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  • is steve the love of my life?

  • Thanks BrianTristan Wher will I eventually retire?

  • BrianTristan....will the money come?

  • Great Idea! When will my buiness sell?

  • Thanks Brian, I wasn't abused,just threatend, harrased, but one of my children was by him,, so yes, your right on target, I have contacted a wonderful lawyer, and am praying for the ex too see the light, thanks again, as your advice, intitution is always valued!

  • WOW.....both songs are definitely appropriate. Yes, the second one is fun. I've never heard of either of these songs and have listened to both and can relate to how they both apply to me. When I saw the Spiderbait song title I just had to laugh because that is exactly how I feel right now. Thank you Brian. Great way to start my day!


  • Hmm Brian, Sweetness Follows, not quite sure how to interpret it but I am working on it. Thanks!

  • Hi Brian,

    This does sound like a fun thing.. I love music so my question regards my financial situation.

    I am having a hard time, like many. I really need a job since I am in the mortgage business

    not much happening there!

    When will the financial picture change for me?

    I hope the song is money money money... m o n e y! lol thanks mucho


  • I'm questioning a extramarital affair. What are his true intentions?

  • Wow!!! that is such a great song and so right, i am always saying we will get through this and he is always saying he feels lost at the moment, heres hoping we come out better and stronger for it all tho.

    Thanks for your time : )

  • Bluecat123,

    Abuse we all think of as physical, or physical threats, that is natural. But abusers, the real pros, they do not escalate to this unless their options are taken away. The threat of physical abuse, or destruction of property, or even mortal physical harm, ever so cleverly phrased is just as good. The threat of altering your life, of sullying your reputation, is just as good. Being threatened, harassed, or otherwise messed with IS ABUSE. If I call you on the phone, and you tell me not to call back again, and I do and call you a bunch of names that I can not type here, that IS HARASSMENT BY COMMUNICATION, and you should call the police. If it is your ex, the father of one of your children, that does not give him a free pass, he is subject to the same laws I am. Read up on abuse and abusers, it will enlighten you a great deal. Your lawyer, or even a talk with your local police will inform you of your rights.


    Yup. Those are your songs, and I think you will get plenty out of them for months, if not years.

    The Spiderbait one is indeed fun. LOL


    Sweetness Follows is all about what you take from it. You need to decide about what it means to you, and that may take repeated listening, or leaving it alone and coming back and listening to it fresh. There is something in the song for you. And that is what is neat about this thread, you have to figure it out.


    No song for you, just some real world common sense... extramarital affairs are bad news for a relationship (not the married people in this case). If someone you want to be with is looking to leave their spouse, is getting separated, is going through divorce proceedings, it is best to be a supportive friend at that point. Where the marriage, that relationship, ended can vary widely, as well as the person's resolution of the marriage ending and having come to terms with it. It is always dicey to get involved with someone who has not taken care of the legal, and the emotional yet. What are his intentions? How does he know? You should have been clear with yourself on that, not so much him, before you got romantically and physically involved. I realize this is difficult, but waiting is what people who care do. What can you do now? Be a good friend, and hope everything irons itself out in the long run.


    Your song was pretty straight forward, good old country stuff usually is, and yes you being the steady hand on the rudder, and having faith and hope, will suffice for the both of you right now. Men are the weaker sex sometimes, that is important to remember. James Brown's song about it being a man's world, but not being worth a d a m n without a woman in it, was right on. Hang tough Sylvie!

    Ellefenix, sexysunshinelady, cathylee, MorningGlow, millcab90, Loanlady1, your requests have been received, I will get to them. I have a few other posts to clear from my back orders first, so please be patient.

  • Brian....I was telling a friend about this and funny enough....I realized that this is what I've been saying for months now with each new thing I learn and understand. WOW....that is F*ckin Awesome or Friggin Awesome....or this is so F'ing have to hear are not going to believe what happened....yes, I think very

  • Oh and I should mention that as a teenager....I felt my anthem was Highway to H*

  • Hi Brian,

    I would like to know what my song is, I just moved to Florida, I'm disabled, and I live with my daughter here. Hopefully things will be better.

    Thanks, Toni

  • Thanks Brian, he sort of hides behind a "legal shield", was first and only husband, father of all my children, and they were the good that came out of it. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for saying what I always knew, but wasn't sure what too do about it, I have much clearer sense of that now, I realized fear can blind us too our options, the song about you think I'm less then a dollar, but feeing like a millionair, perfect mentality for what I am putting up with! All the songs did, your doing a amazing thing here, keep up the good work, I am sure everyone is very grateful for what you have brought too the forums! God Bless,

  • This post is deleted!

  • Quenkath,

    I was afraid the song would confuse you. LOL I went and looked through song titles for you to come up with something, and not much felt right, but that one seemed to be fun, I thought that was good because this is a serious investment matter, and it seemed to say to me "buy her out and own the home all on my own, and rent it out until the market turns around, and then sell it for a nice profit". I should have perhaps searched a bit harder for a song for you I think, my bad.

    So, anyway I have sat with your question and I think what the song says to me is how you should look at it, "buy her out". Weird Al is weird, that is kind of his whole point, and I see that parody is probably not appropriate a song for someone.

  • No problem BrianTristan...Good things come to those that wait! Well, sounds good your time love as I appreciate you and this thread! It is fun and inspiring! ~MorningGlow ~

  • Bluecat123,

    From an abusers perspective, abuse, effective abuse, is all about intimidation, fear, manipulation, and most of all making the abused think there is nothing he/she can do about anything. Most effective is when the abuser gets the abused to think he/she is a blockhead, and then he/she basically come off as just that (whatever you think you are, you are). Second best is, when the abuser can get the abused to just think they are helpless against the abusers "superior cleverness and charming ways". These last two things are so important, as they are simply the mind f * * k s, that let everything else flow. It is important for you to look at it from the abuser's point of view, then you can see what they do to achieve his/her power over you. It is a big "a ha" moment for someone who is being abused in any form.

    And again remember something, when a parent says some unkind comment out of frustration or anger, "John you are such a stupid kid", it is way different than an abuser parent who regularly tells a child they "will never amount to nothing (sic)." Abuse is to gain control, because the person is not decent enough to have influence, is not intelligent enough to put forth a point, so they go for control.

    In your case what you can do is the interesting question, and one for a cop, or a lawyer. Remember in many states you can video tape someone in public, but it can not have audio. In most states it is illegal to record phone conversations without telling the other party. So, things are not as easy as they seem to nail someone, and abusers as crass as they are, they typically know the basics, and have a scum bag lawyer on speed dial. However, there are ways to go about nailing the SOB, so do not throw in the towel, you just have to find out what you can do, that is all.

    I had a friend, her husband suggested, did not say he would out right, that if he should happen to kill her, he would cut her body up, and through it down mine shafts all over their county, and nobody could ever find her remains. She did not sleep at night for close to 2 years, only slept when he went to work, and she had a young child, so you know what that means. Anyhow, she bought this hook, line, and sinker. I tried to explain he had never hit her, and he would not kill her either because that would end the fun. Keeping her sleep deprived, keeping her on edge was what it was all about. Then she was easy to handle (truth be told she was h e l l on wheels), and he could do whatever he liked. Wanted milk at 11:30 p.m., she would go to the store and get it, because that was easier than dealing with his mouth. This example should make it very clear that the fear enables the manipulation to take place. And this is a female that would take you, me, and ten other people from here on in a fight (all of us together), no fear, but he was able to break her down into a bundle of nerves. See how it works? It is ugly, cruel stuff, done by base, despicable people.

  • AuntBuck,

    Well I must say for me to pick that song for you was f * * * e n awesome.

    No more Highway To H E double hockey sticks for you!

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