I too am heart broken and cannot move on......

  • We always say "we need to get to know people" by the time that happens the goose is loose.

    You have to spend time with people to get to know them. But on the flip side, people do change over time. You never, never, never, really get to know some one but to a certain degree and everyone is on their best foot to try not to show the bad & ugly.

    But as women, we must not allow our hearts to get caught up in men so quickly. Men move quickly and leave just as quick. And in the midst of the whirlwind, we bond with them, and love is so blind...can't see anything eventhough all the signs are there.

    So, Im learning to hold on to the heart strings a little bit longer and learn from my mistakes. We can to some degree, control who we love......yes we can. It is the sexing someone on a regular basis that makes it difficult to let go because we're connected spiritually. We should not be so available when we see the those RED flags.

    That maybe the reason why abstinence is really important to protect our souls (emotions, thoughts). Men will lie and decieve to take care of their own needs.

    We as women have got to stop being so naive and we must stop living in fantasy world.

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