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  • Hi hans, i want to know about what the white guy is thinking? does he want to meet and start something? why is he delaying the meet?

    what is the new indian guy thinking? does he want a serious relationship? what are his intentions?

    i am talking to both on email n text msgs n they want to meet but i havent met either for clash of timings n not being free.

  • fanaa25

    Please tell me about my Current Love: you are about to start a new way.

    && Future Marriage Life: disappointment.

    MY DOB => August 25 1987: the desire for knowledge, accompanied by the desire for love are the main ruling influences for you. Combine these together and you have a person like you who is a student of love as much as one who would find her ideal mate. You are known for promiscuity, but this is only true until you find the person of your dreams. You would rather be with anyone than be alone but will not give yourself fully until the right person comes along. You are impatient and restless. Your curiosity leads you to be an avid student with an immense library. You are very smart and can use your brain and creativity to generate ample funds. You can make money in things associated with the arts or groups of women. Your later years will not be satisfactory unless you turn to spirituality for guidance. You are divine discontent and need travel and changes in life and your work to satisfy both your desire for knowledge and your inner restlessness.

    TIME => 1:33 AM PLACE => New Delhi / Delhi / India: until mid December 2010 your intimate one-to-one relationships, such as a marriage or other personal relationship, partnership and close encounters with friends and enemies, will be greatly affected. In a marriage or other close relationship, pressures will surface that indicate that you and your mate need to consider making significant changes in your relationship. Perhaps you have been reluctant to face the forces at work between you, afraid that discussing them would cause a blow-up. And it probably would, but a blow-up is not always a bad thing in a relationship. Now it will become especially urgent that you both lay your cards on the table and work out all the problems in your relationship that are bothering either of you. Otherwise the pressure may build to the breaking point. This influence can cause a close relationship to break up, if you do not face your problems honestly.

    Very often this influence does not affect the relationship itself but brings about an encounter between you and someone who will be very important to you, someone who may literally transform your life. This may be someone in a professional capacity, such as a psychiatrist, who will help you learn what is making it difficult for you to live the way you want to. Or it may be a friend who affects you more strongly than most. Unfortunately it may also signify a struggle with an enemy who is particularly powerful and disrupts your life. However, even in a confrontation with an enemy there is potential for positive change.

    Nupur, yes, once somewhere in the past there may have been a

    flower, but it is gone. Nobody can represent

    fragrance: it comes with the flower and goes with the


  • drgagannagi,

    what the white guy is thinking? he thinks that he has fallen in love.

    does he want to meet and start something? yes.

    why is he delaying the meet? because the delight he hoped for has changed into suffering.

    what is the new indian guy thinking? he thinks about transformation, letting go.

    does he want a serious relationship? no.

    what are his intentions? keeping distance.

    That boy has not said anything. Whatever he wants to do, he can do. It is no concern of yours.

  • even i like the white guy a lot, even though we havent met, will we meet? will it lead to something bigger? if he thinks he has fallen in love, why won't he tell me?

  • drgagannagi,

    will we meet? no.

    will it lead to something bigger? yes.

    why won't he tell me? because he persists in sentiments.

    Make no difference between the self and others, train yourself als singleheartedly.

  • if we wont meet, how will it lead to something bigger with the white guy, hans?

  • what about the other NEW indian guy? whats with him?

  • drgagannagi,

    how will it lead to something bigger with the white guy? because in reality you are always losing.

    what about the other NEW indian guy? love is arising.

    whats with him? he tries to maintain his inner balance.

    During his world tour, the pope arrives in

    America. When he comes out of the plane, there is a big

    crowd standing on the runway waving flags, shouting,

    "Elvis, Elvis!"

    The pope looks at them, full of holiness, and says mildly, "My children, look: I am not

    Elvis, I am the pope."

    He enters the airport hall and notices a mass of

    people standing there, dancing, waving flags and

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    A little bit indignant, he blesses the people, and

    very softly he says, "Oh no, my dear sheep, I am not

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    believe his eyes: in the lobby, hundreds of people are

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    A little bit puzzled now, he puts his hands together,

    makes a cross, smiles as divinely as possible and

    announces, "No, my beloved little lambs. No, I am not

    Elvis, I am the pope."

    Centered again, he goes upstairs to his suite, opens

    the door and suddenly sees two beautiful naked women

    are lying in his bed, waving little flags, shouting

    ecstatically at him, "Elvis, Elvis!"

    Immediately, jumping out of his clothes, he starts

    singing, "You ain't nothing but a hound-dog..."

    Your unconscious is always there, so powerful that if

    it gets any chance -- pope or no pope -- the

    unconscious will be the winner. You have to make your

    consciousness so strong that the unconscious slowly,

    slowly becomes weaker and finally dies.

  • hans, im so excited these days, thanks to you im moving towards new beginnings.

    there a very handsome guy in my masters program class, both of us answer all the questions that d professor asks, but he's married and his wife is in the class too. do you see anything happenning between us? he's amazing, today he bumped into me ast the elevator, recognized me from the class n we had a little chat.

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  • Hello Hans... I have a few questions before I start. Im new to this forum. I see everyone sakes you your "advise" Is it advise or do you do a reading of some sort? I am so curious. You seem very upfront, and honest about your answers...Do you only deal in 'relationship" issues? Or do you do general questions of life and spirt too? Im in a really new area of my life, and searching for answers that I can not seem to find. But Love is not one of the things I am struggling with. I have no "LOVE" interest in my life, just a lot of questions about the Universal Laws that I have read so much about, also about universal spirit, or God or Goddess, what ever the right term for a person is.

    Do you speak to these kinds of issues too? thank you Ettabet

  • drgagannagi,

    do you see anything happenning between us? yes.

    But we carry our function as our mask. The original

    face remains hidden. If you have much money, it is on

    your face, it is hiding your real face. If you are on

    some political trip, politics is there.

  • fanaa25,

    Tell Me More About This Guy I'm In Love With: he is like a chameleon.

    Will All The Misunderstandings Between Us Get Solved: No.

    And Will We Get Married To Each Other? Yes.

    And Does He Truely Love Me: No.

    And Care About Me?????? No.

    Should I talk To Him Again? Yes.

    His details are => Birthday (25/02/1987) ; Time (3:43 PM) ; Place (Ahmedabad/Gujarat/India) ; Currently In (Khanna/Punjab/India): this influence makes him feel quite good, optimistic and positive about life in general. He has strong feelings of warmth and generosity toward others, particularly friends and those whom he encounters on a day-to-day basis. He feels that he would like to protect and care for everyone he meets. He will derive uncommonly deep experiences from what appear to be ordinary, routine interactions with others. His everyday surroundings, his family and relatives will provide satisfactions that may be missing at other times. And these encounters will provide opportunities to grow and to enlarge his life. The usually confined limits of daily routine can actually become the vehicle for new chances and opportunities. He should cultivate his friendships, for there is a good chance that a friend will be able to perform a valuable service for him at this time, until beginning of February 2011. And it is just as likely that he will do the same for a friend. In either case he will come out ahead. Friendships or other relationships with women quite often prove rewarding at this time, with various benefits. He could have an emotional experience that enriches him, or a business opportunity, or he could act as a guide to aspects of himself that he does not normally experience, but which helps him come to complete self-understanding. On occasion this influence signifies that he is in the public eye or that he has to deal with large groups of people in some way. In either case, he should be successful.

    Do You Need Any More Details I've To Give, About This Person And Our Relationship: No.

    Or This Much Is Sufficient? No.

    The scientist is the farthest, the poet is in the middle, and the mystic is at the very center of existence. Move from being a scientist towards being a poet. But don´t stop there either, go on moving.

  • ettabet,

    I do a reading of some sort.

    Do you only deal in 'relationship" issues? Yes.

    Or do you do general questions of life and spirt too? No, these are the real questions for me.

    Do you speak to these kinds of issues too? Yes.

    God always keeps growing, therefore all the clothes

    we make for Him soon become inadequate. All scriptures

    fall short and become old and outdated; therefore new

    religions manifest in the world, and new sages bring

    out new explanations. But these explanations remain

    valid for some time, then soon they begin to fall short

    and need to be replaced by new explanations, by newer

    sages who now sing His praises according to the needs

    of their times.

  • hans what will happen between us? hes just a classmate and married. besides his wife is there in the class too. what does he think of me? will there be a temporary fling? what is he thinking? can he read my mind?

  • when do u see me meeting the white guy? he wanted to meet last week but i was already somewr else, after that we talked a bit on text msgs n emails suddenly hes not responding to any emails or texts? whats going his side? why is he quiet?

  • drgagannagi,

    what will happen between us? something which would lead you to your goal.

    what does he think of me? a woman who dominates others by her will power.

    will there be a temporary fling? no.

    what is he thinking? love relationship from heart to heart.

    can he read my mind? yes.

    when do u see me meeting the white guy? when you try to forget.

    suddenly hes not responding to any emails or texts? no.

    whats going his side? he feels himself dominated by your will power.

    why is he quiet? because he is afraid of being hurt.

    But it should become heart to heart.

  • Wow hans, im impressed at your insight on my newly found love life, lets see what happens, Im yearning for true love!

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