Hans please

  • drgagannagi,

    i want to consult you: yes, sudden and unexpected a major change will happen to you.

    how you feel about him? he is a giver.

    is he going to be the one for me? no.

    is he really what seems to be? no.

    Is he going to be for long haul? Yes.

    will we marry each other? no.

    I don't predict, I am not a prophet. I

    simply know you; what kind of man will be appealing

    to you, that I know. Why had you fallen for the first

    man? Have you thought, analyzed, what qualities of

    that man have attracted you? And who is going to find

    the second man for you? You will, again, and you will

    again be attracted to the same things.

  • hans, im in a legal battle with my bank due to some fault that i never committed in the first place, i have all the paper work with me to prove me non guilty, someone else committed a financial fraud on my name, and the united states have put me in a warning system. my day to day life has been disrupted. will this phase pass? will i be able to prove myself right? in what time will i regain my peace of mind?

  • drgagannagi,

    will this phase pass? no.

    will i be able to prove myself right? no.

    in what time will i regain my peace of mind? as soon as you are no more ashamed of your inner impulses.

    Peace of mind cannot be regained by thinking; this is the

    dilemma -- the greatest dilemma. You will have

    to come to this dilemma; somewhere, sometime, the

    dilemma will be there. Those who know say, "Jump! Do

    not think!" But you cannot do anything without

    thinking. That is why unnecessary devices have been

    created -- I say unnecessary devices, because if you jump

    without thinking, no device is needed.

    But you cannot jump without thinking, so a device is


  • hi hans, u remember i told u about a guy in my class who was married.

    i say a seldom hi or hello, n how u doing once wen his wife hadnt come to the class.

    this time also his wife dint come.

    i think from what i felt i saw him looking at me when we ended our group discussion, then the class ended and everyone started leaving , he left too, i left after him thinking he had already gone, but i saw him standing there just close by as if he was waiting for someone. i just went ahead on my way, turned back n he left after a while.

    was he really looking at me in the class?

    why was he waiting? for what?

    does he know im attracted to him?

    what do u see in the situation between me and him?

  • Good Evening Hans,

    I have noticed lately that my friend has been making repairs and doing remoldeling projects, on the business that he owns.

    This week, he made an addition on the porch.

    I am concerned because, I need another letter of recommendation before he leaves the business.

    Is my friend trying to sell the business? If the answer is Yes;

    In what month will the business be sold ?

    My Friend: June 30,1950

    Thanks In Advance.

  • BUMP 🙂

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