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  • Dear Brian,

    Thanks for this offer. I love music! Please tell me what song do you choose for my bf DOB April 6, 1982 and me.

  • Hmmm, this sounds like a great idea, so here's my question: I'm planning on changing jobs, but I'm nervous about leaving a sure thing, albeit stressful and not enough hours, for something else. I'm a Halloween baby, 10/31/52, any advice, musical or otherwise, will be greatly appreciated!

  • Me again, with another question: My relationship with my Leo male is stale and I'm wondering how to shake things up. He's a good guy, but unemployed, and has the mind of a 12 year old. Should I stay or should he go?

  • OK....tons of questions running thru my head and songs...I definitely can relate to lyrics. So, I am going to ask my one question. Where is my life heading? I know I have an idea but I'd love to find a song that describes it for me. Thanks!

  • OK...maybe I could phrase that What is my theme song for my life? I think I like that better. LOL.

  • Hey Brian,

    This sounds kinda interesting so here goes........Will I ever be with someone again that loves me, is happy with me and ever get married again?and will I possibly meet this person soon?

  • New Horizons by David Gray

    Weight on my shoulders

    but I'm walking so tall

    out into the new horizon

    wonder in everything

    no matter how great or small

    howlin' like the midnight

    howlin' like the midnight sun

    and this ain't no pale reflection

    this is the real thing

    new horizon

    new horizon within

    And your heart ain't yours to control

    no matter how tight the reigns

    love will find it's own direction

    a time to reap, a time to sow

    and many a time to cry in vain

    But now the time to celebrate

    the glory of this imperfection

    Same thing that's scrawled across the stars

    is written under our skin

    New horizon

    New horizon within

    Things come too easy, I get suspicious

    Things come too slow, I get bored

    If it don't work out I get superstitiojus

    But if it does, oh my word

    So I'm gathering the remnants of beauty

    from this wilderness in spin

    And now I'm going to light my own flame

    'cause I'm charged with the radiance of the dawn

    that's been so long breaking

    Now there ain't nowhere

    There ain't nowhere I won't write your name

    There's a time to search for understanding

    Sometime you just gotta sing

    New horizon

    New horizon within

    Baby there's no need to get precious

    when you know that everything must change

    Complacency, it can be so vicious

    turn this love into a cage

    Same thing that's scrawled across the stars

    is written under our skin

    New horizon

    New horizon within

    Thank you Brian!!! It couldn't be any clearer--a message from the angels(David Gray is fantastic). Hugs (((B))) and Blessings...

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  • Gladyouwroteme,

    A simple question you posed, and my intuition sent me on a most interesting journey. I thought Prince, but it was not Prince, but somebody that worked with Prince, and that list is quite extensive. So, I had to wait for more information, and I got two, and females, and then that was easy, Wendy and Lisa, these two have been everywhere (Sheryl Crow, Pearl Jam, TV theme songs), they are busy little bees. So after finding several lists of songs they have had something to do with, one jumped out for sure.

    The song for your question, "What does my life look like five years from now?", is "The Life" by Wendy & Lisa. Be sure to sing along, and lighten up and smile. La, la, la, la...

  • Hey Brian it is me again 🙂

    I was wondering if you could tell me what song will it be for me when my Exboyfriend meets with me to give me my Letter of Recommendation?

  • HealingWays,

    ♪ Mr blue bird on your shoulder....♪... I am glad it helped you....♪... in what to do ♪


    ♪ You are about to rock... ♪ but get that Myers Briggs interest inventory done first... ♪ then we will salute you (whatever it is you choose to do). Do not fire the cannons just yet, be sure before you lite the fuse.


    ♪ Sometime you just gotta sing ♪... New horizon within ♪... String that bow and release ♪


    "Get What You Need" by Jet

  • Chrissicat,

    You are the first one my intuition sent me to a song title first. And you, you also need to look at Dave Ramsey's website/TV show/books for a very good idea on how to "work harder on developing your business, and clearing up all your debts", he has valuable information just for you my feline friend.

    Your song is, "Pay The Man" by Ben Harper

    Love and light and blessings

  • Azaza12,

    You are the first to have two choices as far as the artist doing the song, choose whichever speaks to you more (the lyrics are very much the same, the delivery is a little different).

    You song for your question, "Will I win the heart of the woman I love?" is, "Love's Not A Competition (But I'm Winning)" by Paramore or by Kaiser Chiefs.

    Best Wishes!





  • Dmick59,

    Wow, the artists keep throwing me for a loop, ones I have not thought about in years popping into my head, and the song just jumps right out when I look at a list of the songs. Too weird.

    For your question, "Do you see Love for you in your future?", my intuition told me your song is, "Stand Up For Your Love Rights" by Yazz.

    You are very welcome Dmick59, enjoy!

  • thanks brian,,hope this helps,,am lost with out you in my life,,

  • 333Tanya,

    The song for you and your boyfriend is, "Kiss" by Prince. The lyrics are online, the song I could not find, so you may have to purchase a download, or borrow a CD.

    You are very welcome, enjoy.

  • LadyThanatolia,

    changing jobs - "Changes In Latitudes, Changes In Attitudes" by Jimmy Buffett

    how to shake things up,

    and see if the mind of a 12 year old can handle it,

    if not move on - "I Touch Myself" by Divinyls

    You are very welcome. Best of luck.

  • AuntBuck

    The song for the question, "Where is your life heading?" is, "Heading In The Right Direction" by Australian Idol

    The song for the question, "What is your theme song for your life?" is, "F u c k e n Awesome" by Spiderbait

    You are very welcome. The last one is pretty fun, enjoy!

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