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  • Brian,

    I'd never heard that song before. I listened to the words. Yea, a dreamer I am :0) There are a few lines that really resonated with me. Bingo: How's I get so serious is right!!!! LOL...just a short 5 years ago I use to chalk my friend's houses with "I love ______ messeges" or "_______ ROCKS!", it was so much fun. I havent' done it since we moved to cali! Time to go chalk someone and get back to my roots!

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  • G'day Brain

    This is a interesting and fun Topic ! I am always finding meaning in a Song , which Song leaps out at you the most for me ?

    Thank You For Your Time

    Take Care and God Bless You ^A^


  • Stclaire,

    Signs, whether the event can be explained or not, are what you think they are. Why is my cousin recognizing the streetlights reseting themselves when she passes underneath in her car on the way to work? Maybe, her schedule is so consistent that she does pass underneath them at about the time they reset everyday, so it may be explainable and not some "energy" she is throwing off. But as for her noticing, I suggested it is a sign, as she works evenings and has a tween daughter (that is between a child and a teenager, a tween) and feels she is missing out, that was my suggestion. But I think it is a sign, just because she recognizes it, what it means is up to her to figure out. You should not be afraid of signs, as they are just there to guide you, or make you aware of something, and it is just as likely it is your subconscious pointing something out to you, as it is a sign from else where. Usually nothing spooky.

    As far as this man in your life... it seems to me that if your gut is a good guide for you, then that is a good thing to trust. When the heart and the gut disagree, then there is conflict, then people turn to cards, zodiac signs, and such. If you feel in your gut that he is not good for you, and your gut has served you well, then there is you answer. That is my answer to you, because I sense you do care, like, and love him, but you also have huge reservations about him. The reservations can be manufactured, and I have no way of knowing if they are or are not.

    I know of someone who followed his horoscope in the paper and dumped who was basically his dream girl on the basis of his horoscope. He later found out he was born two days earlier than he thought, putting him under a different sign. He of course blamed the whole loss of her on the inaccurate birth date, when if he would have followed his gut, he would have never dumped the woman. His actions are why this woman is now lost to him, not some glitch in what he thought was his birthdate, and not some printed word in the newspaper. Freewill trumps all.

  • Gladyouwroteme,

    Chalk it up!

  • Zephire,

    No worries, I am like Popeye the Sailorman, "I yam what I yam". Not for everyone apparently, but to each his own. ; )

  • Added to the list:




    Your songs are being worked on.

  • I am also interesting in what u can find in a song for me 🙂

    And thank you 😄

  • Hello again, Brian Tristan 🙂

    This is such a creative and interesting topic! I see now, why you are so very busy, busy, busy! lol

    What song would answer the question, " what is the likelihood that I am pregnant?"

    Brief explanation- I recently went to see my Dr. for my yearly exam, and she told me that she could not see or locate the string which is attached to the IUD I had placed a couple of years ago. It was definitely there back in Dec/Jan. I will be going for an ultra sound soon, but this is definitely a totally unexpected development!

    I can't imagine what song you'll come up with for this question, but I sure am anxious to hear it!



  • This is a great thread!

    Can you please give me that answers the question "will Frederick and I sort this out and end up together?

    Thank you!

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  • Oh Brian, I would love for you to tell me what song sums up my life at present.

  • TheCaptain,

    LOL Well, when I started this thread, I actually thought of a song for you, but it was just kind of from your screen name and that was pretty much it, no real meaning, and not for what you are asking. I will work on a song that sums up you life at the present time. But the song I thought of for you was "I'm Your Captain" by Grand Funk Railroad. It is a nice tune, the lyrics have no real meaning, other than Captain being in the title. Glad to see you back, hope you enjoyed your time away.



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  • you are so right about that Brian, but it is as you said, signs can be interpreted differently depending on what the recipient wants too, unfortunately even the 'books of the word' are hence fundamentalists and islamic extremists.....

    thanks again for the song

    Love and Light

    Blessed Be

  • Cathylee,

    Your song for your question "Where will I eventually retire?" is "A Horse In The Country" by Cowboy Junkies. I hope it has something to say to you, because I had several songs for you, and kept coming back to this one again and again.

    You are very welcome.

  • MorningGlow,

    The song for your question "Will the money come?" is, "Relax" by The Hollies.

  • millcab90,

    The song to your question "When will my buiness sell?" is, "When You're Not Trying To" by Reba McEntire.

  • Loanlady1,

    Your song for your question "When will the financial picture change for me?" is, "Turn! Turn! Turn!" by The Byrds.

  • tonib3741,

    Your song for your question "I would like to know what my song is, I just moved to Florida, I'm disabled, and I live with my daughter here. Hopefully things will be better." is, "Getting Better" by The Beatles.

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