Gemini GIRL,Virgo BOY

  • Notice the GIRL and BOY?Thank you.:]

    No,we're not adults.._.

    Anyways,Im a girl,a Gemini girl.

    And my boyfriends a Virgo boy.

    My so-called backstabbing little best friend was also a Virgo,she was just pretending to be my friend the whole time,and turned out to be a total Beep.

    So,Im worried about how my bf might do the same to me.._. I really do love him,but its sort of hard know what your bff did to you,and,you know,knowing how they both are Virgos.

    Thank you,all advice is appriciated.(:

  • Run don't look bck and go find yourself an Aquarius, Libra, Leo even another Gem.get the heck away from your Virg. They are toxic to free spirited Gems. Trust me I married one. Big mistake. Tjey will micro manage and knit pick you right into into divorce court or singlehood. Bad bad bad. Fix up your soon to be ex Virgo with a fish, Sag or Cancer. Run free spirited Gem RUN!!!!!!!

    Why do I know these things............I married a male Virgo...........mistake...........We Gems are delightful but not paired with fussy picky critical virgos. Their not bad people just not suited to Gems.


  • Not all Virgos are identical. That being said have you talked to your bf about what happened? He might be sensitive to your feelings of insecurity based on what just happened with your former friend. We all become more suspicious of others right after a big betrayal and it is easy to start looking at any similarities between those still close to you and the person who hurt you.

    If you do want to look at the astrological connection then you should consider what type of Virgo they each are, assuming they don't share birthdays then your bf and former bff are probably different aspects of the Virgo sign and within those aspects there is a great deal of variability in behaviors and attitudes. You could also double check your own overall compatability with Virgos in general to find out areas you may need to work on.

    Trust in your instincts and remember that just because you ran across one messed up person that doesnt mean everyone is going to be like that.

  • Thanks a lot guys!

    I guess the advice really did help.

    And Ill try talking to him about it,you're right.Not all Virgo's are the same.:]

    I guess it was stupid of me to think that way.._. I really should focus on the areas I need to be

    working on.Because I really have faith in this relationship,I don't wanna let it go.You're right about the nit-picky attitude!But,at the end of the day,when I ask myself who I love,it just all comes down to him.I don't wanna let things go,I want to be with him,forever.

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