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  • Libralady2008,

    For your question, "Will I ever be with someone again that loves me, is happy with me and ever get married again? and will I possibly meet this person soon?" my intuition came up with, an oldie but a goodie. Been a while since I have listened to good old Sam's golden pipes, but they are still as fantastic as I remember. Your song is, "A Change Gonna Come" by Sam Cooke.

    Sounds promising. ; )

  • Sweet, Brian. Thanks...and always like to be turned on to different artists. I've never heard of either and both versions of the song are very cool. Paramore is a bit more raw while Kaiser Chiefs' version is real smooth and produced.


  • HI Brian, this is an amazing idea. My question in a sentence is - When will our financial situation improve?

    I am very interested what you reply.

    Thanks a mill!

  • Quenkath,

    The song for your question, "Should I agree to sell my rental property that my partner and I own, or should I buy her out and own the home all on my own, rent it out until the market turns around, and then sell it for a nice profit?" is, "Buy Me A Condo" by Weird Al Yankovic.

    Best Wishes!

  • Oh, Brian, your so multi talented! K, so I have a situation going on with an ex husband that is getting a little scary in a big way, I have a thread or two about it somewhere on here, anyway its about all I can think about at the moment, so whats my song? Thank you Brian! Oh, btw, I read the others and I must say I think your intution is right on target with the peeps I'm familiar with here!

  • Lonelymandy,

    I am sorry you feel so lost Mandy. We have all been there, and you should know that.

    Relationships that are very intense are hard to recover from, especially when the other party has seemingly moved on. I makes us wonder, how, why? It is hard to move on. Go to any search engine, google is an example, and you can look on you tube also, and search for "getting your ex back" as see what links and videos you come up with. They are trying to sell something, but the free information they give could be ever so helpful to you. So check it out.

    Your song for your, "I am lost with out you in my life" is, "Find Myself" by Eric Clapton

    I hope all of what I shared with you is helpful to you, and provides some direction.

    Hang in there.

  • Azaza12,

    Yes interesting interpretations of the same song. One may speak to you more, or both may speak to you. It is your own inner guide that will help you get what you should out of the song. It would also be neat if it turned you on to a new artist.

    Best Wishes!

  • Paddifluff,

    The song for your question of, "When will our financial situation improve?" is, "Sweetness Follows" by R.E.M.

    You are very welcome!

  • Brian,

    This sounds like fun, my question is: will we, me and paul get through the struggles we are in at the moment and be happy at the end together?


  • Thanks Brian, I used to listen to REM a lot but I cannot remember this song, at least not from the title. I will google it and have a good listen.

    I do have another question but I don't know if music will answer it. It is worth a try.

    Which country - Ireland, Germany, Spain or Chile?

    Thanks I'm off to google now.

  • Bluecat123,

    For the situation going on with an ex husband, the song is,

    "First It Giveth" by Queens Of The Stone Age

    Also two more songs by Queens Of The Stone Age that can apply,

    "You Think I Ain't Worth A Dollar, But I Feel Like A Millionaire"


    "No One Knows"

    Be careful!

  • Thank you Brian, wow, without even hearing it yet, one of those is defintly already popping out at me!

  • Good deal Bluecat123.

    Will be back to Songs For You after the weekend. Enjoy your choices all.

  • I will be careful, Brian, thanks, I don't what else too do, he's crazzzy!

  • Brian, any thoughts on how too get this ahole too leave me alone? No one can tell by looking at him, talking too him, but you picked the right songs/lyrics, and they are scary, but true!

  • thankyou

  • Brian, the guy is brilliant, just listened to some of his other songs as they don't have the 'pay the man' one I am going to have to find out more about this guy he's soooo good to listen to , though the lyrics sound just like the soundtrack in my mind, especially when I've been to a school craft fair where I have just about taken the table money and am getting asked for stuff to be reduced, 'because it's the end of the day' and trying to politely say no, without getting annoyed, as the stuff they are after is usually some of the more expensive pieces too


    Love and Light

    Blessed Be

  • Paddifluff,

    Ireland - good all around

    Germany - okay

    Spain - no, to much unrest

    Chile - forget it to live there, to visit okay if you stay somewhere nice

    Also, check the CIA Country Fact book, and the U. S. State Dept's site (they issue travel advisories).


    Go online and search for "abused women", and also do the same but include your states name after it. You will come up with contact info for various organizations. These places may have materials they will send you, the person on the phone, they can real be hit and miss, so steer clear of that advice. Also, the best person is a good family law lawyer, he/she can offer helpful insights. The whole key is to beat him at his own game, and give him enough rope to hang himself with, without the rope getting wrapped around you, which is a neat trick, but there are people out there that know how and what to do.


    Ben Harper is a unique artist indeed. Start with his first album if you are going to buy his CDs or downloads, all well worth it.

    Music usually connects with me more than lyrics, but when it is both it is even more strong of a pull, and Ben has a few songs that do that. Do not forget Dave Ramsey. Strangely enough both Ben and Dave come at their "art" from a definitively spiritual point of view, Ben is more nebulous, Dave is more straightforward, and you should like that too; the message being based on the spiritual.

    Love and light and blessings to you.

  • Sylvie74,

    For your question, "Will me and paul get through the struggles we are in at the moment and be happy at the end together" your song is, "You'll Get Through This" by Martina McBride.

    You are very welcome. Hang in there.

  • Hello Brian Tristan

    I am in love with a French man whom lives in Germany. It is not easy because the distance hurts. I live in Canada. I want to know if this man and I stand a chance in this life time, because we have discuss the possibility of us being ( twin flames) the energies have always been there, but many barriers also.

    We met on a poetry blog 3 years ago... He was just starting a relation with a woman that is sort of a mistress because she is still married and living with her husband. He at the same time was two years in the heeling of a broken marriage in witch he was 25+ years. We have put our situation on hold, because he feels that it his hurting me at this moment. I feel that he is deeply disturbed by the challenge of me being in Canada and him so far away. Big decisions ahead and we both hurt at this moment.

    Thank you very mutch!

    This is very special to me because I write often with the inspiration of music… (Smile)

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