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  • Thanks Brian, loooove it! Not saying wish is intitiutve from me for you, just a good one, like a present! I haven't found "the perfect Brian song yet!

  • Got a song, will post later!

  • Thanks Brian,

    Just got back from a once-in-a-lifetime vacation & had so many ideas. I will do the Myers Briggs as suggested & won't shoot my cannon just yet.



  • RedPetals, what is it? don't hold out on us!

  • BrianTristan,

    Wow, you have come up with so many fitting, loving, appropriate, fun, thoughtful and inspiring songs for so many people. What a gift of giving you have! I hope that in return you get something out of knowing that you have the innate ability to elicit a heartfelt response from so many. Should warm your heart in return! You now have many wanting to give the gift of song as inspiration to you and a way to say "thank you Brian Tristan!" Generosity is a gift that to many people keep to themselves. Generosity is a gift, and you give it. You, my friend, give freely and effortlessly to everyone and all who ask.

    Okay, so I have heard a song over and over the last few days. It is a song that I have always held dear to me, just because I like it so it very much. Now, for some reason I keep hearing it, I guess it must be about some someone I know. Okay, so the song is "Angel Flying to Close to the Ground". Alright, I know it is not a "rockiin" song but I think it is meaningful. You, Brian, can just take the title or the whole thing. The beautiful thing is, is that the lyrics can be you giving or taking and receiving. I won't post the lyrics. I will leave that up to whoever wants to give or receive, but the song is for you Brian Tristan. Enjoy and peace and blessings to you!!! RedPetals.

    "Angel Flying to Close to the Ground" for Brian Tristan.

    I was going to post "Lola" but I thought a bullet might find me! LOL!

  • GemTwin52,

    Will work on a song for you.


    Glad you liked it. But make sure it is "Cat Turned Blue" by Rusted Root, from the album "Cruel Sun", there is another version on another of their albums that is not as good as the one from the "Cruel Sun" album.


    Tease. Is it by The Drop Kick Murphys? : p


    I just want you to make sure what you want to do. I think the test will be reaffirming as opposed to enlightening. But it will give you some extra confidence, which will be good.

  • RedPetals,

    "Lola"? Hmmm? Like to know what that is about. That is a yucky song.

    "Angel Flying to Close to the Ground" is very sweet, thank you. But where ever I may fly, I shall take you with me, you silly girl. Buy a pair of goggles, so you do not get anything in your eyes.

  • Why is Lola a yucky song? I keep thinking Lalalala Brian's song, repeat, whoa wayyy too much Elmom glad my kid cut himself off!

  • I'm humming to you Brian, "Into the Mystic"...Van Morrison


  • Brian,

    Although I have no pressing questions, I would be interested to see what song you come up with for me. I thought about asking about relationships but I'm not interested in committing to a permanent relationship right now so crossed that off. I thought about career but I'm very content with my current job and business so crossed that off. Just bought a house that I love so I don't need any advice on where to move. The only thing I can come up with is just a general "where should I go from here or what can I expect" question. Thank you for everything you are doing for all who ask. May you be blessed accordingly.

  • I just came back from a week on the missing it already. Took the time for myself to clear my mind (yeah right) easier said then done for this mercurial sign. Best time I had was walking the beach, feeling the awesome power of the oceans waves crashing against my body, flying my kites, having NO agenda other then to enjoy the moment without stress.

    Chance encounters however..when you least expect it, come your way.

    A very nice gentleman spotted me walking the beach...that is another story...Ohhhh my.


  • Everyone,

    Be sure to check out under Anything Goes » Negative recycling thread

  • Relationships aren't the center of my life...I've been living on my own raision my 3 children on my own for 12 yrs. I've left out of a couple of abuseive relationships..I couldn't let my son watch me and his father fight like we did, When I did find someone that I truly loved he past away Oct.2,2007..It tore my life apart,Started getting help for myself, Been seeing my councler for a little over 2 yrs. now...I've been the center of my life, Not in a selfish way,I've been caring of myself and my children..For yrs. I wouldn't even get out to meet new people because All there is is people that want to play head games For some reason, I know that's all they are doing and I walk away from it everytime, I'm very aware of it, and where self esteem are nurtured I have good days and bad when it comes to that,The only reason for that is from this last relationship I was In was wonderful, Don't understand what happend there,I must've scared him because even when we were miles away, I could feel that something was wrong or feel the way he was feeling at the time,I would share that with him but I truly think it scared the crap out of him,It was so strong because I was so connected to him as well as he was with me and,I just don't need to share that with anyone and,I guess that's the Aries in knows... I do have an anchor of who I am for the most part, Yes there is times I just float around lost, and confussed at times..Far from needy just when I find someone that I have a very strong connection with, I think I show more of the loving and nurturing side of myself to them. I'm just fine all on my own, Been on my own since I was 24 yrs. old now I'm 36 yrs. old and ready to settle down with someone. So if you can read off of that what would you come up with In a song? I do like the one you've picked for me the first time and posted it on my face book lol.

    "Love Is" by Alannah Myles...Love the 80's music..

    I Hope you have a wonderful day!!!

    Blessings to you,


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  • No particular question, but would love to know what song you get for me. Thanks so much!

  • ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


  • Thanks for your time and talents, BrianTristan. I have a friend who's a great song picker too, and she picked The Carpenters' Goodbye to Love for me--ouch! Okay, maybe she had a point (wry smile), but do I ever need a new one! My question is, what do I need to do to find my way back to the light and, um, say hello to love instead?!? gratitude and blessings, gd

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