What lies in the future for me and this new girl and what are her true feelings? She has acted very smitten with me so far.

  • Hey,

    Attraction is different from love...You can attract people around you;or you can be attracted by many people..but it does not mean love:)))

    And i guess this girl (you met at club)is hot and younger than you:))))So maybe you feel more comfortable around this girl.??It does not mean love again:))

    Listen your heart:))))

    It is you life and your decision man:O)

  • Thanks for your opinion....but can anyone do a reading on this? Even she said there was a special connection.

  • Anyone has any advice on this???....we have both decided to start a relationship....I know it is soon....but there is a powerful connection....she says she can see my soul when she looks in my eyes and that she already somehow loves me. Normally this would freak me out....but there is somehting about her..I feel like I already knew her before I met her.

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