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  • Everyone,

    Oh yeah. Hey GemTwin52 has a thread or topic that I think is pretty cool, look for it, it is called "Negative recycling thread" and it is under Anything Goes in the Forums. Check it out.

  • Hello Brian ,

    Thank you for your reply , I appreciate your time : o) . I love the (Eagles) Band !... You Gotta love the music of the 70's huh ! I listened to the Song / Lyrics that came to You for Me and I will look up the words to it as well. .That song was written with a lot emotions in it huh .

    Have a great day !

    Take Care and God Bless You too ^A^


  • Doves46,

    I think you should approach the song as how it makes you feel, to listen to it.

    I do not thing the message for you in in dissecting the lyrics, or the chord progressions, or finding out who wrote it and why. I think it is more about listening to it, signing along, and how it makes you feel, and from doing that therein lies your message, not in picking it apart, or some message in the lyrics. Know what I am talking about? I hope so, for you if you analyze it, you will not get what the song means.

    Get back to me, so I make sure you are headed in the right direction,


  • Hi BrianTristan, i see you have a lot on your plate... but posted again on the thread "Brian Tristan insight..." sorry to bug you so much maybe is the moon right now but I'm feeling a little weird....

  • heya i love the song Straight On" by Heart

    Straight On


    Quite some time...I been sittin' it out

    Didn't take no chances...I was a prisoner of doubt

    I knocked down the wailin' ain't no sin feel of me in....


    I'm comin' straight on for you

    You made my mind

    Now I'm I'm comin' through...

    Straight on...straight on for you...

    Straight on for you

    Now, I know...I got to play my hand

    What the winner don't know...the gambler understands..

    My heart keeps playin' it through with you, my friend

    I'll take my chances on you...again and again......again..

    It was great and never herd of it before, i always like a new song, it just rang me 🙂 thanks agen

  • Hello Brian ,

    Thank you the additional message . You are right on the( Analyzing) thing . That is one of my worst habits when trying to figure out things . I usually end up with a terrible case of mind chatter and end up against a brick wall .. ..that hurts the head lol :O) Yes , .I will get back to you on it.

    Have a good day ! .

    Take Care and God Bless You ^A^


  • Dear Brian Tristan

    How wonderful you are. Twinkle, Twinkle , Little Star is my favorite song. Very meaningful to me. How charming this reading was. Bravo you are lovely. Thank you so much.

    Love and blessings


  • Thank you for giving me a song, Brian. I guess I should be grateful it wasn't "The Joker" by Steve Miller Band huh? I do need to tell you that I absolutely loathe "Fly Like An Eagle" as a song, always have ... and since it's beginning in 1976 too. The eternal irony of life. May I ask if there was something in particular about this song that drew you to mention it?

    I appreciate the time you took to do this for me very much. Thank you.

    Good luck with the move too. My older brother currently lives in Holland and, it is half my ancestry seeing as my Mother is from there also. Hope your new life is all you dream it to be!

    Angel Hugs,

    Icey x

  • Hi Brian,

    Thanks for the song ...I appreciate it. Will read lyrics & listen to song again but my initial reaction is that it follows what my instinct has been telling me 😉

  • Haha, Brian, that's me all right -

    "They say I'm crazy but I have a good time

    I'm just looking for clues at the scene of the crime

    Life's been good to me so far"

    Never heard the song before but I will definitely get it now. Thank you!

    How are you getting on yourself?

  • Thought all night last night of what Brians song is, it hasn't come too me yet...

  • Bluecat123,

    Lol, that's funny! Try not to overthink it, you will drive yourself crazy and then you will have to ask Brian for much more advice!! Maybe something to do with water? Just a thought....

  • RedPetals, your right! Don't Worry Be happy did come too mind, as he never complains about anything!

  • Icearia,

    Awe, do not like the song. Well I was waiting for that. I was actually expecting to give someone in their 60s a Death Metal song. LOL You do not actually like the song, as the meaning is not about liking it, there is a message for you in it, I do not know what that is, typically only you do. As far as your song, what drew me to it is intuition, I do not really go through the lyrics, or listen to the song to make sure it does not have objectionable content (in this case the song is just flat out objectionable to you LOL), it just pops out at me.

    As far as what it means, that is one to think about, perhaps you will never like the song, but there may be a message there too, that you do not like it. Only you can really determine it, and not liking the song may indeed be part of it, because I would have no way of knowing that.

  • Bluecat123, RedPetals,

    If what I listened to was stuff "Don't Worry Be Happy", I would not be so nice, probably would have to change my screen name to tHuNdErBrIaNrAg. LOL

    And I know you two would like to know so, my jam for this year is "How You Like Me Now?" by The Heavy, and we are into the 5th month, and I do not see that changing.

  • Hi Brian

    No I am not originally from Pittsburgh, I was actually born in Spokane, WA, my dad was AirForce, we traveled a lot, I spent my early childhood in Europe, then my adolescence in New Orleans, where my Mom is from (Dad California). I ended up in Pittsburgh after my ex (USMC) and I divorced, Left my banking job to come to PGH with my now 21 yr old daughter. I actually like it here, just this last winter was pretty hard for me. Been here for 12 years now, still can't say yunz and yinz , might use it incorrectly, LOL. Nice to know you are a neighbor.

    Thanks for the song, I haven't heard it, I will have to find it. I appreciate your gifts and your willingness to share it with everyone.

    Hope you have a great day!! Maybe I will bump into you, this place is smaller than it looks.


  • TheCaptain,

    Yes, I have come to the realization that you are a little wild, which I must say first came as a shock, but you know what they say about book worms. LOL Now, it is just endearing. The question is, could any of us keep up? LOL

    Never heard of Joe Walsh's "Life's Been Good"? Well, I have introduced you to one of the classic fun rock songs. I hope it is fun for you. Leave the hotel walls intact though, well that is unless you have an accountant to pay for it all. LOL

    I am doing good, thanks for asking. Not really worried about cleaning up someone else's mess anymore, so I am doing fine. You know what I mean.



  • I really didn't think you listend too Don't Worry be Happy Brian, I just think of you as even keeled, not worrying, but I could be wrong! So I will dedicate too you one of my favorite songs with much love and gratitude till we write "Brians song"! One my favorite songs, Wish. I had too do tat, which is a lot less strange then some other tribute tats I've seen in the same correlation! Wish for Brian

  • I couldn't forget too mention thats the NIN version though, not the Disney, or country or whatever

  • Brian,

    No worries at all. Just because I do not like the song doesn't mean that it isn't important to listen to your intuition on it. I hope you didn't think I meant that? Not at all. I was curious as to what it was about the song that made you think of it in the first place. Like, did one particular line come to mind, the tune, the era, etc? The fact that I dislike it is just another Cosmic paradox. I know the lyrics. Maybe one day I'll get it (as in the message)?

    I know you were using your intuition and I am grateful for the opportunity to be blessed by your gift. Thanks very much once more.


    P.S. I think sending someone in their 60's a death metal song is hilarious. Lucky for me, I was born in the 60's and am not in my 60's ... LOL

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