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  • Brian,

    Ah, sweet Brian, thank you for the song and kind words. - Killing me Softly....

  • Dear Brian

    Will I be alone forever.


  • Stclaire,

    There is wishful thinking, and then there are things that are apparently signs, and then there are things that are most definitely signs. What your asking is what one of those the Steve/Wings song falls in for you, and from my perspective it appears to be the last of the three. However, the only one that can truly judge that is you, and I think you know how it feels to you. If it is indeed a sign, then the question is, what is the sign trying to tell you? Again, I think if that is the case, you can figure that out better than anyone else.

  • Defeat the fear of death and welcome the death of fear, I love it Brian, thanks!

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  • Quenkath,

    Yes, your investment will pay off quite nicely, and you will know when to sell.


    You are most welcome. Tis all true.


    "Defeat the fear of death and welcome the death of fear", is one of those quotes that just says it all. I am glad you liked it.

  • Star49,

    Your song for your question "Will I be alone forever?" is, "Better Now" by Collective Soul.

    My intuition send me to Collective Soul, which I am familiar with since I think Ed Roland is a clever songwriter, and I immediately was led to "Better Now" no question. Pretty neat. I hope you like it, it is really positive, and is kind of rocking, with some nice horn parts too. Should make you smile. And you should.

    Best Wishes,


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  • Brian, at present we are in The Netherlands, potential countries are Germany, Ireland, the UK, and India, maybe Spain too.

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  • hey zephire, where are you? We are in Zaandam. Are you happy to be leaving?

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  • Brian, thanks for your reply, i forgot to mention this, in the posting of sunshine lady, she refered to steve as 'the love of her life".that phrase steve used to use in regards to me all the time, that also struck took me a back ! as for your three explainations of what signs could mean, i agree very much with that i have asked for signs about this and have recieved many, but brian i have the habit of always thinking im doing the wishful thinking, cause im very cautious about everything and try to be realistic and grounded about life in general . so you are right about figuring out just what these signs are telling me to do, fear keeps me from doing anything!.I have been told by 4 people i have intuitative abilities maybe thats why these signs catch my attention and nag at me, its almost like they are thrown in my but like i said, i am cautious about confusingwishful thinking and signs to protect my self from more pain, also another factor is the tarot readings i have had tell me he is not good for and will hurt me again so that is a big factor in me staying put!, Brian could you tell me your thoughts on this? and my cunfusion..., I TRUST YOUR THOUGHTS ON THIS, cause i can see that you do have good common sense as well as lifes experiances and knowledge(and i did name one of my sons Thanks so much for your thoughts and time ! blessings Brian!

  • Thanks Sweetie! Never heard it, going to find the lyrics now! 🙂

  • I think instead of answering the question I had, it seems like the Universe is sending me a message. Thanks so much!

  • Hi, I am new to the forums and this thread is fascinating. Could you please give me a song Brian Tristan? My question is, Will I ever see/be with my Southern man again? By dob is 04/09/56 and his is 02/24/55. Don't know if you need this info, but thought I would throw it in for good measure! Thank-you!

  • Hi Brian

    Its twinsoul, yay what fun. May I have a song too?



  • Zephire, what a pity youa re going right now. We have been here 10 years, and 4 kids later it is time to move on.

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