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  • Everyone,

    I will be indisposed until probably Thursday the 20th. So hang tight.

  • bump : )

  • Everyone,

    Tonight I will collect everyone's requests and begin to work on them. I am going to clear my other forum of pressing questions first though. It is not favoritism, it is simply my call on who needs a post first, and that is done via intuition, not be request; some folks at in a tempest, and have very fluid situations, and need a little more support than others.

    Everyone will get their requests, no worries, the songs will be posted here as soon as I can get them done, but just so you know that may be until Monday night.

    I plan on getting them done sooner, but I never know how long it will take for any one question, or song request, and I do strive to get them right. That is because anything I have rushed on, I have had to go back and clarify two or three times. Therefore doing it right the first time gives a much better result for everyone involved, and the ones I had to struggle with I have been able to nail pretty good, much to my surprise. So give me time, and I should be able to give you something good (that is my hope).

    I am pleased to be able to share whatever I can give with you, so please be patient.

  • BrianTristan,

    Okay, so hurry up and get to work! Lol...

  • Hello, My question is , Is this the best relationship for both of us?

    Thank you

  • Everyone,

    I am working on all of your posts. I will start posting responses, with your song, right here on this topic as I finish them. Please be patient as I am backlogged, and doing this is more difficult than tossing random songs at y'all. It takes some concentration and quiet to do it, and life does not always cooperate in those areas. I will get the responses up, but I can not rush them, as it is not that simple.

    posted Saturday at 2:50 pm Eastern Daylight Savings Time (same as New York City)

  • RedPetals,

    "You Can't Hurry Love" by The Supremes*

    *a remake is being made called "You Can't Hurry Brian" by The Stepheens

  • Hello Brian,

    Will I find the guy I'm going to marry in my near future?


  • To Everyone,

    I have decided that if the Admin can not reel in the abusive people here on the Tarot Forums, and stop their hateful and vicious posts, I shall be taking a leave of absence to show my displeasure. It does not particularly bother me, but it has set back a few people I have been trying to work with to get to move forward. I am all for free speech, but the hate filled rants that get posted go against everything these forums are about, so if Tarot can not do something about the vile posts and the atmosphere they end up creating, I will take a leave of absence, and the disturbed personalities can take over all of the forums.

    I can not very well do what I do if I have to wade through two pages of a verbal boxing match, not to mention I have no idea how anyone who has a question or concern would want to post it in the middle of such an environment. I do not get how a topic/threat made for a specific purpose is being used to call me names, or to harass the people coming to me for some perspective. How this is let to go on I just do not get at all.

    If you do not like something, then contact the Admin immediately, do not voice it on the topic, as that does no good what so ever. I do appreciate folks lending support the the posters on the topic, but the boxing matches that ensue have made me answering anything an arduous task, and I will just not do it anymore, period. The personal attacks made against me really do not bother me, really do not. However, when the posters on this topic are attacked or belittled, or a verbal boxing match takes up two pages worth of posts, that bothers me. I have had enough of it. And do not post here to me, make your voice heard to the powers that be. I do this as a benevolent service, I am not compensated, and I am not affiliated with Tarot anymore than any of you (I have a user account).

    I will fulfill any requests made prior to this post you are reading, so do not worry that I will not respond to a post you already made, I will. But until this nonsense gets cleaned up, I do not see how I can continue doing what I do. I was "away" for less than 4 or 5 days, and answering the back log of posts made to me was exceptionally difficult due to the amount of garbage I had to wade threw.



  • Hello BrianTristan,

    Here is a song for you today, "Iron man". Nonesense is right, Soon enough there will be an "electric funeral' and we will all be "Back to Eden". Now, deep breath Brian, get back to doing good work!!!

  • RedPetals,

    I shall take a break from my good work, to do some much better work. Come here brown eyes. MUAH (a big fat kiss right on your lil cheek). Someone knows her Sabbath, so... MUAH (another big fat kiss right on your other cheek)

  • BrianTristan,

    Backatcha, MUAH. How about a song for me today? Your pick, be nice!

  • RedPetals,

    How an Irish song, by the most Irish of rock bands, Thin Lizzy?

    Look for "Thin Lizzy - Emerald" on you tube. A user by the name of royalslack posted a clip from the "Live & Dangerous" DVD.

    I will work on a nice song just for you while you enjoy that one.

  • BrianTristan,

    Still thinking? Don't overthink it, as someone would drill into me! "Tell me Something Good". Lol..

  • RedPetals,

    Oh, but for you, it takes a bit more work. And since I do not think about what song I choose for you, I can not over think it. Unless you want me to actually think and find a song for you, that is different than using my intuition. What is it you want?

    If you just want me to think about it and choose a song, then that is easy. The artist is Cheap Trick, the album is "Cheap Trick at Budokan", and it is the most popular song on the album.

    If you want me to use my intuition, I can do that also, but it takes a bit longer.

  • BrianTristan,

    That was very good! I actually had that song swirling around in my head all day last Sunday! Saw the video and it just stayed with me. Good Brian, lol ;), lol....

  • RedPetals,

    Wow. Sunday should have been documented on film and video. ; )

  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

  • dmick59,

    Yup, yup. I am way behind though, so it will be around the weekend before I get it posted.

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