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  • Thanks Brian,for the clairty your message gave me, i will claim "Let It Be" as my songas it seems approiate for the time being!

  • Hi Brain, What a great idea! There is a song about everything. Music really moves me. I need to know who the right man is for me. I'm tired of seeing a couple of men. I want to settle down with the right one!

  • Blessings Brian ... my question is ... "What does the future hold for me?" Thanks for the song and intuitive message.

    Angel Hugs,

    Icearia x

  • Hi Brian, my question is "can he (J) and I overcome obstacles and be lovingly happy together forever and ever?"

  • Thanks Brian.I have never heard of it but will check it out. Also I started a thread asking you for a reading when you get a chance. Thanks so much. God Bless.

  • Thank you Brian, that is what I need to get better. Blessings

  • BrianTristan,

    Thank you, "Turn! Turn! Turn!" by The Byrds is an awesome song and I am old enough to

    remember !! I have always liked the songs of the Vietnam era.

    I hope that it is my time to 'reap" soon since my funds have run out and I will have to use my

    401k next..

    Thank you for the song, I think I'll make it my ring tone!! Loanlady

  • Thanks Brian, I did enjoy my break. I am so pleased to see you using your gifts to help others.

  • Hello Brian,

    First of all, I love your idea, just excellent.

    My question is "what can I expect out of the current romantic relationship I am involved in?"

  • Brian wow, you have helped a lot of us out! ok, so what should we do for Brian?

    Brian, take your time with this if you want, as you have already answered one tough question for me, I was thinking though, since that is one aspect of my life, and it was not the good part, whats the song that comes too mind for me in general? whatcha got? Thank you, hope you aren't too overwhelmed!

  • Hey Bluecat123,

    So what should we do for Brian? Good question. He is truly generous and very thoughtful of every single post he makes! How about posting a song or lyrics that you feel is represenitive of him? Or how it made you feel about the advice he gave? I don't know just a thought. If I think of something I will post it!

  • Oh, thats great RedPetals! Wow, are you in marketing or advertising or something with a lot of creative quick, creative thinking involved?You always have the best questions, ideas. I know they say scorpio is the dynamic, ideas one, but I think your giving them a run for their money RedPetals! I recently asked him for a new song, not that I wanted too be greedy, it was just that he hit the nail on the head with my songs for my question, the nature of my question has had such a negative empact on my life, but only being one aspect of it, I wanted too get a new song for the positive road ahead I'm hoping for with the other parts of life! I am going too go find a song for Brian!

  • Lets just write him a song, 'Brians Song"! Now I just need some song writers

  • Hi Brian,

    How close do you live to PGH? I am in Monroeville, and I gathered that you are close by.

    Love your threads, you help a lot of people in here, we are all appreciative.

    Seeking the American Dream, Am I going in the right direction?

  • BrianTristan..."THANK YOU, THANK YOU" I do know of the group but do not remember that song! "RELAX" the name of the song, I already relate to my situation! sure do need to relax.....thank you my friend! I will listen to the song and take what it means and apply. ~Blessings, Love, Light and Peace~

  • BroneDalit,

    The song for your Question "Which will happen first: baby or marriage?" is, "Love And Marriage" by Frank Sinatra. There is a message in their for you somewhere, but that is for you to figure out. A more direct answer to your question is this, my intuition tells me, it does not matter what comes first, as long as you have both eventually.

    Best wishes,


  • Evey13,

    My intuition tells me the song for your question "Will this new relationship with this guy be a lasting one?" is, "Could We" by Cat Power.

    Never to late to get a reply, tired or not, I will get everyone a song. ; )



  • Amused59,

    My intuition lead me to the song for your question "Am I on the right path to long lasting joyful love?" right to, "The Road To Lasting Love" by Andy Griggs.

    Blessing and Best Wishes,


  • Paddifluff,

    Your best bet is Ireland, if employment can be secured there it will be the safest, and the best choice.

    After that, Germany and UK depending on where. The key to settling in these next two is, wherever you are at, it should feel like you are in these countries, not some transeuropean place. It should be solidly German, or solidly British, you should not walk down the street and feel you are elsewhere.

    India also depends where, and that is the exact opposite of what I just mentioned above, it should be diverse with many people from around the world where you live and where you work. It should be like a melting pot of people.

    Spain is just way too risky to settle in for you, not sure exactly why, I just see a lot of unrest coming to Spain, France, and plenty of places that are part of the EU, and of them Ireland will be affected the least (so that is the best choice). What happened in Greece is nothing like what what will be coming. The socialist entitlement societies are going bankrupt, they are unsustainable, and benefits will be getting curtailed, that is going to lead to unrest, and violence perpetuated by the people who live off of the government's payouts, and it is best that your life and livelihood are as far away from that as possible. Understand?

    Your song is just a fun one, no real message to it, as what you need to know I posted above. The song is, "Never Been To Spain" by Three Dog Night. It is a fun Hoyt Axton composition, hope you enjoy it.

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