Pls help me interpret 4 card love spread :)

  • Hi,

    Im hoping someone will help me understand my 4 card love tarot spread Im a little confused.

    My questions was: what is on my romantic horizon with simon... (i dont know his d.o.b, but mine is 5.25.82... and Im starting to develop a little crush on him)

    First card: page of wands

    Second card: page of swords (reversed)

    Third card: lovers

    Fourth card: 2 of pentacles

    Any and all thoughts are appreciated. Thank you in advance for taking the time to answer my post 🙂 Blessings!!!

  • This roller coaster will make you sick.

    mine is 5.25.82: this speaks about activities involving large numbers of people that you have a love connection with. It it will deal more with family, circles of friends, or with the audiences of musicians, artists and other performers. In its highest manifestation, it brings much success with the public and groups of people. To get the most out of this, plan your advertising and promotional campaign. At the very least, this represents a social occasion such as a party where you are well received and have a wonderful time. It can also represent a marriage or other large family gathering.

    You can be only yourself, you can never be anybody else. You are an original person, you are not a carbon copy. BE, just be yourself, love yourself, accept yourself. Don’t go on denying, don’t go on hating yourself. If you hate yourself, you will never be able to love anybody. Love yourself, I say to you. I say respect yourself. Be happy that you are the way you are. Thank God for your being the way he has made you. Don’t complain.

  • thanks!

  • reclaim

    again those beautiful moments of your childhood when

    you were running after butterflies and you were

    collecting seashells and colored stones on the

    seashore, and you were thinking that you had found a

    treasure. Those colored stones were far more

    significant to you than Kohinoors. You have to regain

    that fairyland. You again have to look with those eyes

    at the world; then it is full of Tao. Then the birds

    singing, and a distant call of the cuckoo, and the

    flowers... then everything is so wonderful that

    wherever you look, wherever you move, you would like to

    give thanks, you will feel grateful.

  • thank you again, but im still a little confused as how your responses apply to my situation with my current crush.

  • First thing: I am not a computer, I do not answer the question, I always answer the questioner.

    Secondly: this applies to you feeling an obligation inside of yourself.

    If you see this in the right perspective, you

    will understand when I say do not

    oppose. Stand firm in life and take it as it

    comes. Do not run away because you know it is not

    possible to run away from life. And if a situation

    occurs which requires you to run, run; do not

    go against it and halt. So understand this well,

    otherwise there will be a mistake. If a situation

    arises and the happening requires you to run away, you

    will not stop. You will be one with the running away.

    Do not do anything on your own, move with the

    happening. Take it this way -- do not swim,

    float. Do not throw your limbs about in the water,

    just let yourself go with the current. Wherever the

    current goes, you go. And say unto the current,

    "Wherever you take me, that is my destination", verily

    whatever happens then in your life, will be wonderful and unique.

  • uh ok, I think I get it, so you mean, that I should pretty much just follow his lead... let him set the pace and just go with the flow...

  • right, it depends on his pace...

  • Hello Hanswolfgang,

    lt has been, probably a few months since we last 'spoke'. But, after recent events you came to mind very quickly. The fact of the matter is, when l asked you if l had a 'shared future' with '2111', you said 'no' and it seems that you were right. But l dreamed about me last night - it could just be wishful thinking. l wonder what happened to him and what happened to us? (And, do you have any idea why l keep seeing 2 men together in my future? l'm puzzled as l'm barely over '2111'. Regards, Ardennite1

    • l mean, l dreamed about HIM last night.

  • l wonder what happened to him and what happened to us? He was identified with money and career, playing safe. Each one of you wanted to get more attention without being willing to give attention to the other.

    (And, do you have any idea why l keep seeing 2 men together in my future? Because you are mistrustful wanting to keep distance, you see 2 men, so you can remain in the middle between them without being surrendered only to one.

    Become love and enter everlasting life. Love suddenly

    changes your dimension. You are thrown out of time and

    you are facing eternity. Love can become a deep

    meditation -- the deepest possible. But

    it will be just a glimpse unless you transform your

    love into meditation. Because love is the easiest natural door from

    where you can transcend this world, this horizontal


  • 'Transform your love into meditation'. How would l do that? With regard to love, l'm just so tired of being rejected. That explains 'wanting to keep distance', you see. This has been going on for a long time. l wonder if there is anything like 'true' love in my future?

  • 'Transform your love into meditation'. How would l do that? Nothing has to be taken as an enemy. Every energy is friendly; one has just to know how to use it. So do not make any choice. Transform your love into meditation and transform your meditation into love. Then soon you will forget the word and you will know the real thing, which is not the word. The word love is not love, and the word meditation is not meditation, and the word God is not God. These are only words.

    l wonder if there is anything like 'true' love in my future? No.

    You are going to become enclosed within yourself. You

    lose contact with the birds. Do you hear them? -- for

    no purpose, just out of sheer joy, just for being in

    existence.... Nobody has asked them to sing. The song

    is coming from an inner source of cheerfulness. Nobody

    has asked the trees to give flowers so colorful and so

    fragrant. But the tree, just out of gratitude towards

    existence, brings all those beautiful flowers -- a

    silent prayer and a beautiful offering.

  • thank you hanswolfgang!

    Ardennite1, I can most certainly appreciate your burning love question - confusion, as Iam going thru the same thing... but pls read the original post.

    hanswolfgang did me a wonderful kindness by answering my question, and he has been kind enough to answer yours on this thread... but I urge you to please create your own individual post.

    Please please please do not take it personally... I truly do not mean anything by it... I just hope you can understand on how I feel seeing my post being 'hi-jacked' by another and my question being carelessly ignored and cast aside...

    I wish you much luck on finding the answers you seek and much much love and happiness in 2010.



  • Thanks for that, Eightgems, although l wonder if 'hijacked' isn't a little too strong a word to use.

    l had no intention whatsoever of upsetting you by posting here; as you might have guessed l simply wanted the benefit of Hanswolfgang's advice (as he & l had corresponded with each other in the past).

    But l doubt that you are going thru the same thing as l am. - l'd like to thank Hanswolfgang for his post, but, with 'no love' in the future for me, now l have nothing to lose!

    Good luck in the future, Eightgems,


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